Everybody hurts

Gemma and Justin were best friends growing up in Canada, but when Gemma was 10 she moved to the UK with her family. This was when no one knew who Justin Bieber was,but then everything changed...


16. Shopping

I threw on my leggings and a baggy jumper and my white supras and ran out the door to Pattie's car.We drove to the mall, it wasn't really a long drive, it only took us about 10 minutes.

When we arrived there, for some reason we attracted a little attention to ourselves. 

A group of five 14 year old girls come ran over to us.


2nd girl:IS JUSTIN HERE?


Pattie:Hey girls, no Justin isn't here he's coming in a week or so, and I came over early to stay with Gem for a while

That from Pattie attracted a lot more attention to me, people asking me if i'm Justin girlfriend, people asking how I know Pattie and if i can help them meet Justin. I'm not used to all of this, i'm normally the quiet girl that no one really associates with. During high school i got bullied because i wasn't like all the other girls, all they think about is boys and all i concentrated on way my school work. I don't see why they used to judge me just for wanting to do well in school.

Soon after Pattie took a few pictures with the fans then they left so me and Pattie went for a coffee. 

Pattie:So you have a clue on what you would like to wear tonight?

Gem:I was thinking maybe a dress

Pattie:I know exactly where to go

Pattie had a huge grin on her face like she was hiding something.

Pattie led me to topshop and took me to the counter. She whispered something to the shop assistant and they both smile and the assistant walked into the stockroom. 

When she came back she brought the most beautiful dress ever, it was lace and cream but it looked like it cost so much.

Pattie:Do you like it?

Gem:OMG I LOVE IT, But it must cost so much and i haven't got that much on me

Pattie:It's my treat

Gem:I can't let you do that

Pattie: I have to ....... *'He said to' she mumbled*

Gem:What you mean you have to?

Pattie: I mean that I havent seen you in so long and missed so many birthdays and christmas' I owe it to you, you're like my daughter and I love you lots

Gem:Are you sure Pattie?

Pattie:Of course i am babe

Gem:Thank you so much



Hey guys hope you're enjoying it up to now, i'm getting tired now so i will update again tomorrow, you may even get a couple of chapters tomorrow if you're lucky:) like i said hope you're enjoying it so far... follow me on twitter @gemmlbieber

love you lots x x x 

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