“I’m not afraid of her, I’m afraid of what’s going to happen to her if she finds out about who -and what- she is."


2. Chapter Two

{Xavier Bates}


“She’s so full of herself.” I clenched my fists as I walked down the hallway, pretending like I didn’t care that for the next month I was going to spend my time in the library making sure all of the books were in order.

I should have taken detention. It was only an hour a night, and even though I’d be sharing that hour with Aven, it’d be a lot better than spending who-knows-how-long in the library with Emmeline.

“Well, yeah. She’s kind of the most powerful liquidum that has ever existed.” Mike coughed besides me and wiped his bloody knuckles on his sleeve.

“She doesn’t know yet, though.” Whatever. If she wanted to be Miss Bleep-a-lot then thats fine with me.

“No, it isn’t.” Mike snorted and lengthened his stride to get away from me.

"Would you stop that?!"

His voice entered my mind again. "But... I like seeing what goes through your mind. *Cough* Man-bleep. *Cough*"

“You are such an-” My words were cut off my an emergency alarm system that went off throughout the entire building.

“Students- please report to the Capitol Center immediately.” We sighed and turned to follow the students out of the class building and to the CC.

“Look who it is, Tat and his buddy!” Right on time. Aven and his Ignis buddies jogged up behind us, laughing and pointing to the half-naked girls that had just walked by the school.

“Leave. Me. Alone.” I trudged along besides Mike as the group hopped past us, shouting something about the girls in front of me.

And my tattoo.

“Ah, ignore them. They’re just jealous.” Mike nudged my arm and forced a laugh.

“Yeah, because being a Universalis is so, so wonderful.” I rolled my eyes. I felt something brush up against my left arm and looked down.


Dude, when are you actually going to talk to her? Mike poked my arm and I felt a sting as the words entered my mind. Emmeline payed no attention to the fact that I was literally elbow-to-elbow with her.

Not until the time is right. Neither of us is strong enough right now, and she won’t believe me yet. Mike sighed loudly and I smacked his arm.

Seconds passed and Dad appeared behind a table on the stage as students filed into the CC and took their seats.

“Thank you, students, for arriving on such short notice.” Dad smiled and placed his hand on a table. A few started mumbling, others started whispering to each other.

“Quiet down, everyone!” Jadel Pierce, one of the Aethers that led the school, clapped her hands and stood up from a line of chairs that were in front of the stage. She had at least 50 papers in her arms, and her hair was falling around her shoulders, which was odd because she usually has it in a braid that’s tied up to her head for the schools regulation uniform. Everyone quieted down almost immediately, knowing that she was harsh and didn’t hand out little punishments for those who ‘disrespected authority.”

I don’t blame her- kids here needed that. But... she wasn’t your average parent/teacher/school-leader/punishment-giver.

She was like Hell.


“I respect your needs to arrive back to class on time, so let’s make this quick.” He paused, and looked behind him. A man, about the age of death, appeared out of mist on the stage. All of the Liquidum leaned forwards on their chairs, oohing and aahing.

“This, my friends, is-”

“A name that shall not be spoken here.” Dad looked like he was ready to flip his lid. I could tell that he wanted to say his name just so that he could say it in front of him. I knew exactly who it was- Eihmin. He was the most powerful Liquidum since creation, and the only reason he came to places like Rose View was to deliver bad news.


“The reason for that is because I’m being hunted for.” Eihmin crossed his arm, still in the form of mist.

“And you can only guess by who-” He pointed to a student in the middle of the room who was shaking and hesitated to speak.

“T-The Daemon.” He never took another breath after he spoke until Eihmin nodded and spoke himself.

“That is correct, my friend. Does anybody want to know why they’re hunting me?” A few raised their hands, but they fell back down into their laps when Eihmin glanced at them. After that, nobody raised their hands. We had no idea why he, of all Liquidum, was being hunted. Yeah, so he’s the most powerful Liquidum, but nobody would even dare to fight him.

Or approach him uninvited.

“No, that’s fine. I do, though.”

Pause one more time, and I’ll hurt him. Mike looked over at me and smiled. My eyes grew wide and I quickly turned my head to face Eihmin.

“It’s because I have grown weaker.” Now everything was silent. He uncrossed his arms and flew off stage and began shifting into his human form. Everybody, even the Ignis, watched in awe as he managed to stay half mist, half human.

“I am not able to turn into my full human form. For some of you, that is quite fascinating. For others, like you Liquidum, you know that this isn’t all fun and games. You know that being stuck between the spirit world and the human world doesn’t even begin to be ‘fun.’” A few kids shifted in the seats. I looked behind my shoulder and found Emmeline and a few friends sitting a few rows back. She didn’t bother to look at me. I rolled my eyes and turned to focus on Eihmin. He was now walking/drifting along the floor in front of the students.

“Which is why I’m going to need your help.” As soon as he turned to face the students, hands shot up. He laughed and motioned for them to put their hands down.

“I wish I could recruit all of you,” the word ‘recruit’ set students back on the edge. I could feel the nervousness around the room, one of the great advantages to being a Universalis was feeling the fear from your surroundings. “But I can only take the most powerful of you.” Disappointment rung throughout the room, and a few of the kids started whispering to each other.

“So, how will you choose?” I knew that voice, it was Aven. I smiled, hoping he would get ‘recruited’ and have his butt kicked by a Liquidum. “There’s, like, 800 students here.” Aven forced a weak laugh and a few of his friends joined him.

“That’s easy- I will speak to the directors of your training classes and see which ones fall into the category that is required.” Eihmin stared at Aven until his gaze dropped to the ground.

“When will that be?” Many students were eager to speak now, I’m guessing it’s because they realized ‘Hey, maybe we can save the world and be super mega famous!’


“I don’t know. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week.” He scanned the crowd.

“When you recruit us, what will happen?” Mike stood up besides me, and I saw that his hands were in his pocket. He was nervous. Mike was never nervous.

“I don’t know.” Eihmin shrugged his shoulders.

“You don’t know what’s going to happen after you recruit some of us, but you’re doing it anyway?”

“Of course.” Eihmin faded back into full mist and floated back up to the stage. Kids quieted back down as he whispered something into Dads ear.

“Um...” Dad looked at us, and back to Eihmin. “Fine. No, that’s fine. Okay. Go ahead.”

He shook his head and went to sit next to Jadel. She smiled at him and then continued staring at the kids. By now, the papers had fallen out of her arms and onto the floor into a messy pile around her feet.

“All parents or guardians will be notified tonight about everything that has been said tonight.” Eihmin smiled and crossed his arms. “I ask that you do not speak of this to anyone but your guardians or friends here at school. I don’t know if there are any bugs planted around the city that Daemon has set up, so this goes no farther than home and here. Understood?” He managed to shoot a glare at every student seated in the room. Everyone nodded in agreement and waited for any further words.

Eihmin began fading into the air as more questions exploded from mouths. He smiled one last time and dad walked back up on stage. Jadel followed him after she gathered up her papers, and stood next to him proudly. Her eyes seemed to be going in a thousand different directions, and her mumbling was freaking me out. Dad sighed and rested his hands on the table where Jadel had just tossed her papers. It took me a moment, but I realized that the Spiritus circle on the table was glowing, and Dad looked terrified. Jadel backed away and giggled uncontrollably.

“Someone get her out of here.” Two walkers appeared from behind the stage and dragged the laughing idiot away, leaving Dad and everyone else in silence.

“Everyone, leave at once. Do not return to classes, go home.” His eyes locked on the Spiritus as the sound of chairs and feet took over every other sound in the room. The glass doors swung open and students filed out of the CC, only to be blinded with darkness. Goosebumps creeped across my arms, and I felt the air go cold.

Emmeline flew past me, yelling something about how she was claustrophobic. A few of the kids parted a path for her, but others just rolled their eyes and stayed where they were.

“Think you should talk to her now?” Mike nudged me and tried to keep up with me as we walked back to the class building, but I quickened my pace.

“No. Not yet.”

“You’re either thinking about how to tell her, or you’re afraid of her.” He poked my chest and laughed. I shoved him away, half jokingly, and looked at him with a spark of evil in my eyes. I sighed and looked at her wavy brown hair bouncing in the wind as she ran through the crowd and disappeared in the building. She was happy right now, at least she acted like it. I didn’t want to take that away from her, but life was about to get real freaking crappy pretty soon.

“She seems happy right now, that’s all.”

“Dude, come on. We know that’s not what you’re thinking.”

I stopped walking and let a few of the kids behind me bump into me and curse while walking away. Mike stopped a few feet away from me when he realize that I was behind him, and then walked back to me.

“Are you ever going to answer me?” He put his hands into his pockets and turned around in circles, making himself sound like an airplane-and a moron. He stopped and stared at me when he noticed my face.

“I’m not afraid of her, I’m afraid of what’s going to happen to her if she finds out about who -and what- she is.”

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