Prim's life is far from normal. Her relationship with her parents gets worse by the day, and it doesn't help with the fact she always has her younger siblings on her back.
She has dreams, dreams to make her famous. She is a superb rider for her age, and hopes to make the Olympic squad when she's older. But she can't do that with our her horse Julian, and when he gets stolen during the night she finds herself slipping into depression when he isn't found.
When she thinks she's hit rock bottom, a mystery horse appears, helping Prim find Julian. But In the end she has to make a choice, which horse really owns her heart.


2. Broken

    I could see the mist rising through my bedroom window, common for a February morning, but the sight was making my stomach churn today. Something was wrong, but I had know idea what. It was the same sort of feeling you got when you had to go to the dentist, or the morning of sports day, even worse, the feeling you got when you had to look after your little brother and sisters. I should have been used to it by now. I sat up slowly from my bed, the feeling only got worse. My spine started to tingle. What ever was going on was bad. 

        I gazed around the small room I had to myself. It wasn't much, but it was the only place I could get away from everyone, well there was Julian's stable but that was a bit far for every time I wished I was an only child. As far as I could tell everything was there. My desk sat in the same corner it had done all my life, the pen pots and paper in the tidy state i had left them in. My Mother always said I had OCD. My wardrobe was beside it, the doors holding everything single rosette and ribbon I had ever won. At the foot of my bed was my chest, housing all my favourite books. I had the old classics and the new best sellers, after horse riding reading was my second favourite hobby. Then on the wall opposite my bed was shelves, holding riding trophies, some model horses from my childhood and really just bits and bobs that described me. Even the calendar on my bedroom door couldn't tell me what today was. I had a feeling it was going to be a strange day. 

         I made my bed, then had a shower. What ever I did the feeling stayed to me like glue. It was  Saturday, and it was an unwritten rule that all day, every Saturday I would be at the stables, spending as time as possible with my horse. Julian was my world, he was my best friend, more than that but words just couldn't describe our bond. I dressed in my riding clothes, navy jodhpurs, and a warm hoodie before heading down stairs for breakfast. 

        As soon as my foot reached the bottom step, the only creaky one in the house, I could hear the uproar my family was causing.

           I had a seven year old brother called Chase, who had wild curly hair and bright emerald eyes. He looked adorable, but for anyone who knew him, they would say different. At the moment he was going threw a very important stage as my dad called it. I thought seven going on eight was to old for ' stages'. The stage was rather embarrassing every time we had to take him outside of the house. If we went to Tesco's or out to the shopping centre, i would walk as far as way as possible from him that wasn't considered rude. You see he would only wear a fairy dress. I no what you are thinking but my brother was not gay. No, one night when he couldn't sleep Dad let Chase watch the rest of a James Bond film with him, and of course Chase being a action mad kid thought this was amazing. Who would now only wear a fairy dress because he was a agent in disguise. I dreaded the thought if him starting junior school in 8 months. The phase had now been going on for three weeks, far to long in my mind. But at least I would have something to embarrass him with in the future.

           After Chase their was the twins, Beth and Posy, who where born two minutes after each other. They had just recently turned 5, and in my mind where growing up fast. The girls were absolutely identical. From their brown curly hair, to crystal blue eyes, even my parents couldn't always tell them apart. I could though, Beth was completely different, a handful some may call her. She was the child who got hand prints everywhere, the child who broke every one else's toys and she was the child who had a tantrum about three times a day. My parents said she would grow out of it, and that no one would be able to take a hand out of her when she was older. But Beth wasn't a very nice sister, to me or Posy, but i could stand up for myself, Posy couldn't. Beth was so mean that she could almost do it in her sleep, and Beth had actually dragged Posy out of bed once, when she had wanted to play at four in the morning. Posy, was an angel, and was the only person on earth who I knew I always loved. She was quiet, sensibly and just perfect. We were close I could say, I mean she could still get on my nerves from time to time, but I could live with that. 

          Then finally my parents, Andrew and Jane. I suppose you could call them hippies, they where so chilled out that I'm surprised the house ran like it did. Though i did help a lot. My Mum and Dad didn't care about house work, getting a shower everyday, and they really didn't care any thing important. Sometimes I felt they didn't care about me. I mean if they had to do something for the little ones, then they where fine, right on it, but for me, it was as if they didn't hear me, i was a bit of a outsider. 

          Both of my parents worked from home. My dad wrote a column for the local newspaper, the Sidmouth Herald, basically writing what was on the news, sometimes he wrote about personal things, the worst describing how he felt when our pet goldfish died. ' Finn led a good life, and another fish will never be able to fill the hole that he has left' I suppose you could also call my Dad a bit dramatic, coming to think about it i think he got a A* in his Drama GCSE. Then my mum ran a home made business, making quirky jewellery. She did sell quite a lot, but it wasn't really my still. She was always nagging me to where some to school to advertise, but that would never happen in a million years. One of my Mums hobbies was to grow, every kind that would live in a British garden. She would make a cup of green tea every morning at 6.30 am, then wander away in the garden for as long as she felt like it. Wearing her old tattered housecoat and faded slippers, cutting and watering flowers to her hearts content. I had to admit our garden was lovely to look at, the only down side being you couldn't really do anything in it. When i was younger i had a swing set, but once my Mum made up her mind to grow Rose's, it had to go!

            I entered the kitchen, preparing myself for what ever crazy thing would be thrown at me. By the looks of it Chase had managed to get his porridge everywhere apart from his mouth, when would they realise that if they fed him that stuff there would be a hell of a mess. Then my Dad was wondering around like a headless chicken, looking for the only pen he would use for his daily puzzles from the newspaper. And my Mother had a cheek to say I had OCD. Beth and Posy where pestering my Mum, who by the looks of things, had just dropped a pot of scrambles eggs all over the floor. When they actually got along for five minutes they could be double trouble. My mum was now eight months pregant with baby number five, and the huge bump under her top looked like it could pop at any minute, i couldn't see how she would last another four or five weeks. Her patience seemed to have vanished completely over the last few weeks, meaning i was no longer the only one getting nagged.

         Over all everyone looked stressed, and I was beginning to feel like I wasn't the only one with a dodgy feeling in my tummy.

         I took a seat at the round oak table, which was stained with every thing you could imagine. As soon as my bottom touched the seat, it was as if everything froze. All ten sets of eyes approached me, along with faces of stress, worry and confusion. They knew something i didn't.

        " Morning" I called, pouring myself a cup of orange juice, my hands where shaking, i had no control over them.

       " Morning, Prim sweetie" My Mother replied, using her worried voice. Something bad had happened i knew it. But what ?

      " Everything ok?" now my voice was shaking as well as my hands

      " Prim, we have something to tell you, i need you to stay calm alright?" I nodded, this was applied to me and me only, i felt as if my body had gone into shock.

      " Louise rang this morning, well quite early to be honest. She was up early checking on one of the early foals and she noticed that Julian wasn't in his field" She continued to speak but my brain wasn't registering it. I felt like you did when you went on a ride with a big drop. I felt like i was falling into the ground.

      " Prim, do you understand what i just said ? " 

      " It's not that hard to understand, my horse has been stolen during the night, you have known for god knows and your acting as if everything is fine" I was shouting, my hole body shaking with anger, rage, and a whole lot of grief. 

      " Prim, shouting isn't going to bring him back, you need to calm down!" My Father interrupted, he couldn't stand shouting when he had a cross word to do.

      " Well what is going to bring him back, for all we know he could be dead by now!" 

      " Prim don't think like that, we are going to get help" his voice was raising now, he was losing his patience and for once i didn't care.

      " Don't tell me how to think, you'd get more worried if Beth lost her teddy than Julian being stolen! You don't care about anything to do with me" And i stood up from the table, storming out of the room to the front door, where i quickly pulled on my boots. All the other stuff i needed was at the stables. I slammed the door and grabbed my bike from the garage before cycling off before anyone could react.



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