I See You

One Direction has been getting death threats and weird phone calls.. Do they have a stalker or just crazed fans?


4. Chapter 4

Harry's POV
      "Poke him," I heard Zayn whisper. Louis' eyes opened; Liam and Zayn were standing in front of him. I was leaning over the stairs, watching. I don't know why he broke up with me. I didn't do anything. Maybe I did.. Maybe I was a horrible boyfriend. 
       "Did you get it?" Liam asked. 
       "Get what?" Louis asked. 
       "The challenge!" Zayn yelled. 
       "Guys, when I wake up I don't want to talk about the creepy bitch, but yes, I did. First letter is E," He told them. My hand went through my hair. Liam ran over to the whiteboard hanging out the fridge and wrote the letter 'E', "I think you guys are taking this too far..," 
        "No, we are just trying to catch this creep," Liam said confidently. 
         This wasn't like any crime tv show. This was real. We learned that from the Niall accident. I pursed my lips. I didn't know if i wanted to go downstairs or no. I don't want to face him. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not in a million years. We aren't together anymore. If i did go down there, would he feel guilty? 
     I stomped down the stairs. I was making sure he could hear me. I wanted to get back at him. He was  me come down. My eyebrows were furrowed. His eyes watered. I couldn't take it. I didn't want to see him cry. I quickly ran to the bathroom. Being alone should help me. 
    It couldn't of been more than 10 minutes when somebody knocked, "go use the bathroom upstairs," 
They knocked again. "Leave me alone, please," I begged. Whoever it was waited five minutes and knocked again, "oh my god! Leave me alone!!" I slid down on the back of the door. My hands were covering my face. 
    "Harry, talk to me," Liam said. 
    "No, go away," I said. I could feel Liam leaning against the door, "please, Li, just go," I busted out crying, "not now." I went to the sink and splashed water on my face. When I looked up, Liam was standing behind me. "How did you get in here?" 
    "You didn't lock the door," he said, plainly. I could've swore that I locked the door, "we are going to talk about what's wrong," 
     "Tell me what you know first," 
     "Well... Last night, I heard screaming, crashing, and cussing. After you ran away this morning, Louis started crying and ran out the door while saying he was gonna go visit Niall. I'm assuming you guys broke up," 
      "I don't know why, Li. I didn't do anything. He says I did, but I didn't. I gave him all my attention! What did I do?!" I started crying again. I hate crying. I always feel like a baby. Liam pulled me into a hug. 
     "You did nothing. I promise you. When he gets home, you need to talk to him. Please..," 
      "Okay..," I say as I nodded my head. 



sorry this is kinda short and not that interesting? I'm camping:p I'll be back Mondayy


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