Danger vs Love

The world has come to an end, Hazel and Darcy try their best to survive the zombie apocalypse and end up saving their idols One Direction will there be love between any of them but the danger comes between them you never know its Danger Vs Love.


4. Now She Knows

Darcy's POV
Harry I.. I .. That's all I managed to say. I mean I like him a lot but I now I couldn't fall for him. He'd just flirt with others and forget me.
"Darcy, you don't have to like me back. I just wanted to tell you."
"Harry I .." "Shh don't say it love. He says slowly looking into my eyes. Now our faces were just an inch away from each other. I couldn't bare to look into his green eyes. I looked at the ground to stop the eye gazing. He smiled. I couldn't fall for him. I just couldn't.
Harry's POV
I felt a connection when we looked into each others eyes. Now she knows I say to myself. Now she knows.
Zayns POV
Hazels eyes were beautiful. She was beautiful. "Wait zayn! You still love Perrie I say to myself. That is if she's still alive. I might not see her again. I should move on and tell hazel how I feel about here. I confedently walk to hazels room when I stop at the door getting a message from PERRIE!
She's alive. Perries alive. I say as I step away from hazels door.


Perrie: Zayn it's me babe. Please come for me. Im alone and I need you. Please help.

"Darcy!" I call out
"Zayn what's wrong?!" Darcy says.
" I need the car. Perries out their. I need to get to her."
"Okay Zayn. HAZEL!"
I hear her yelling out to hazel. Please don't let hazel come.
"Watch the boys." Darcy says handing her a gun. "I'll be back."
"C'mon Zayn she says as we rush to the car.

"Perrie!" Zayn yells as he runs to her.
"Zayn!" Perrie says.
They hug for a second when I realize that that their was just one zombie near Zayn and perrie.
"ZAYN MOVE OVER!" I yell as I start to shoot the zombie in a cool matricks way. "Zayn be more careful" I say.
"Hi I'm perrie." She says
"Um duh! I'm a huge fan! I'm Darcy. Don't think the wrong way but the boys needed out help and-
"I know Zayn explained to me in his texts. This is Jason." Perrie says showing me a quite handsome lad. Well not so handsome . "Alright let's go then." As I walk trough the front door, I can see Harry shirtless.
"Hi." Harry says to me.
Was this guy trying to kill me!

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