Just a gamer girl

Melissa Baxter is a rich girl from a posh family in a small country where her parents own a ski resort. In her big posh house she secretly goes on her computer and plays 'Quest to conquer' with her friend who she has never met only to find he is staying at the resort but then she sees who he or should I say they really are........


1. Miss Meli.B and Scorpion44

My name is Melissa Baxter I live in a massive mansion in the a snowy town, my parents Ronald and Alice Baxter they own a ski resort They expect me to be well you know like a rich person would but thats not me I have black silky hair tanned skin blue/green eyes I am 17 and I am quite athletic and secretly I am a gamer girl I play a game called 'quest to conquer' I am called Miss Meli.B I complete my mission with a guy and sometimes his friends play on his account he Is called scorpion 44 we often talk but the website is strictly anonymous. 

After I had dinner I rushed upstairs and went on my computer

Miss Meli.B- Hey, how have you been?

Scorpion44- ok its cold where i am the boys are complaining... again what about you

Miss Meli.B - I live in the cold remember its not all that bad after you get used to it

Scorpion44- not to be a Pervert or anything but where abouts are you 

Miss Meli.B-Tezimena mountain ski resort my parents own it

Scorpion44- NO WAY!!! I am here too 

Miss Meli.B- Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *gasp* we should meet up 

Scorpion44-errrmm ok me and the boys will meet you at the cafe at 12:00 am just promise to be my friend still when you meet me i am not quite what you think

Miss Meli.B- I have known you for 5 years it will be ok I promise I gotta go see you tomorrow

Scorpion44- yeah I can't wait 

I put the computer down I couldn't wait to meet him I fell asleep imagining what he was like....  


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