I See You

One Direction has been getting death threats and weird phone calls.. Do they have a stalker or just crazed fans?


5. Chapter 5

I just want to say, nothing in this book is real. It's called a fan FICTION:) 
Now onwards with the story.

Harry's POV
     The door slammed; my head immediately turned to it. Louis walked in. I've been waiting for Louis all day. 
     "Louis!" I called his name. He didn't answer. He just kept walking, "Louis. Don't ignore me. I want to talk," I pushed Zayn's legs off me, and I chased after him. I tugged on his wrist. He turned around. His eyes were red and puffy, "We need to talk,"
    "There is nothing to talk about," he replied. 
     "There is lots to talk about. Lets start at why you broke up with me," 
     "I broke up with you because you never see anything,"
     "What the fuck are you talking about?!" I yelled. 
     "This is exactly what I'm talking about, Harry! All we do is argue! I'm done with you!" 
      "I don't know what I did. I didn't do anything," my voice was much softer. I could feel Zayn's eyes on us, "I just know I love you, Lou," 
      He raised his hand and smacked me on my cheek, "you're fucking worthless. You mean nothing to me. You never have, and you never will!" He screamed. 
     "What about all those times you told me you loved me or all those times you kissed me?!" 
     "Lies, Harry. Get used to it!" His voice echoed through the halls. He walked off. Zayn pulled me back, so I didn't run after him. Zayn tried to give me a hug, but I snapped, "Get off me!" I ran to my room and sat on the bed, tears streaming down my face. My hands gripped the covers. Something pointy was poking my palm. I lifted my hand to look. It was a folded piece of paper.   I didn't open it though. I just threw it on a pillow. 
     About 5 hours passed, I was bored. Everybody has gone to bed. I remembered the note I tossed on my pillow. I reached for it. 

I know you have a lot of anger you need to release, Harry. I want you to punch someone. A fan or a homeless person. I could care less. 

Your past will catch up with you
The things you shushed. 
Will once again fill your mind

     Punch someone? I could never ever do that. What does the poem even mean? I don't want to find out. This is stupid. This whole thing is stupid. 
       I threw the note back on a pillow. I decided I would do it tomorrow. I couldn't sleep in this room. Knowing that she has been in here.. It gives me the chills. I walked down to the couch. Someone was already laying there. I leaned over the couch. It was too dark to see. I put my hands on the persons side. I patted and moved my hands along their body, trying to figure out who it was. My hands reached their hair. My fingers ran through it. It was Louis. 
      I wasn't letting him have the couch. I pushed him off the couch and onto the floor. Quickly, I curled up on the couch. 
      "What the hell?!" Louis whispered.
      "What? I didn't do anything!"
      "Funny. Now get up. I was here first," 
       I wasn't getting up. I changed the subject, "so you are in a better mood. Still mad?" I propped my head up against the arm of the couch. Of course, I was still mad. Who wouldn't be? He smacked me in the face. I was just trying to be cool. I didn't want to fight again. 
       "Stop. It. Harry. Move now," he said through gritted teeth.
       "You can lay next to me if you want," I wanted us to get back together; he didn't seem to though. Louis is so hard to read.
        "Give me the blanket," he demanded. I grabbed the blanket; he snatched it from me. He made himself a little pallet next to me. 
        "I sure am cold," I said through the silence. 
        "Yeah well get used to it," he mumbled. 
      I rolled my eyes. I laid there, staring at the blank t.v. My fingers ran through Louis' hair. I wasn't sure if he was asleep or not. I repeatedly ran my fingers up and down his arm. Hoping to get a reaction out of him. 
       "Stop," he said. I kept doing it. He grabbed my hand, "I'm just gonna hold your hand like this of you don't stop," that is what I exactly wanted, so I kept doing it. He grabbed my hand. After he fell asleep, I intertwined out fingers together. Maybe when he wakes up, he'll miss it too. I know I do. 

I'm apologizing ahead for the bad poems.. I'm not really good at them:( sorry guys. ~Emily:))

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