Everybody hurts

Gemma and Justin were best friends growing up in Canada, but when Gemma was 10 she moved to the UK with her family. This was when no one knew who Justin Bieber was,but then everything changed...


6. Justin's big break

I have been in the UK for a year now, don't get me wrong it's great. I have had a great start in a school in Cheshire. I have made loads of new friends, but no one can compare to Justin.

Now and again i think about if he's replaced me, if he's got a new best friend, if he's forgot about me. But everytime i think, no he promised me, but maybe he broke his promise.


Justin's POV.

Well, its been a year since Gem had left and honestly I don't know how i'm coping without her.My friends Ryan and Chaz keep saying shes two years younger than me, she doesn't matter anymore and that she will have forgotten about me already. That thought makes me want to cry, what if she has forgotten about me? 

Ryan: Hey Biebs, you coming to play ball for a while before hockey?

Justin:Yeah yeah alright then, I need something to take my mind of Gem for abit.

Chaz:Just forget about her, shes probably forgot about you, stop thinking about the past and concentrate on the future, your future.

At that point, I had this idea of become a basketball player, professionally. I dropped out of the hockey team and concentrated on playing ball. My aim was to one day play in the NBA with all the major stars.

I got home that night and my mum was sat at the dining room table, she looked all flustered and confused.

Justin: Mum, whats wrong? whats happened?

Pattie: nothing, well urm....

Mums phone starting ringing on the dining room table.

Justin: Aren't you going to answer that?

Mum answered the phone, it was some guy called Scooter Braun,they were on the phone for a good 2 hours and i heard my name mentioned several times.

Mum came into my bedroom whilst i was sat that throwing balls of paper into the bin like i was playing ball and pretending i was in the NBA.

Pattie:Justin, we're going to LA.

Justin: Why?

Pattie, the guy on the phone, Scooter, he works in the music industry, and he has seen the videos you posted on youtube and he wants to meet you and maybe give you a future in music.

A future in music? i never thought of taking my messing around on youtube that serious. We were going to go to LA anyway, Scooter made it quite clear that if we were not happy then we could just come home to Canada and pretend it was just a holiday.

 So the next day Scooter flew me and my mum out to LA, it was hard leaving Canada knowing that i might never come back, but what if i did have a future in music? i could give me and my mum the future we deserve.

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