The Legend of the Elements

When four kids discover a strange new dimension hidden within the lockers of their own school, their worlds get turned upside down.
Jack, Olivia, Heather, Susan and Sam get combine with 2 powers when they meet a strange scientist and help the strange scientist in destroying the "Dark Ruler Of Dimensions"
Will they be able to defeat it or will they get lost in the mysterious world that they re being sucked into?


13. Thoughts

*Jack's P.O.V*

I don't know how long I stared at that key, but I did - for quite a while. Why would Sam have this? Why would he be involved in this and not tell us? What were we even involved in? Olivia was still in the hospital - she still hadn't woken up. After three days. Sam's key was like a lightning bolt, so  I guess his power must be electricity or something. Or weather? I have no idea. Another suspicious though was that since Olivia fell asleep, the Professor hadn't called us. 

"Jack, have you done with your spaghetti?" Called my sister. Since she hated being named 'Snow White' she insisted on bring called Stephanie - which was fine by me. At public events I often use the name Jack Smith.

"Uh no not really" I replied, glancing over at the untouched spaghetti. She wasn't a bad cook - she was really good actually - but I had too much on my mind. Could everything happening be connected? Maybe. I wanted to talk to Susan or Heather, but Heather wouldn't talk to me and Susan was out of town. I didn't dare to approach Sam either, his temper is shorter than a match. But who else was there? Alex perhaps? Alex Wilson, my oldest friend - tied with another girl I used to have a crush on, Mel Jones. Of course, anyone outside our strange group was out if the question.

I eventually decided to go visit the lab and see who was there in the morning.


After a rough, sleepless night, I woke up early, around 5:30, and ate breakfast. It took me a while in the dark, as Stephanie is woken up by the tiniest glow, but eventually I managed to pour Corn flakes into the correct bowl. I tried texting Heather and suprisingly she answered, asking to meet me at the bus station. I left Stephanie a note and headed there immediately, running there in a simple black T-shirt, blue jacket, grey track pants and white trainers. If it were a bit later, I might of looked like an early morning jogger.

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