Just a gamer girl

Melissa Baxter is a rich girl from a posh family in a small country where her parents own a ski resort. In her big posh house she secretly goes on her computer and plays 'Quest to conquer' with her friend who she has never met only to find he is staying at the resort but then she sees who he or should I say they really are........


2. Telling Emily and Jackie

I was up at 5:00 am I couldn't sleep so I went on the computer Emily aka Guitar chick (My cousin/ best friend) and Jackie aka J rocks (my other best friend) were online

Miss Meli.B: Hey I have some really exiting news


Miss Meli.B : you guys are coming over first thing tomorrow 


Miss Meli.B : Scorpion44 and his mates are meeting us 

Guitarchick: WOW!! but I will only go if they are hot and single 

Jrocks: Typical Em 


Guitarchick: I am there 

Jrocks: me too what time 

Miss Meli.B: errrmmm 9:00 am

Jrocks: woah hold it there not that early 

Guitarchick: when and where are we meeting them

Miss Meli.B: 12:00 am by the cafe 

Jrocks: well we do need to get ready ok I will be there but I have to go now byeee ;)

Guitarchick: anything for my Little cuz

Miss Meli.B: 1 don't call me little your only 3 months older 2 I know your only doing it because they are single 3 I have to go byeee love ya 

Guitarchick: ahahahahahaha byeee love ya too  

I shut my computer and drifted back off to sleep

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