The Legend of the Elements

When four kids discover a strange new dimension hidden within the lockers of their own school, their worlds get turned upside down.
Jack, Olivia, Heather, Susan and Sam get combine with 2 powers when they meet a strange scientist and help the strange scientist in destroying the "Dark Ruler Of Dimensions"
Will they be able to defeat it or will they get lost in the mysterious world that they re being sucked into?


11. Mission

I stayed Olivia's that night, but she didn't wake up. Alarm clock - no. Loud music? No. Screaming in her ear? No. I called Susan and Heather over, but not even Susan's singing woke her up. I didn't dare ask Heather to do anything because she might... uh, kill her. Then we phoned an ambulance. Waving the unconscious Olivia off, we decided to tell Professor about this. We went up to the wall entrance, a secret door hidden in a wall, only unlocked by a keycard. I opened the pannel but saw Sam enter school through the front door. What was he doing!? It was Saturday! Susan and Heather went into the lab through the wall but I decided to follow Sam.


He headed towards the spot where we met the other night. Then, as if he knew, he walked into the entrance locker! I ran after him but taking the stairs in the closet instead. Why was Sam in the lab!?


*Susan P.O.V*

Heather and I went in normally, grunting as we passed the Shadow Agents. Heather went over to talk to Crimsette, a helper at the lab who is about our age. I continued to the main lab, but I hid as I saw Sam. How did he get in here? Jack mentioned seeing him last night, but how did he get in? Entering Stealth mode, I crept closer. Then, I watched in horror as Sam walked into the main power room. I saw Jack spying on him too. But my attention was drawn back to Sam as I heard a 'klink'. Sam had dropped something...


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