Prim's life is far from normal. Her relationship with her parents gets worse by the day, and it doesn't help with the fact she always has her younger siblings on her back.
She has dreams, dreams to make her famous. She is a superb rider for her age, and hopes to make the Olympic squad when she's older. But she can't do that with our her horse Julian, and when he gets stolen during the night she finds herself slipping into depression when he isn't found.
When she thinks she's hit rock bottom, a mystery horse appears, helping Prim find Julian. But In the end she has to make a choice, which horse really owns her heart.


1. 6 years in the future

     " In the Oxford dictionary the definition of horse is  'a solid-hoofed plant-eating domesticated mammal with a flowing mane and tail, used for riding, racing, and to carry and pull loads.' Which is of course true, but very basic. I know that they can't write bucket loads when they first draft one of those sort of things, but for someone who doesn't know what a horse is, the picture painted In their head is rather basic. 

        I'm here today, to tell you my views on horses. 

       Since the age of four, horses have always been involved in my life. It started with my Grampie, an active horseman himself, taking me for a pony ride. My parents weren't very keen, mainly because of the danger and expense, but I was hooked and there was no turning back in my mind. From the age of six I knew my dream was to compete at Badminton horse trails. Every holiday I would be at the stables, caring for any pony who would let me groom them for hours on end. 

        With horses the main thing you have to remember is to never give up. And I no that you are all thinking, easier said than done. But it is true, if you don't give up you will always succeed. I'm not saying everyone in this room will be the next Mary King, or Carl Hester. But believing that you can get back on or carry on, whatever way you want to put it, is the key on being a better rider. 

        I've had my ups on downs, during my career. From not being allowed to participate in cross country training, to having my horse stolen, for 6 months. Yes that's right my horse was stolen, but I found him in the end. So far in my life, that has been my toughest time. I was going through depression, but I still knew I had to find him, I just couldn't give up, he needed me. I suppose at the age of 13 I didn't have a muse, something that inspired me. But during the roughest time in my life, I found hope at the end of the tunnel. I found my muse, a wild stallion who I named ' Hobie' 

          I'm pretty certain that I can say most of you have something that really inspires you. It may be your horse or another pet, it may even be a person. The message I'm trying to put across is that If you are ever down think of the person or animal that inspires you, it will help.

          So my Hobie, was the one who saved me. And when he went, I had lost a part of me. In the end it was Hobie who led me to my horse, it was Hobie who cured my depression, and it was Hobie who really owned my heart. 

           My description of a horse is, ' a hoofed mammal, with a mane and tail, that has the powers to save you from your darkest moments'

            There is more to horse riding than you think, it's about creating a bond, which nothing can ever break. In your partnership there is two souls and you need to be able to trust each other with your lives. But one thing to remember is, sometimes the kindest thing you can do, is to let your loved one go. As hard as it may seem'

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