Everybody hurts

Gemma and Justin were best friends growing up in Canada, but when Gemma was 10 she moved to the UK with her family. This was when no one knew who Justin Bieber was,but then everything changed...


3. Last day in Canada

Our flight was at 10am, so that would give me chance to nip to Justin to say one last goodbye.


me and mum packed up the taxi in the drive way, and as my mum was putting the last little things in the back of the car, she allowed me to run down to Justin's house (as she could watch me from down the street) to say goodbye for the last time.

Justin didn't even give me the chance to ring the door bell, the door flung open, and Justin hugged me so tight I thought my body was going to snap.

Gem:Justin, you can put me down now

Whilst giggling.

Justin: I'm not going to forget you,i promise! you're my best friend and always will be.

Gem: aw Justin don't you'll make me cry.

i spoke too soon, a tear fell onto his shoulder.

Justin:stay in contact with me Gem, promise?

Gem: i promise.

My mum was shouting me from down the street.

Kath:Gemma its time to go.

i said my final goodbye's to Justin and pattie and jumped in the taxi.We drove past their house as they both stood in the front garden and waved.Justin turned to Pattie and gave her a hug whilst wiping the tears from his eye. 

That was it, i wasn't going to see Justin again.

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