“I’m not afraid of her, I’m afraid of what’s going to happen to her if she finds out about who -and what- she is."


4. Chapter Four

{Xavier Bates}


Everybody is always telling me that girls are such wimps, or how they wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Today proved them wrong.

For the last 5 minutes, I have been diving away from Em’s electric bolts, or sudden waves of water.

She was clever, really. She knew that a Universalis wasn’t able to control a Liquidum’s mind like they were with the other Spiritus.

“I can’t believe you would keep this from me!” I ducked as another bolt of electricity flew through the air and over my head and grazed over the top of my head, burning some of the hair. I flicked my hand in the air and the path turned into a waves. Em screamed a bit- not in fear, just in anger.

“Well, it’s not like you’re the easiest person to talk to.” I rolled my eyes and forced the path back to earth. Unfortunately, I forgot that water and dirt only create mud, so we spent a few seconds getting ourselves into the woods to continue the little ‘battle’ we had going on. Em decided it was a good time to freeze me, so she moved her hands in a little spiral, and pushed them out in front of her. Water flew at me and I stood my ground as it hit my body. It froze instantly, and I smiled at her. She laughed and crossed her arms on her chest, full of pride. I laughed back at her and looked down at the icicle my body had turned into. She turned and began walking back down to path and to the shed. What she didn’t know, was that the shed wasn’t going to be there anymore.

“Stay here, Xavier.” She flipped a few locks of hair over her shoulder and took off running, kicking up dirt as she went.

I rolled my eyes and took a few deep breaths before increasing my body heat. Patiently, I waited for the ice to melt away.

Once the ice was a puddle around me, I walked back to the path and formed a large rock on the ground, away from where people would have to walk. My hands ran across the surface to make sure it wasn’t a fail, seeing as most of my powers were weaker than usual here.

“Care to explain to me why the shed isn’t there anymore?” Emmeline came storming at me, a handful of water on one side and electricity on the other. She threw her hands out in front of her and almost died when she saw that they had spiraled down to the ground and hit the mud in a puff of smoke. Her eyes grew wide and she ran up to me, fists clenched. I ducked as she thrust her fist out in front of me and into the rock. She let out a loud wail, and fell to the ground holding her hands to her chest.

“I can not believe you just did that!” Tears slipped down her face as she washed the cuts that had formed on her knuckles with some of the water that was in the mud.

I laughed and stared at the small blob of ‘human’ that was sitting on the ground in front of me with absolutely no intent to comfort her.

“I wasn’t the one who decided to punch me, remember?” She looked up at me and stuck her tongue out.

Glad you picked such a mature girl to be the next Universalis. I looked up at the sky and made a ‘duh’ face.

After a few more minutes of her mumbling and tears, she stood up and glared at me.

“I want to go home.”

“I’m afraid that’s not going to happen.”

“Now.” She clenched her fist again, this time making an ice sword in her hand.

Liquidum were taught specifically, at a young age, how to make this kind of weapon (along with many others) and how to use it. They were chased after the most, therefore they needed to be able to quickly protect themselves.

“No, and that’s final.” I dropped my hands to my sides and waved my hands in the air. I found a light breeze and shifted it to a ring, heated it, and sent it flying towards the sword. She lifted it up in the air, slicing the ring in half. It faded away, but I caught it and fixed it before it was gone. Again, I heated it up and pushed it down the back of her shirt, burning her a little bit. She screamed and dropped the sword. The ring crawled up her neck and floated down to the sword. My eyes locked on the sword and it melted almost immediately.

“You’re powers are weaker here, you can’t stand as much pain from another Spiritus as you can back home.” I put my hands in my back pockets and the ring disappeared.

“Then take me home, or explain why I’m here!” She stomped her foot, releasing her inner 5 year old again.

“I’m afraid I can’t be the one to do that...” I took my hand out of my pocket and ran it through my hair, wrapping some of it around my fingers so that it was a disaster in the back.

“Then who can? Because if I don’t get a pretty good explanation pretty soon, I will seriously kill you before you can say another word.”

“Whatever. Just come with me.” I turned around and could tell she had just flipped me off, but I could care less right now. I just really wanted to get her to the camp and get away from the brat for a few hours.




“We’ve been walking for,” deep breath, “almost 3 hours.” Emmeline panted as she jogged to catch up with me. I sighed and stopped.

“It’s not that far from here,” I looked down at her as she bent down to catch her breath. “so just be patient.” I forced a smile as she looked up and rolled her eyes at me.

“Just tell me where we are going, Xavier.” She sat on the ground and started ripping weeds from the dirt as I debated whether or not I should tell her.

Either way she was going to kill me.

“Um... We’re going to an Aether camp.” I lied happily.

Yes, we were going to an Aether camp, but there was no way I was telling her which one.

“I know that you moron.” She tossed dirt at me and started drawing something in the dirt. “Which one, though?”

Well. That was quick.

“I’m... Not sure yet.” She scowled at me.

“You’re lying.”

“Sure am.” I glared at her and walked away. I heard her let out an aggravated scream and start stomping behind me.

For a small girl, she was extremely loud.

We travelled on slower than I would have liked, and let me just tell you; it was like a freaking ride through Hell. Twice, I wound up turning around and telling her to shut up or I was going to freeze her head or drag her along behind me by pulling her with gravity -she hated that one- if she didn’t start moving.

After another twenty minutes, she finally got the point that I wasn’t joking anymore. Her mouth stayed shut for the rest of the walk.


“Thank you for shutting your mouth.” I turned around to thank her and saw that she was practically tripping over her own feet. Her eyes were half way shut, and her breathing was steady, but slow.

“Yup.” She blinked slowly.

“Are you okay?” She nodded her head and I shrugged it off.

“How much...” Crack.

I whipped my head around to see black figures jumping around on the trail, surrounding us completely.

“No worries. We’re here.” I slapped my forehead with my right hand and held my left hand out in Em’s direction, pulling her over to me.

“We’re here? Yes! Woohoo!” She squealed like a baby pig while her hands were being tied up behind her back by one of the figures.

“Name.” I turned my head and found that a hand had been clasped around my neck.

“I asked for your name, kid.” There was alcohol on the breath, so I knew exactly whose hand was around my neck

“Nice to see you too, Reeve.” The hand fell from my neck and I heard a thump on the ground.

“Well then, it’s a pleasure to see you again, my friend.” I could tell that he was scowling. “What are you doing here, if I may ask?”

I laughed and shook my head.

“The next Descendant is here, Reeve. Unfortunately, your men have her tied up.”

“Isn’t that a pity.”

“Don’t make me hurt you.” He laughed and stepped back, waving his hand in the air. Ropes snapped about 20 feet away from me and I heard Emmeline throw a punch at one of the guys, only to drench him with water. Reeve smiled at me and put a hand on my shoulder.

“It’s good to have you back, Xavier.” He turned me around just as Emmeline came crashing into me, knocking both of us to the ground.

“There was a bird. A pink bird. I smiled at it, and it fell dead.” Her eyes were filled with terror, and there was blood splattered across her hand. She had run to pick it up, but she was in such shock that she must have squeezed it too hard.

“Um...” I knew then by looking at her lips, which were now a pale pink, that they had gassed her at some point while we were walking.

“Xavier, it exploded. In my hands, it exploded!” I shoved her off of me and stood up as she fell onto her back on the ground, and just stayed there staring at the sky.

“Have you ever seen an exploding bird? Yeah, me either.” She gasped and sat up.

“We should go catch some and let them explode again.”

Well, that threw my thoughts out of my mind.

“How about no...” I watched as a few torches were lit by the men, and Reeve bent down next to Emmeline. “But you can come back to camp with us.” He winked at her and was surprised when her small hand whipped across his cheek and pushed him over to his side. Em crawled over to him and layed down next to him in the same position he was.

“How about no?” She smiled as she spoke in an almost perfect tone of his voice to mock him.

I held back laughter as Reeve growled at her then stood back up and began to walk away.

“You’re both welcome back, Xavier.” Reeve turned and spoke harshly with a scowl on his face. I then noticed a scratch that had taken place on his face, with fresh blood at one end.

“Thank you.” He nodded and walked back to a group of the men, who I now realized were new Walker recruits, and they marched away.

“I want food.” Emmeline stood up and put both of her hands on my shoulder and leaned forward to the point where our noses were almost touching. “Now.”

“I’ll give you food if you shut up again.”

“Come on, bro. Really?” She dropped her arms to her sides and stomped her foot.

“Yes, ‘bro,’ really.” I grabbed her wrists and dragged her away, following the footsteps that Reeve and the Walkers had left.

I could see them almost perfectly, even though it was pitch black out and there was almost no moonlight at all, except for the light that was creating the patterns in the dirt.

The trees bent over the path, forming an arch above us. There were rose bushes lined up around each tree, giving off a multi-colored tint in the air because of the insanely bright lights that had been placed under each bush.

The air was filled with cool, light breezes. They would whip across your body and send cold chills up your arms and back, or just attack you and then disappear.

Emmeline tried to pull away from me, but a put a Spiritus lock on our wrists so that her spirit was linked with mine for a short period of time. She tried to fight it, but she couldn’t break the link, but she couldn’t do what I wanted, and needed, her to.

But I guess that’s kind of hard if you don’t even know what you are yet.

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