I See You

One Direction has been getting death threats and weird phone calls.. Do they have a stalker or just crazed fans?


6. Chapter 6

Harry's POV
       Louis squirmed in his little pallet. We were still holding hands except he had a little tighter grip. I looked over at the clock. 3:46am. It's still early. 
       My eyes were glued on the ceiling fan. I was freezing. I slowly grabbed the covers off of Louis. He moved around a little bit. He got up from his bed and walked to the kitchen, "Louis?" I called. No answer. Was he sleepwalking?
       I bit my lip to keep me from laughing. He walked to where I was and laid next to me. I knew he was sleepwalking then. I covered us both up. Louis held my hand again. I was quite uncomfortable, but I stayed. I didn't want to ruin this. I finally drifted to sleep.
     "What?" I heard Louis say, "Harry, wake up!" He hit my forehead.
     "Louis! What was that for?!" He must be crazy for hitting me again. Louis was pointing at something. I looked over. There was a creepy life size doll sitting on a chair. It's glossy eyes were watching me. It had this old, raggedy blue dress on with blonde hair. A long crack reached from one side of her face to another, "why is that there," I asked. Louis kept tightening his grip. My hand was bright red. I'm surprised he's still holding my hand, "uhh... Louis?" I looked down at our hands. 
     "Oh! About that, why were we holding hands? And how did I get up here?!" 
    "I don't know. You were sleepwalking last night and ended up here," I stated. Our attentions were taken away from that doll. 
    "And you didn't bother to wake me up?" 
    "Nahh. I wasn't complaining," I winked. He had the most disgusting look on his face.
   "We aren't together anymore, Harry," 
    "Hey guys," Niall said ever so casually. 
    "Ni!!! You're home!" I missed him. He was the person I told everything.
    "I've been home," Niall picked up the creepy doll.
     "What? What are you doing with that?" 
     "Oh! This? I got this for Halloween. Since it's in a few days," 
    Louis let out a big sigh. I chuckled to myself. That was funny. 
   "Alright. Well then.. I'm leaving," Louis said. He slammed the door shut. 
    Niall looked at me funny, "no kiss goodbye?" 
   I started fiddling with my thumbs, "nope. He broke up with me," I looked up to see Niall's blue eyes.
     "What? Why?" He asked. I shrugged. I didn't know, "I thought you two were together by the way you were sleeping,"
     "I wish we were," I mumbled. He gave me an apologetic look, "I'm gonna go for a walk," 
     As I walked the streets, all that was on my mind was the challenge. Why would she want me to punch someone? I didn't want to do it, but I had to. I didn't know what that stupid poem meant..
     I was searching for someone who was doing something... Wrong. I don't want to hurt a innocence person. 
    I saw a guy and girl, maybe a couple, yelling at each other. She tried to turn around, but he grabbed her by the wrist. It seemed like he had a tight grip too. I ran across the street as fast as I could. 
     "Excuse me," I said as I tapped on the guys shoulder. He turned around; my fist made contact with his face. After that, I ran like hell. I didn't want him seeing who I was or anything. I soon became out of breath. Luckily, I was only a few minutes from home.
        My back was hunched with my hands on my knees. My breath was going back to normal. I pulled out my phone and texted Liam.
To Liam: Hey, I'm going to the cafe down the road, so yeah. Don't worry. 
       I walked into the cafe; I took in the vanilla smell. It smelled amazing. I used to come in here everyday. The workers know me so well. I always get a French Vanilla latte with whipped cream on top. I don't know why I stopped coming in. 
        "Harry! Long time no see," Julia shouted over the counter, "Kade! Look who's back!" 
          "Harry! Buddy! How's it goin? I'm gonna go make you the usual." Kade said. I just waved and sat down at a table. 
           Couple minutes later, Julia came over with my latte, "hey, someone told me to give this to you," 
             "Huh?" I took the paper from her. 
            "Yeah, it's creepy cause she told me to give it to you before you came in," 
               I smiled and said thanks. 

Good job, Harry. Just good job. -G

Hey! Sorry for not updating. I might post again tonight. 

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