“I’m not afraid of her, I’m afraid of what’s going to happen to her if she finds out about who -and what- she is."


3. Chapter Three

{Emmeline Canreth}


My nerves were on edge for the rest of the day.

I knew that I was one of the failing students in training classes, but I also knew that about 17 years ago my father was an apprentice of Bressal, the head of all Aether, which meant I was the daughter of Spiritus leader.

Oh, yeah.

My father was practically the ‘King of all things Spiritus’ after his 3 years with Bressal.

All-in-all, this made my score higher in the training rankings.

“You won’t get picked, Em.” Aven jogged up behind me and put his arm around my shoulders. I tried pulling away from him, but his grip was too tight and I was to the point where I was really just struggling with myself.

“Yes, because my father will just magically appear and be like ‘oh, no, don’t pick her- she’s the next Spiritus leader!’ and save me from Hell.” Aven rolled his eyes as I finally managed to get away from him.

“Well, just think of it as an honor that you’re going to be on the Save the World list for Eihmin. That’s pretty...” He paused and thought for a moment. I stopped and looked up at him. His eyes seemed darker now, and his freckles were almost completely gone. He looked down at me and tried to lock eyes, but I focused on the tip of his nose instead. No way was this jerk going to drag me into the ‘Please forgive me, I love you!’ thing again.

“Horrible?” I tossed my hands up in the air, shoved his arm off my shoulders and stormed away from him. He didn’t understand what it was like for me right now, knowing that if I was chosen to train with Eihmin and save the whole freaking world; I would have to train under my fathers instructions as well. I understand this stuff too well.

“Don’t be like this, Em!” Aven tried to catch up with me but stumbled back as a heavy arm pulled him away from me.

“Don’t touch her, Aven.” I turned and saw Aven being held back by Xavier. Xavier’s hand was clasped around Aven’s throat, not tight-but tight enough Aven froze. He didn’t seem to be struggling against him, which was odd. Aven never let others win anything, even if that meant killing them or at least putting them in critical care. His hands were shaking a little, and his eyes had grown wider than usual. I noticed now that he looked like a bug compared to Xavier, but I ignored them and kept walking. All I heard for the next few seconds was Xaviers heavy breathing and a oof sound as Aven hit the ground.

“Everyone, please return home. Classes have been cancelled for the rest of the day.” Jadels voice rang through the school, and everyone paused. When Jadel spoke, everyone listened, and that was that. Some kids hollered in joy, others sighed and walked slowly over to their lockers. Xavier walked past me, his stride was practically double mine. Not once did he acknowledge me while storming past me.

I had the next month to deal with him, and I was going to take that month and use it for something useful.




“Sorry to bother you, but are you on library clean up?” A young girl, maybe the age of 12, walked up and cautiously put her hand on my shoulder.

“Yes...” I nodded and she looked down at the grey clipboard she was carrying. She crossed my name out and smiled up at me.

“You can skip today, we’ll get the Walkers to take care of that.” She skipped off and I watched as she jumped in front of Xavier.

“I can read your mind,” He glared at her and she froze completely.

Her breathing paused. “So, yes, I am on library clean up.” He bent down into her ear and whispered, taking the pen from her hand and scribbling something on the white paper. She gasped, nodded, then crossed out his name without looking down. They held each other in a glare, and then she turned away like a robot and walked away to find whoever else was on her list.

“That was... Interesting.” I was now next to Xavier, who was back to his normal self again; tough and rude.

“Whatever.” He took a step, I took two. He stopped, I stopped. He took two steps, I ran. He stopped again, and I smacked into his back.

“I’m going to keep following you until you tell me what you told Aven.” I crossed my arms, only to have them pulled apart seconds later and used as a leash to drag me out of the school and down to the shed where the school keeps the janitor things.

“You don’t know what kind of danger you’re in, and the more you hang out with that kid, the more things I have to do for you.”

“You, doing things for me? Now that is the best thing I’ve heard all day!” He scowled down at me and I realized I was at least a foot and a half shorter than he was. Intimidating, but funny.

“I’m serious.”

“Oh, I bet you are.” I made a ‘I’m so serious’ face and crossed my arms the way he was.

“You’re ridiculous.” He turned away to walk over to one of the lawnmowers and sat down.

“Says the guy who won’t tell me why he’s always stalking me.”

“You didn’t ask, and I’m not.” He put his head in his hands and itched the back of his neck.

“Right, so that explains why I’m shocking myself whenever you’re around me, and today I’ve shocked myself more than five times in the past fifteen minutes.” My voice sounded more irritated than I meant for it to, but it worked because he looked up at me and laughed.

“You’re a Liquidum, and you people kind of have the ability to use electricity as one of your ‘powers.’” He made a ‘duh’ face and went back to scowling at the ground.

“Not really. Only when you’re around me. Plus, I can only use it when I don’t breathe properly and you’re, like, ten feet away from me.” He lifted his head and quickly stood up and walked over to me. He put his hand on my forehead and tilted it back quickly.

“Um... Ouch...” I bent backwards a little more then moved left to get away from him. His hand fell back to his side and he stared at me.

“You’re stronger than I thought.”

“That’s bad because...?” I rolled my eyes and then heard someone's footsteps outside of the shed. Xavier grabbed my hand and dragged me to the very back of the shed, only to pull me through the wall and behind the shack of moldy wood and cleaning chemicals. I turned around and saw that we weren’t even on school property anymore.

“Where on Earth are we, Xavier?” I turned and found him walking away from me. Instinct kicked in (or fear, I still can’t tell) and I began to follow him.

“Just follow me.” His hand raised up in the air, a signal for me to shut up.

“If I die here, I’ll make sure to haunt you for the rest of your life.” He laughed and looked back at me. His eyes were brighter than usual, and his hood had dropped from his head to his shoulders. He had an earring in both ears, and a tattoo of a vine creeping up from his back to a neck. On the middle of his neck, I noticed half of a bird flying off towards the left. The other half was covered up by wavy blonde hair, exactly like his fathers.

“I look forward to that.”

“I’m sure you do.” I faked a smile and ran up to join his side. I felt a cool breeze wrap around me and then let go. “Are we in the Aether camp?” I looked up at Xavier and found his hood back up on his head, hiding his tattoo.

“Possibly. Why?” He looked down at me and I slipped away from his glance to look at the trail we were on.

“No reason.” I sighed quietly and began to take note of where we were, just in case I needed to make some super-idiotic escape.

The trees around me were pink. I mean, a light pink you would find in a baby girls room. They were all budding, so you could see a hint of green on each tree. I smiled and looked down to the red roses that were scattered around the path, and a few rabbit holes next to them. The woods around us were completely covered in last years leaves- I could tell that the Terrae haven’t started getting ready for next Spring.

“Apparently the Terrae have no concept of Spring cleaning.” Xavier mumbled under his breath as he kicked a rock from the path. It bounced a few times, which was odd. It was a rock, and as far as I know- rocks don’t bounce.

“Welcome to Pratum, land of the freaks and home of the disasters.” He tripped and put his hand in front of him as he fell. Immediately, he was standing again, and there was nothing on the ground that showed that he bent anything.

“You just bent...” I pointed to the empty space in front of him and he turned around and stared at me.

“You speak of this to no one.”

I nodded slowly and we continued staring at each other. My mind was spinning, telling me to run, to get out of here. Everything around us went quiet. The rustling of the leaves on the ground, the grass, the branches hitting other branches, and the breezes.

I blinked quickly and backed up a few steps, tripping on a rock and letting myself stumble backwards a few feet. Once I regained my balance, it finally came to me that I wasn’t as safe as I thought I was.

Then it struck me; I was in the presence of a descendant of a Universalis.


Xavier was a descendant of a Universalis and whether he is good or evil... I’m not sure.

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