“I’m not afraid of her, I’m afraid of what’s going to happen to her if she finds out about who -and what- she is."


1. Chapter One


                                                  {Emmeline Canreth}


“What if...” I  started tapping my fingers on the desk.

“Don’t ‘what if’ me, Emmeline. You know the consequences, and that’s that.” A puff of smoke sputtered out of Mr. Bates’ ears.  “One more time, and you will be cut from this school and be sent to the Walkers Academy.” I rose from my seat and glared at the scrawny figure. Even though he was head of the school, he looked like he could be an older version of a Hollister model. With his thin figure, wavy blonde hair, and blue eyes- it was impossible for someone to not fall in love with him. Every time he curled his lips, whether he was smiling or speaking, you could see a dimple appear on both cheeks. Every girl in the school was in love with either him, or his ‘I will kill you if you get too close to me’ kind of son, Xavier. I, however, found myself more in love with the thought of getting kicked out of the school and sentenced to work for the Walkers than being betrothed to the kid.

Oh yeah.

Life as a Liquidum is a real joy.

“Excuse me, but I’m not the one who’s causing these problems,” I rolled my eyes and a faint swirl of purple clouded the air momentarily. “You are.” The blue eyes locked on my grey ones, and I calmed down. I stared at him for a few seconds before turning to leave.

“I get that you don’t want to marry my son when you are of age,” he said the words with pride and arrogance, “but that does not mean you get to beat him senseless with water when he comes near you.”

In your dreams. I sighed and turned around to face him again. I searched his face while trying to figure out a good answer, but all I could think of was to storm out of the room and slam the door behind me.

“Back to class, please.” Jarvis, one of the Walkers-in-training who worked for the school, smiled at me and pointed down the hall. “And no skipping, I will have the Walkers come out for you.” He winked at me and went back to sorting the papers that had been tossed around on his desk.

I nodded my head in agreement, but I had no intentions of going back to the life-sucking class I called Biology. So ‘skip’ I did.




“You really, really think you’re going to get away with this, don’t you?” Dark green eyes stared down at me. Rough fingers ran down my cheek and to my shoulder then started playing with the necklace that was resting on my chest.

“No,” I smiled and looked up at the tan face and started poking the freckles that had started to fade back into his skin. “I just don’t really feel like spending another minute in Sir Talks-too-much’s class.” We both laughed and laced our fingers together. Our breaths were stopped when he gently pushed me up against the brick wall and pressed his lips to mine. He smelled like the usual, mint leaves and a little bit of cinnamon. After a few seconds, I pulled away from him and touched my forefinger to to my pale lips.


“Em, what’s wrong?” Aven ran a finger down my cheek and down to my chin, pulling my face up to his. Before I could answer, I saw a skinny figure appear from around the corner. Most of his face was covered by the hood of a black sweater except for his lips. I looked closely and saw that they were smiling.


“Good afternoon, Emmeline and Aven. So glad to see that you and my fiancé  are having fun.” He smiled and turned to leave. “Carry on.” He sighed and turned to leave.

“Hey, Tat, get back here and maybe you can have her.” Aven smiled and put his hands in his back pockets. I whacked his arm and sent a bolt of electricity up his arm. He squinted his eyes as it hit his lungs and then took a deep breath.

“Don’t you ever,” Xavier stopped in his tracks and folded his hands into fists. “Call me that again.” Aven took a step forward, but before he could get very far, Xavier turned and sprinted over to him. I rolled my eyes and faded into mist.

Perfect. Just perfect.

“Aven, don’t you dare make me cover for your sorry a-” Splat. Blood splattered across the pavement as Xavier moved his fist away from Avens nose. “Never mind.” I sighed and fled to a rose, shrinking my capacity to the size of a penny so I could fit on one of the petals.

“That’ll teach yo-” Whack. Crack. Bam. Aven threw one punch, Xavier broke Aven’s nose and possibly his jaw and then quickly found himself laying on the cement ground.

“You two are such morons!” I twisted water in my raindrop-hands and let it go flying towards them.

Unfortunately, I forgot to exhale before sending it out. The electricity that had formed in my lungs spread to my fingertips, and joined the water in electrocuting both of the pissed off idiots that were now breathing like wild dogs.

“Serves you right!” I laughed as they toppled onto the ground and then noticed Jarvis and a few other staff members (AKA Walkers who had nothing better to do with their lives) walk around the corner and begin glaring at Aven and Xavier.

“Knew it.” Jarvis stretched his arm out and lifted his sleeve and began speaking into his watch. Before the two guys could get up, Mr. Bates and a team of Walkers were gathered around Aven and Xavier, pulling them up and dragging them away.

“Has anyone seen Emmeline?” My smile faded and I rolled myself into a tiny raindrop and fell from the petal. For a Liquidum, it doesn’t matter how thick of a raindrop you are, the drop to the ground from any object feels like a brick was just dropped on your rainy-backside.

“She’s over...” Aven ripped his arm away from one of the Walkers and pointed over to the wall where I had been standing. “There.” He smiled with pride at first, but then noticed that I was gone. A laugh formed in my throat, but I held it back as I rolled into the grass.

After a few feet of rolling, I felt my strength begin to deteriorate. Usually a Liquidum of my age and level of training could stay in another form for hours and not feel weak until about 10 minutes before they would change back to their human form, but right now... I was getting tired and I could feel myself turning back to my human form.

“No, no, no!” I tried my hardest to stay in the form of a raindrop, but it was too late. I squinted my eyes as rays of sun beat into them. The Rays hated when Liquidum changed back to humans out in the open. It was hard on the human body, and it sucked up the suns energy.

“Seriously, Emmeline? Again?” Jarvis threw his hands in the air and stomped away from the scene like a five year old. Mr. Bates, however, dropped his arms to his side and inhaled deeply.

“Guess so.” I smiled and crossed my arms, laughing silently to myself. He motioned for me to follow him, and I knew right then that I was dead meat. But worst of all, I knew was that there were two very beaten up idiots being sent down to the nurses office, and then the principal's office just to be reamed out and sentenced to a month of detention. Again.



“An hour of detention a day, or library clean up, both for a month. Take your pick.” Mr. Bates crossed his arms on his chest and spun around in the chair once.

“I should not be here. Your dumb kid threw the first punch.” Aven continued to apply pressure to his nose as he spoke, blood staining the no longer white tissue that was pressed to his skin.. “Plus, you know none of this is my fault. Your kid has problems, remember?” He snickered and looked over to Xavier, who was currently writing a list of something on his left arm.

“Me? Mental problems?” Xavier slammed the black Sharpie down on the desk leaving an indent of the tip in the wood.

“Whoops, I meant anger issues.” Aven smiled at him and then turned back to scowling at Mr. Bates.

“Oh, both of you shut up. You both are morons, now get over yourselves and let me go. There is no reason I should be here when, obviously, I did nothing.” I leaned my head back so that it was touching the headrest on the chair. Aven tried grabbing my hand and practically had a heart attack when I pulled away from him.

In your pretty little dreams, Aven.

I chuckled as he turned his head and glared at me.

Ah, the wonderful life of being a third generation Liquidum.

“All of you shut your mouths!” Mr. Bates slammed his fist on the desk then returned to his normal position; eyes locked on all students (which seemed impossible, but it was Mr. Bates we’re talking about here. Anything is possible with him), and hands clasped together in his lap.

“Whatever. I choose detention. I’m so not working in the library for a month.” Aven stood up quickly but found himself wrapped in a rope of wind.

“I found a draft. Care to sit back down?” Mr. Bates smiled at Aven and flicked his fingers to the left. Immediately, the ropes faded away and Aven sat back down. “Good. Now, Emmeline and Xavier,” He scanned our faces for any signs of fear, and then continued. “Which do you choose?”

And then it came. That one word that would probably screw the rest of high school up for me came out of both of our mouths. I knew what he was thinking and it was my goal to not say it, but I said it without doing any of my own thinking, and so did he.

“The library.”


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