Just a gamer girl

Melissa Baxter is a rich girl from a posh family in a small country where her parents own a ski resort. In her big posh house she secretly goes on her computer and plays 'Quest to conquer' with her friend who she has never met only to find he is staying at the resort but then she sees who he or should I say they really are........


3. Getting ready

"Wake up!!!!" Jackie screamed 

"Noooo" I groaned 

"its 11:00 am"

"SHOOT!" i instantly got up to see Emily with her Long light brown hair down she was wearing

and Jackie was wearing

"WOW you two look amazing" they really did look beautiful as always suddenly a smile spread across Emilys face

"We bought a cute outfit for you too" Emily laughed

"no not another makeover session" oh gosh this was gonna be a long hour i thought 

"Put this on" Jackie handed me a bag of clothes

 I was dressed in

"You look perfect now I will do your hair and Jackie can do your make up" Emily informed me after my hair was straightened Jackie gave me foundation mascara eye liner and peachy lip gloss 

"What time is it?" I asked 

"SUGAR HONEY ICE TEA ITS 11:55!!!!" Emily screamed 

"I haven't had breakfast" I whined 

"grab a banana and hurry up Meli" Jackie tried to stay calm as we sprinted out the door 

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