My friend wins a trip to stay with One Direction for the Summer, and who does she bring alone..? Me the person that can not stand that band with a passion.. Now I am stuck living with them for the next two months.. Great


22. 7 Months

 It was 7 months into my pregnancy, and so far everything was good. I had just gotten back from an ultrasound at the doctors. It was the night that I found out what the baby was, but I told the doctor that I didn't want to know. It was late night and everyone was out going for supper, and then to a movie. I decided I needed a little me time, well everyone was out. Zayn wanted to stay with me to make sure that I was okay, but I made him go with the rest of the boys.

I heard a truck pull up, and I immediately  thought that the boys were home. I ran to do the door to go unlock it, and when I looked up I was face to face with my ex James. He took one step in the door, and I already new that he was drunk. He filled my house with the stench of alcohol, it over came my nostrils, and I turned my head away from him.

He took one look down at my belly, and clenched his fists in anger. "Is it mine?" He asked I immediately thought that it was a stupid question, but we did only break up 8 months ago. Right before I went to meet all the boys.

"No it isn't James" I quickly snapped back at him. The thought of having his child made me sick. He "Well who's is it then?" He asked still clenching his fists.

"It's" I stopped my self, because when I thought about it I really didn't know who's it was.

"WHO'S IS IT?" He said in a more angry voice. By this point he pushed by me, and was pacing in my kitchen.

"James, we are broken up, and you shouldn't even be here after you hurt me. James you broke me mentally, and physically, you broke 3 of my ribs, and gave me 17 stitches."

Before I could say anything else he was on his knees infront of me, and grabbed my hand. I quickly took it out of his grip.

"Katie, I am so sorry, I know what I did was wrong, and I shouldn't have done it I love you, and I am so sorry."

I turned my head away from him, "Get out" I said as I pointed to the door. "If you really wanted to get back together you wouldn't of came here drunk"

He stood up in seconds, and his whole attitude changed. "Fine then be a stupid bitch" He said as he pulled another beer out of his jacket. He turned around, and started walking for the door. While he was walking my dog followed him. He turned around, and kicked my dog. "Stupid fucking mutt"

"What the hell are you doing?" I yelled as I went to go see if my dog was alright. James came up infront of me and grabbed my wrist. I tried to break loose of his grip but it was no use, I couldn't do it. He grabbed my other one, and shoved me to the ground on my back. He started kicking my sides, over, and over. By the time he was done, I couldn't feel anything. "You don't deserve me anyways" He said as he walked out the door to leave me there.

I tried to sit up but I couldn't. I was bleeding from my vaginal area, and then I started to panic. I couldn't get up. I reached for the phone on the counter, and dialed Harry's number. He answered, "Harry I need to go to the hospital right now" I said as I breathed trying to calm myself down. "Why what happened?" He said in a dead serious voice. "Harry, just come here now!" He hung up the phone, and in minutes, he was at the door. By this point there was blood on the floor, he stopped for a second, then came to help me up. He couldn't do it, it hurt so much. Him, and Niall had to carry me to the car.

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