Sennah T'Nae

Sennah T' Nae is a belly dancer I rp on Ultima Online, I have a couple harsh ( mild and not shown events ), I wouldn't consider them mature content though. This will be semi ongoing, I am still writing more of it. It isn't perfectly edited yet either but about 90% is edited.


4. Sennah Meets Calen

It was a usual gathering for Sennah T'Nae, there were many well-dressed people sipping the finest wines and the most exquisite foods. The linings of the tables were so white and well kept that they looked as though they were only just bought from the tailor. The shimmer of the silk draping from the center of the room reflected the light from the crystal chandelier so that there were no shadowed areas found in any corner. The shine of the wine glasses twinkled as the wine was swirled before the first sip taken.   Sennah had finished the first session of her dance and she made her way to the barkeep to get herself a drink. She was dressed in her trademark beaded white long sleeved half cut top, silken hip scarf, and long split skirt with gold trim along the edges and chains of gold attached. She had her left arm covered with her bangles, each one well maintained, polished and shining like stars wrapped around her wrist and forearm. A man came up to her, with him a younger man, they looked similar in face, so she had figured them to be relatives. The younger man had the typical spoiled rich boy attitude that Sennah was used to, and generally she simply ignored it to retain her mystique as a belly dancer. The older man said to her "whats a harlot like you doing at such a fine gathering?" Sennah simply looked forward and continued her drink. " Hey! I'm talking to you!", he grabbed her shoulder and turned her to him. She still remained silent however began to scan the room for the man, Nathaniel Timeron that had hired her for this event. The younger man pulled on her arm to get her off her seat. "Hey, woman! Don't you know your place?" He shoved her to her knees, she looked up to him with a glare, brushed herself off and tried to push herself back up against his grasp, " Go to the corner with the other wenches, leave the men to their business. "   At that moment Nathaniel came up to them, Sennah looked to him then glared to them, still without a word. Nathaniel hushed the two, " What are you two doing? Why are you harassing her like this?", he gently took Sennahs arm and whispered to her, appologizing then turned back to the men. " Lord Saterion, Sir Calen, I will not allow you to treat Lady Sennah in such a way. She is my employee, the finest dancer I have seen. " The two men scoffed to each other, then mockingly bowed to Sennah, "Our apologies, my 'Lady', your dress and movement had us mistaking you for a common streetwalker." They then snickered to each other. Nathaniel gently moved Calen and his father toward another side of the room. " I am sorry, however I must ask you both to leave, I had expected better manners from the family of Saterion. I shall not make that mistake again." He turned away from them and they both left without another word. Nathaniel came to Sennah and gently touched her shoulder. " I am very sorry, they had never acted in such a way before. Perhaps they had too many drinks, but I was not going to allow their insults toward you continue. If you wish to take your leave early I understand. " Sennah shook her head, took one last sip of her drink. "I have more dance sessions to complete. I appreciate you stepping in so that it did not escalate further." She walked with grace and beauty, as though nothing had happened and began her next dance with an applause that echoed in the room. Nathaniel sat at the bar, smiled and watched her twirl, held his hand up to the barkeep for another drink, then sipped at his drink as he enjoyed the show.
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