I See You

One Direction has been getting death threats and weird phone calls.. Do they have a stalker or just crazed fans?


2. Chapter 2

    Ughhhh. I woke up with the worst headache ever. I crawled out of bed and went down stairs to get a cup of coffee. I was the only one awake. My hand reached for the coffee can, but it touched something else. Paper. A sticky note to be exact.  I rubbed my eyes, making sure that I was seeing this right. I grabbed the sticky note. 
          "Do you still think this is a joke?" It read. My breath hitched. No. I don't. I'm only pretending that this is because of Liam. He doesn't like to be argued with. I reached for my phone; it wasn't on me though. It was upstairs still. 
           My footsteps barely made any sound as I walked up the stairs. As I walked by the boys' rooms, soft snores were being released. I pushed my bedroom door open a tiny bit. It made a loud squeak, and Harry shuffled in bed. I slithered through the tiny crack, grabbed my phone, and quickly walked downstairs. 
       My thumb slowly glided down the screen of my iPhone making Twitter refresh. A text notification popped up. I didn't recognized the number. 
         I read the message, "I left a little gift for you on the stairs," creepy. I peeked over the couch. There sure was a gift on the stairs. It wasn't there before. She or he must have been in our house... While I'm right here.. Oh my god. Slowly,  I got up from the couch and picked up the neatly wrapped present. I unwrapped it and it was a folded piece of paper with a black chain wrapped around it. I unfolded the paper, and whispered to myself what it said, "When he awakes is when he's gone," that made no sense. I scanned the page. Looking for something else. there was something, "P.S. I see you," I shrugged it off. The locks needed to be changed anyways. 
       Steps were making there way to the stairs. I hide the present under the couch. I didn't need anyone to know about this. 
       "Hey, Ni! Good morning," I said with a grin on my face. 
        "Good morning," he yawned. He pointed to the kitchen. I knew what he meant by that. He was going to get some food. I jumped back on the couch and started playing on my phone. Niall was making a lot noise. 
     Bang. Bang. Bang. 
     All of the sudden, it got quiet. I ran over to find Niall on the floor. 
     "NIALL! Are you okay?!?!" I screamed. No answer. Someone shot him from our window. "LIAM!!!! ZAYN!!! HARRY!!!" I started sobbing. Our little Niall had been shot, "CALL THE AMBULANCE, LIAM!" All three of them ran downstairs. 
     "What's goin on?" Zayn asked. I looked up at him, he saw tears rolling down my face. 
     "As I said! Call the
Ambulance!!! Niall's been shot!" 
     "Oh, shit." I heard Harry mutter. Liam grabbed the phone and called a ambulance to our house. All four of us surrounded him, I held one hand while Harry held the other. Niall didn't say anything, he just laid there. I couldn't take it anymore, the tears were starting up. Liam took me in a hug. 
    "Guys... I can't do this anymore," I said aloud. 
    "Do what?" Zayn asked me. 
    "The death threats, the notes, the little presents, the creepy text messages and this... We have to get out of this house..,"
      "What are you talking about, Lou?" Zayn questioned me. 
       I told them everything that happened this morning. Sirens were going off, "Harry, pick up Niall and take him outside, please," he did as he was told. 
       "We can't go anywhere, she's just gonna find us again. As she said, she's watching us. She will know where we move and find away to get in again," Liam said. 
      I nodded. I guess he was right. I still wanted to leave, "we should follow the ambulance to the hospital," I grabbed my keys; we all piled into my car and left to go see Niall.

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