The Legend of the Elements

When four kids discover a strange new dimension hidden within the lockers of their own school, their worlds get turned upside down.
Jack, Olivia, Heather, Susan and Sam get combine with 2 powers when they meet a strange scientist and help the strange scientist in destroying the "Dark Ruler Of Dimensions"
Will they be able to defeat it or will they get lost in the mysterious world that they re being sucked into?


1. Prolouge

This book is a record of our imaginary game as children in a primary school.

We somehow transformed a game about spaceships (Created by a person we now highly dislike and one of our good friends) into a superhero action game. It was originally called "Microchips" but we changed it before we started writing this.


Enjoy! ;)



As time goes on we will add more chapters. Once the book has finished we will remove this message. :)

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