Sennah T'Nae

Sennah T' Nae is a belly dancer I rp on Ultima Online, I have a couple harsh ( mild and not shown events ), I wouldn't consider them mature content though. This will be semi ongoing, I am still writing more of it. It isn't perfectly edited yet either but about 90% is edited.


3. Dancing

Sennah sat staring at the flowers, enjoying the soft scent as it traveled through the wind, then Galen came back out holding his arm out to have her come in. She looked around the room she was in, there was an old rug in the center of floor, fireplace and a lute leaning against the wall. She ran over to it and kneeled down in front of the beautiful and well taken care of instrument. Galen picked it up and sat in his chair and began playing a song on it, then looked to his wife while still playing the tune. ‘’Would you like to dance for us, m’love?” She nodded to him then began a beautiful dance, her dress spreading as she twirled. She held her hand out to Sennah and right after Sennah took her hand, Galens wife spun her once. Sennah laughed and smiled more than she had in years, her troubles didn’t exist at that moment, she was not alone.

 A year went by quickly and she was about to leave her temporary home which she had been preparing for two months with Galen and his wife. They had explained to her 2 months ago that she needs to expand her horizons, and find a complete life that is all your own. Sennah stood at the door looking at their sad faces, like parents watching their child go to college. ‘’We’re proud of you Sennah you have come far, you will find your happy life down those roads.’’. Each other them kissed her on her cheeks and with that she began to tear up as she turned to walk away from the home she had that helped her heal her wounds and start her life again, this time she was not thrust into the world in fear, she was helped to leave with confidence in herself.

 She walked down the road humming a song that was written by Galen during her time there they simply called ‘Sennah’s Song’. As she went down the road she would occasionally do a beautiful twirl or a graceful ballet leap. ‘’Girl!’’ yelled a man on the side of the road that sat high on a beautiful white horse with a brown fur spot on its cheek that was shaped like a diamond. She looked up to the man, smiled a bit nervously then said hello. The man got off of the horse and pointed down the road to the place he stopped her, ‘’What was it you were doing just then?’’.

She looked back then to him, ‘’simply dancing and humming’’.

He pointed to the ground twirling his finger, ‘’do a dance right there.’’

She looked to him then closed her eyes and began to do a little dance that Galens wife had taught her during her time at their home. Then stopped her dance as the man abruptly said ‘’Enough! Come with me girl’’. He hopped onto his horse and held his hand to bring her up onto the back of the saddle. He clicked his tongue and the horse began trotting through the woods. She looked around her as she road and saw a moongate to their right then pointed to it. ‘’What area are we in now?’’. He looked at the moongate then ahead, ‘’That’s the Yew moongate’’. At that moment a gang of thieves jumped out from the bushes, beginning to draw their blades. ‘’Give us your loot!’’, but before of them had drawn their weapons the man quickly drew his sword, Sennah clutched his tunic, buried her face into it, the sound of steel clashing to her sides. ‘’Hold on girl!’’, the horse began to gallop through the woods leaving the men behind them. She was able to see that there was one thief on the ground, then looked to the mans sword which was covered with blood. He yelled something so she looked in front of her and there was a grey stone castle with a large wooden fence around it with guards standing in watch towers waving their arms and gave a sharp whistle. The horse slowed to a stop and a warrior came to her side, slung his shield to his back and helped her down, then the man hopped off of his horse. The warrior and the man were on each side of her, directing her into the steel doors. She looked around and there were potted plants of all colors along the inside walls, the warrior put his hand onto her shoulder, the man went up to a man and woman who sat on thrones with red crushed velvet cushions, whispering to them. They all looked her, the woman said to Sennah, ‘’show me your dance little Miss.’’, then motioned to another woman at a harp that began to play the song ‘Walking’. Sennah began dancing, her movements smooth and elegant. As she finished with the music completed those around her clapped and smiled.

 The woman upon the throne looked to the man on the throne by her who looked to Sennah, ‘’Young Miss that was indeed very beautiful, your movement was like an angel gliding across our floors. I would like to hire you to dance during events that we would hold. We will supply you with a room to stay, food, and some proper clothes. We will pay you 100 gold for each event you would perform in.’’

Sennah looked at them, her eyes wide, then said with excitement, hopping up and down, ‘’Yes ! Yes!! I wou….’’, she looked around the room as everyone stared at her, whispering to one another. Sennah then looked back to the couple on the thrones and curtsied. ‘’I would be honored to Sir.’’

This had begun Sennahs life as she knows it now. She danced ballet at many parties and events, then learned belly dancing from a woman whose outfit was covered with pearls. Sennah found that she was paid more for doing belly dancing, and generally for fewer events. Almost every place she worked gave her a piece of jewelry, and 2 gave her some expensive fine cloth as gifts as she departed.

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