Danger vs Love

The world has come to an end, Hazel and Darcy try their best to survive the zombie apocalypse and end up saving their idols One Direction will there be love between any of them but the danger comes between them you never know its Danger Vs Love.


6. Secret Kisses

Zayn's POV*
When I felt Perrie in my arms it didn't feel the same anymore. I didn't feel sparks like I usually did.
"Zayn, Darcy and I are gonna go to the store. The rest of the boys are out for supplies."
"Okay my love be back soon." I call back to Perrie.
Oh no. This isn't good. I'm Alone. With Hazel..
Hazel is beautiful. I like her. But Perrie is mine. I love her and she loves me. I can't hurt her.

Hazels POV*
I was dying inside. I wanted to tell Zayn that I liked him. But ever since Perrie came I knew I couldn't have a chance. Zayns just so perfect. His eyes, his lips. Him.
But what about my kiss with Niall. I felt sparks there too. Maybe I should just move onto Niall. Should I?
I was just throwing every image of Zayn in my head. That is until Zayn walked in. "Hey, Zayn what can I help you wit-" he cuts me off when he grabbed onto my waist.
"Zayn what are you doi-" he cups his hands into my cheeks and kisses me deeply. I close my eyes seeing fireworks along with the kiss. He didn't let go and I wasn't even thinking of Perrie.

Jason's POV*
I had been at home the entire time. Harry didn't want me to go because Darcy was going. Damn he's such an as-
What am I seeing here! Zayn? And Hazel? Kissing?
How could he do this to Perrie?
Well I mean Perrie did cheat on him a few times. With me.
I have to tell Perrie.

Hazels POV*
We had been kissing for a few minutes to what seemed like hours. I separated the kiss. "Zayn, I can't do this. Perrie she's yours and-"
He kissed me again.
"See our lips were ment to be together. He said with a smile. "I don't know if you felt sparks but I sure did."
He kissed me once again. "Please don't tell anyone?"
"I promise Zayn. It'll be our secret kiss." I say with a smile.
Darcy's POV*
I couldn't help but think about the almost kiss from Harry thing. I wanted him so bad.
"Crap! I'm alone. Unarmed. And my worst luck. Zombies."
I have to call for help while I still have time. I started to look for something to block the entrance to the store I was in.
"No no no no! Oh god. It's over, I'm done!" I think to myself. I'm never gonna get to tell Harry I loved him. Okay yes I'm exaggerating but I'm gonna die I know that. Where the hell is Hazel. She should be here by now!
The zombies were making their way through the entrance as I start to yell. The store wasn't that big so I had no where to go. I close my eyes as I hear gun shots In the front of the store.
"Darcy!" I hear a deep dark British accent shout out.
"I'm in the back!" I shout out. I don't know who it was but I was not surprised when I saw Harry.
Harry dropped the gun on the floor next to where I saw a dead zombie that Harry had killed not too long ago.
"Darcy!" He says as he runs to give me a hug.
"I'm glad your okay."
I don't let go of him
"C'mon love lets get out of here."
I start walking in Harry's direction when I hear groaning behind me.
Harry looks back.
"Darcy watch out!"
Harry grabs me by the waist and swings me behind him. We were now in a corner. I'm in the edge and Harry's trying to protect me.
"Harry the gun!" I yell to him pointing at a gun on the shelf.
Harry shoots out the zombie and rushes me to the car.
"Love are you okay?" He asks.
"Harry thank you!" I say once again he saved me.
"Any day my love you name it."
We both smile. I hold his hand. "Your my hero Harry."
~~~~~~At the church~~~~~~

Harry got into the shower right after the incident.
"Hey hot stuff." Says Jason
"Jason f* off get lost."
"Look, your gonna be mine like it or not understand !"
He was now clinching his fist.
I was sure he was gonna hit me. He was now on top of me.
"Get off of me!" I say
"Help! Help! Get off Jason!" Get off! Jason get off!"
"Ahh! Help me! Someone!"
Harry's POV*

I had just gotten out of the shower and all I was wearing were some basketball shorts.
"Help!" I can just hear Darcy screaming.
I run to the room where Darcy was. I was shock by what I was seeing.
I jump onto Jason to get him off of Darcy. After he's off I started to punch him over and over again.
"You ass!" "You never touch a women like that!"
"Harry! Stop."
He was breathing but he was unconscious.
I was breathless. "Are you okay?" I ask
"Does this answer your question?" She jumps onto me and kisses me passionately. "Thank you." she says as she separates our lips.
I kiss her more and more. "Your always welcome my love. Always.
I kiss her , feeling those butterfly's and kissing her lips. I swear I could just see the fireworks. She was kissing me. Finally. This is my moment. Our moment.

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