Sennah T'Nae

Sennah T' Nae is a belly dancer I rp on Ultima Online, I have a couple harsh ( mild and not shown events ), I wouldn't consider them mature content though. This will be semi ongoing, I am still writing more of it. It isn't perfectly edited yet either but about 90% is edited.


2. Her Knight

Day after day Sennah would get hair brushed to perfection then braided by the woman, who Sennah was instructed to call ‘Mistress’. Mistress wanted Sennah to look nice everyday, and taught to act proper in front of their ‘perspective buyers’ which was their more professional term for those looking to purchase slaves .Sennah was told if she didn’t behave that she would be locked into a small, dark room with no food  for one full day. Within a couple weeks Sennah was finally beat down, her spirit completely gone, staring out the window of her room which was beautifully decorated and always perfectly clean.  The door was locked from the outside anytime Sennah was in it to keep her from leaving; it was simply a jail except Sennah wasn’t locked behind rusty bars as her mother and sister were. She was fed fancy meals, expertly prepared, and even fine wines to go with it despite the fact that by now she was about to turn 7.  Mistress would come in and give Sennah a bath smiling and singing to her as though they were family, however each day for 3 hours she would get to see her real mother as she entertained everyone. Her mother would dance in a colorful dress in the center of the main hall as men whistled and yell horrible, inappropriate things to her.  After her dance she would be led off of the floor into a room down the hall so that the ‘goods’ could be examined further. Tanika was sat on her knees in front of ‘perspective buyers’ that would would check the merchandise for any imperfections which would make her to be sold for less. Tanika was an example of how good they could be as slave labor, and Sennah was the example of how respectable and proper they can be when they needed something more elegant. It was like they were selling new and used furniture except they would be buying the same piece expecting it to be whichever they wanted. Sennah would walk up to the clients, smile, curtsey, speak in a proper tone, and using proper etiquette. Sennah was not permitted to look anywhere but forward and always look pleasant. Sennah would serve the clients fancy meals, bow, stand in a corner, fill glasses, and clear away plates to make room for each course of the meal.  When the meal ended and everyone left Sennah would pass her sister in a dirty, torn robe but show no emotion.  Once the show finished the clients and owners would go into a private room to talk business, all the slaves taken back to their cells.

Sennah decided though that she was no longer accept this life that her, her mother and sister were living. So when Mistress took Sennah out for a walk to keep her from becoming pale, which would make her less desirable and harder to sell, Sennah would take note in her mind of patterns there were in change of guards and the least noticeable spots of the castle to escape with her mother and sister. After a month she was able to escape from her room by carefully taking out the glass in her window that she had carefully been carving loose for the last three days, making sure not to carve away too much that it would fall out. She snuck around the outside the castle and quietly slid into a window that had no glass and small enough for her to get through. She watched for any guards that might come by, and when she got to the cell take the keys off the wall silently and let her mother then her sister out of their cells. Her sister was more difficult to get to because Sennahs mother didn’t prepare for this as Sennah had. Her sister was also on the opposite side of the castle from her and her mother. Once both were gotten they snuck to a section of the castle Sennah found to have weakened blocks. Her and her sister got out into the black night, the forest so thick that moonlight barely got through. Since her mother was bigger than the two girls so they had to try to pull her out, but then heard an arrow whistling, some shouting in the background, then her mother jolted and blood was seen from the little light through a spot that could be seen into the castle. Their mothers body went limp and was pulled back into the castle, the girls sat still as a guard looked through the hole but they were just far enough back that the leaves covered their small bodies. The guard stood back up, his foot walking past the hole, their mothers feet seen being dragged away. They both choked back a scream or tear and slowly crawled through the forest underbrush, their movement sound disguised by the breeze moving the leaves above. They could not speak to each other as they crawled away to not be heard and caught by the guards. After what felt like days but was only about an hour Sennah came out into the moonlight looking back waiting for her sister to come out but she didn’t. Sennah sat on the grass softly calling for Tanika but even after waiting there for a half an hour her sister never came out. Sennah bent over, tears that she couldn’t hold back anymore rolled down her cheek. She had no one left, all of her family was lost, she didn’t even know whether her sister was caught and killed somehow on the way, or lost in the dark forest crying for Sennah too, wondering the same about her.

Sennah jumped awake looking around her room realizing nothing was there; she sat up and blankly stared at her bed sheets which were faded and the edges frayed. She took in a breath, moved her feet off to the side of her bed, grabbed a pail from the floor, and then walked out of her families old house after looking carefully out the door to make sure no one was there. She went to waters edge to fill the pail to bring back to the house to clean herself up and ready for her job at the Inn that was just a short walk from her house. It had been 9 years since that nightmare had happened, she had still never found her sister after that night. Sennah thought back to that night as she crossed the bridge leading into Vesper. That night she sat with her knees clutched to her chest hoping she would live to see another day. The morning finally arrived and the light cut through the thick shadows of the forest, Sennah stood and began walking with no idea where she was nor where she was going. She had walked for miles through the forests occasionally had to outrun a creature of some kind then finally came to a dirt trail which eventually came to an area she had recognized, she was near the moongate Southwest of Britian. She took the moongate to Minoc and walked to Vesper, once there she asked some people standing at the bank for food or a little gold to buy some.  Seeing how young she was one man with a kryss  sheathed by his leg and a dagger under his belt brought her to the tavern and bought her any food she wanted then before he left sat a bag of 100 gold coins on the bench next to her, patted her on the head and told her ‘don’t be afraid anymore’. She watched him go out the door, smiled and finished the food he had gotten for her. She picked up her bag of gold, went back to her families old house and that is how she got to this point in time. She was now 16, making her own gold, and remembering his words to her everyday.

Today when she got to the Inn just as she opened the door that same man was standing in front of her, her eyes widened and lit up, he looked at her puzzled for a moment then realized who it was. ‘You were the little girl at the bank a while back right?’.

Sennah blushed and nodded her head. He was now about 40 now, his name was Galen Kershire, then took her gently by the hand into the Inn. There they sat and talked for hours, she told him everything she had been through, and what she’s done since then. He picked her up off of the chair, sat her on his lap, and held her then tilted her chin up to him. ‘I will never let that happen to you again my little Sennah’. He stood, held her by the hand, spoke to the innkeeper who looked down to Sennah with a smile, ‘You will find happiness now little one, I’m sure of it. Safe journies Sennah’. They waved to her and he was still holding her hand, which scared her a bit but she put her trust in him to help her move on in her life. He took out an old runebook and brought her to his home which had a small garden by the door, his wife came to greet him then saw Sennah holding his hand. His wife kissed him and Galen told Sennah to sit by the garden for a few minutes, giving her a little pat on the head again and he headed to another room with his wife to speak. Sennah sat staring at the flowers, enjoying the soft scent as it traveled through the wind.

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