I See You

One Direction has been getting death threats and weird phone calls.. Do they have a stalker or just crazed fans?


1. Chapter 1

PLEASE READ: before you read, I would like to warn you that this story has some Larry in it. I know Louis and Harry aren't gay. Atleast not to my knowledge, but people wanted Larry in it, so I have them Larry. I also do not hate any of the boys. I love them all equally. This is a fan FICTION. nothing is real. :)



Louis POV
   I walked over to the door of our flat. By our flat, I mean us. One Direction. We all share one huge flat; it's quite fun. I was walking to the door because I heard someone knock. I pulled open the door, and there was a box sitting on the porch. 

       "ZAYN, LIAM, NIALL, HARRY!" I yelled, "GET DOWN HERE," I heard footsteps walking down the stairs. They were really loud. Once all of them were down here, I showed them the box, "did anyone order anything?" They shook their heads. 
         "Is there a return label? Or does it say where it came from?" Liam asked. 
          I carefully rotated the box, looking for the label, "Nope, I'm opening it," I set the box on the counter. The boys huddled around it. I grabbed a knife and cut open the tape. There was a tape recorder inside. 
           "Press play!" Harry said. 
            "I don't think we should...," Niall whined. 
             I ran my thumb over the play button, debating if I should or not. I looked at Zayn. he nodded his head, signaling me to press play. Niall hid behind Liam, covering his face. 
               "Hello, boys. We are gonna play a game.  Here's how it's gonna work.. I will give you challenges,  you must complete them or you will pay the consequences. To figure out the consequence, I'll give you riddles. Every time you complete the challenge, I will give you a letter of my name. It's not going to be in order..," I pressed pause. 
       "This person must be kidding! We can probably get someone to scan the voice!" Harry said. 
       "That's probably not her voice, Haz. She must be smart and thought this all through if she's going through with it," I pressed the play button. 
             "If you tell anybody about this, I'll kill you all. Don't trying doing a voice scan. This isn't my voice. You will get your challenge at 6pm. Good luck, boys. I'll be watching," the tape ended with a cackle. 
         I gave Harry the I-told-you-so look. Was this even real? We had 30 minutes till the first challenge. It was silent. I'm pretty sure everyone was scared. Harry slammed his fist down on the counter. It startled everyone. He ran out of the kitchen and into our bedroom. 
        "I say we just brush this off! Nothing's gonna happen!" Niall said cheerfully. 
         I sighed heavily and went to find Harry. He had his head buried in a pillow, "Hazza, come on. It's probably just a joke. Nothing's gonna happen," 
         He lifted his head, "it's just dumb!" He put his arms around my waist, "it's sick! Who in their right mind would do something like this?" 
           I loved him. He is my boyfriend after all. Nobody knew about us. I wanted to tell everyone, but management said no. Our fans believe that we are gay. I just wish they knew they were right, "just forget about it," I brushed the hair out of his face. 
           Liam stuck his head through the door, "guys.. It's here," 
             Has it really been 30 minutes? Harry and I ran downstairs to find Zayn holding a sheet of paper. He looked at us then started reading it. 
             "Your first challenge is to share your deepest darkest secrets... With the world. If you fail to do that, you will have to face the consequences. Wanna know the riddle?" He stopped reading. 
           Niall took the paper from him, "Bang. Bang. Bang. The innocence is gone. The one who used to smile will be on the floor. Bang. Bang. Bang," 
          "I'm not doing this. This is a joke," Liam announced. 
          "Liam! How do you know that it is?" Niall protested. 
           "We aren't doing this! This could ruin us. The band! Give me your phones," we all looked at him, "NOW!" Liam demanded. 
              We reluctantly handed him our phones. It was only so we couldn't tweet or contact anyone. He really didn't want us to worry about this. 
             "I'm going to bed. I don't care what time it is," I said. I walked up to my room and flopped onto the bed. I started singing to myself and soon I fell sleep.

My first chapter! What do ya guys think? -Emily:)

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