The school

A school, farming humans for the gifted to practice on. Half humans and half gifted, who will rise to the top?
a hidden power competition


3. The half and half

Wow this school looks boring. I suppose it has to so that the humans don’t get suspicious. I’m so exited about trying out my gift, I really hope it still works otherwise I’ll be stuck being a human. Ugh. I’ve seen how miserable they are back at the house, I don’t know if I could handle being like that when I know that I could have so much more. Be warned, movie moment coming up. There’s only one way to find out. It’s funny how many people are actually standing still while everyone files in, just like in cheesy starting school films. Dipping into their minds, I find that they are mostly humans. This is going to be a fun school. I can just imagine being in one of them gangs that if you’re not in then you want to be in. It’ll be full of gifteds that have fun powers like; making them think there’s a bee following them or, making them itch or, we could just use the average gift of putting an idea in their heads. We could make them think there’s a test! Oh, I can’t wait! This is going to be awesome.

Ok so maybe the lessons aren’t going to be awesome. Just had math with the cruelest teacher in the world! Human, no surprise there. He expected us to know everything. He gave us a pop quiz straight off. He said it was to test us but I swear that the questions were year eleven levels. But I suppose it has to be done. The humans can’t get suspicious. It did give me a chance to sort out the humans from the gifteds though and I think I got a slight cool reputation because I wasn’t really paying that much attention. Ok so I didn’t have a clue what was going on but who cares? It was just math. I’ve got far more important things to be thinking about, like messing about with the human heads and getting into a cool gang. So now all I’ve got to do is sit through one more boring lesson, not paying attention and then slouch around at break in one corner of the playground. I’ve not really thought about it before but maybe I am cool. In primary you just have fun all the time basically so you don’t really have cool or not cool groups. But all this seems to be coming naturally to me. I guess some people are just born cool. Anyway, art next. It isn’t too bad but I prefer the art of messing with human minds. Only one hour till my first proper experience as a gifted.

I wonder if everything in this school is half and half. Half the people in my classes are gifted and the other not. Half my classes are in one building, half in the other. I wonder if half the food is real and the other plastic. Actually, yes it is. It is in every school.

Art was actually quite cool. Not that I’d admit it to anyone. We just basically drew for one hour with some music on in the background. The teacher is in her twenties and a gifted, in more than one way. She had all the boys, human and gifted, under her control. Laughing at every pathetic teacher joke, following her every move, obeying her every command with real enthusiasm. It was quite scary. The coolest boys in the school and she’d made them act like puppies by just being there. She must have realized that she is the weakness of every boy in school and probably the teachers too. She doesn’t show that she knows at all but since being hauled off to care I realized that some people could hide things, even from gifteds. I knew that it could have made me look strange to any human watching me but I guessed they would either be staring at the teacher or staring at the boys staring at the teacher so I couldn’t resist. I went in search of her gift. I was relieved to find it does still work. It just came naturally. As easy as walking. I just focused on her face and thought about what I wanted. It was like a daydream. She has sections in her brain for the different people in her life. It was like I was inside her brain. I was stood, surrounded by big holes in the ground, marked with different nametags, family, friends, pupils, teachers, boyfriend. The boys would be disappointed. None of them were marked gift. I looked around and behind me was a diagram. There was a big pile of books and then an arrow then a little pile of books. I came out of her mind quite disappointed. I thought the answer would just be there. It seems that my gift will need some work. I’m guessing it will become easier to use the more I use it. But I don’t really need to know her gift so I’ve got time to practice. And now I’ve got the perfect opportunity, lunch. We’re aloud to go outside the school for breaks so I went down to the chip shop. Turns out it’s a pretty normal place for school kids to go. This place is filled with kids from the half and half. I don’t know most of them but there are a few of the gifteds from my class. I don’t think anyone knows anyone yet because everyone’s keeping to himself or herself. That gives me a better chance of getting into a gang. I might even make my own. I head over to the line, which is quite small because I got here quite late. There’s a group of three humans at the front and a human in front of me. Wait, she’s not human. She can’t be. This is weird. She’s neither. This is impossible. She’s impossible. Having a quick look around I find that my gift still works on everyone else. I might not know what their gifts are but I can still sense that they are gifted or human and there’s still the picture in their minds, but not with her. Humans and gifteds have different energy that sort of drifts of them so that I can sense what they are but she’s completely blank. Nothing. In her mind, the holes of the people in her life are moving. It’s weird; they’re sort of there but not there. And her mind is full of pictures zipping about all over the place. Some look like there from the Victorian period, some Georgian, even some from the Stone Age. But they can’t be. They’re all in colour and it’s like they’re in a view like you’d see it. Not just a flat picture. And the Stone Age too, it’s like I’m there. But I don’t know, it’s just impossible. I mean, no one could have been there and taken a full view mind picture that’s alive today. And no one can be human and gifted, it’s just impossible. Everything about this girl is just impossible.

“Um, are you ok?” The words are echoing around inside her head and a picture of me is flashing by. Oh no! Idiot! She’s talking to me. Snapping out of her mind I shake my head.

“Your turn to order. You ok?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Ok, bye.” And with that she walked quickly out of the chip shop and turned right. She seemed completely calm but her mind was telling me otherwise. I have to find out who she is. Or what.

“You going to order or hold up my customers?” Oh no! Not again!

“Seeya.” I ran out in the direction the girl headed, forgetting my cool mission and my hunger. I need to get some answers.

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