Danger vs Love

The world has come to an end, Hazel and Darcy try their best to survive the zombie apocalypse and end up saving their idols One Direction will there be love between any of them but the danger comes between them you never know its Danger Vs Love.


1. How It All Started

 Chapter 1         How it all started  Hazel's P.O.V   I was watching the news       "So we have heard about this new virus going on scientist have yet not found out about what the symptoms are or what caused this,moreover they do know that it is contagious and that it is recommended for you to stay in your home and get proper protection around your house.That's all for today thank you for watching today's 5minute  news see you next time !" I decided to call Darcy since it did seem kind of serious I got my IPhone 5 out and dialed Darcy's number       "Hello?"she said with her usual sweet voice       "Hey Darcy,I was calling to see if you want to come over to my place."I said and she sighed     "What's wrong?"I said not gonna lie I did get kinda scared when she sighed it means something bad was gonna happen.    "Look Hazel I really didn't want to tell you just for the fact that I don't like goodbyes I really don't "she said     "What do you mean?"I was terrified now      "I'm moving."she said and then I heard a scream and groaning on the other end       "DARCY!!!"I screamed.No reply then I heard a lot of movement     "Hello? Darcy are you okay ?!?!"I said no reply then she hung up.         Then I heard banging on the door and I figured it was mom or dad but then I heard gronings like the ones in the other end on my call with Darcy I looked out the window and I couldn't believe what I saw.There were zombies all around the neighborhood then I freaked out but I remembered what I saw in the walking dead I know it might just all be a joke but mom should've been here 2 hours ago.My instincts were to pack food get clothes I opened my dads drawer which needed a key but I always knew where it was and got all the guns and ammo he had in there put it in my nike duffel bag just leaving one out in my hands got a knife from the kitchen pit it inside my nike shoes changed into some purple jeggins and a white spagethi shirt  and got the keys to the car put my duffel bag in the passengers seat I sighed and said to myself       "If you die,you die saving the ones  you love."then I turned the car on and drove off ........

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