Danger vs Love

The world has come to an end, Hazel and Darcy try their best to survive the zombie apocalypse and end up saving their idols One Direction will there be love between any of them but the danger comes between them you never know its Danger Vs Love.


7. The Invasion

Chapter 7
Perrie's P.O.V
Jason told me he wanted to tell me something about Zayn. What could it possibly be I mean we are very close and don't hide anything from each other everything.We went out the church so he could tell me whatever about Zayn we got on the back of the truck we stole along with 2 other cars.
"Okay ermm Perrie..."Jason started
"What?!?! Just say it aldready!!"I shouted honestly I was getting frustrated.
"Zayn's cheating on you." He mumbled but I still heard him
"WHAT?!?! This is a joke right?!"I said in between laughs but then he shook his head did he really....
"Guys! Lets go now well meet up at the Wals-Mart were getting attacked by zombies!! Leave at whichever carouse don't leave anybody go! Go ! Now !!" Hazel shouted at the top of my lungs. I'll deal with Zayn later....

Jason's POV*
I had told Perrie about Zayn. She didn't seem that aggravated. I was still hurting for the beating that Harry gave me after what happened last night. He kicked me out of the church yesterday. Darcy wouldn't talk to me and it seemed to be that Harry still wanted to kill me. Not before I kill him first.

Hazel's P.O.V
We were getting attacked I handed Liam a gun.
"Come with me shoot any of them that you see!" He nodded we got in a car in that car was Liam niall zayn and I , I wanted Darcy to come but I couldn't risk it
"Liam GO!" I said he stepped on it hard while I was shooting out the window. I haven't cried since this happen but I just broke down I completely lost it there I was massively sobbing l had never cried as much Liam was rubbing my knee while he was driving. Why did I leave Darcy she might be dead for all I know.
Darcy's P.O.V
I heard Hazel yell she said to get on a car and meet al Wals-Mart so we ran to the car harry Lou and I everybody else had already left. Louis was shooting while harry and I got on the car
"Louis RUN!!" He did a zombie almost bit him but harry shot it
"C'mon Lou hurry!!!" Harry yelled we were now getting overwhelmed then he got on breathing heavily.
"Where do we go?" Lou said a bit more calm now
"For now... A place to stay we need to look for a place." I said while Harry and I started to cuddle in the back seat.
Hazel's P.O.V
I was still drastically sobbing I wanted to stop but I couldn't it was like everything that has happen is just piling up on me. Liam pulled over
"Okay we need to talk. Why are you crying?" He said comfortingly zayn and niall nodded.
"I-I rea--lly d- oont k-noo-w." I said I between sobs Liam pulled me to his lap. I was now sobbing in his T-shirt.
"It's gonna be okay Love, aslong as we have each other it's going to be okay." He said kissed my forehead and started playing with my chair. I slowly fell asleep in Liam's arms.
I woke up and we weren't In the car anymore we were at the pharmacy we came when we first net and Harry was hurt. I was laying on some blankets next to zayn and niall. Where was Liam? I got up and looked around he was sitting on a chair by the door asleep with a gun in his hands. He must've fallen asleep guarding the door I kissed dis cheek and went to the restroom I brushed my teeth used the toilet washed my face my eyes were all puffy I hated that. Got out and looked for something to eat by the freezers that were in there. I are cereal.
" Wals-Mart was full of them." I turned around and saw Niall
"What?!" I said
"We saw Lou's car and checked if they were there but they weren't there was only Darcy's shirt full of blood in the passengers seat." He said his words killed me inside what if she was dead? What if she's one of them now all the toughts going trough my mind ......

Darcy's POV*
Lou Harry and I were shooting zombies one by one. We stop shooting as we see a guy in the distance.
"Hold the fire boys!" I demand
The guy wasn't a zombie. But he was hurt and he was limping. Harry Lou and I run to him.
We stand a few feet away because you never know. "Hey are you okay?" Harry asks.
"I cann-nt mo-ove." The guy says
I check his eyes to see if he's not infected. "Get him to the truck boys." I demand as Harry and Louis carry the guy Into the truck.
He was shot. By who? "I got shot by a zombie. He had a gun and shot my family. Their dead! Why couldn't it be me."
Oh god I'm gonna cry. I think to myself. I could just remember my parents before they got killed. "Excuse me one second lads." I say stepping out of the truck to cry.
I was now sobbing uncontrollably.
Harry was next to step out of the truck. "Love what's the matter?" He says as he hugs me kissing my forehead. He holds my hand walking me back into the truck. I had two shirts on and I took off the one on top.
I wrapped it around the guys leg to stop the bleeding. It didn't help at all. He died in less than 5 minutes. I started to cry again as Louis rubbed my back and Harry hugged me. I left the bloody shirt in the passengers seat as we got out. We started walking to the pharmacy as the car broke down. The kiss between me and Harry ment everything to me yesterday. But it didn't mean he was mine. I think this was just gonna be a friendly relationship between us. Well at least until I know he wants me back. As we were walking to the pharmacy Harry wrapped his arm around my waist. I left his arm there because he was comforting me and that's what I needed.

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