The school

A school, farming humans for the gifted to practice on. Half humans and half gifted, who will rise to the top?
a hidden power competition


1. Before


I didn’t choose to come here. I just did. I can never choose where I end up. This time I’m at Greenrange School. A half and half. I keep everything from before like, my memories and looks and stuff. It’s just like moving house to somewhere completely new and strange apart from the fact that I am a baby when I arrive. I am as clever as I am when I left the last place as soon as I arrive but I know that I have to act my age. Even if my power of lie detecting gets stronger each time. But that’s fine by me. I guess you could say it’s life. You could. I can’t. No one knows who I am. I’m completely unique so no one knows what to look for. I can’t tell anyone because then they’ll experiment on me. So every time I have to act human. I’m the only one that knows that I’m gifted. A half and half means that it’s for half gifted and half human. For humans it’s just a normal school, you see humans don’t know that gifteds exist. But for the gifteds, it’s a chance to practice their gifts on the humans. The teachers are half and half as well. If you ask me it’s basically teaching the gifteds how to cheat. Some of the gifts you can have are the power to send someone dizzy or to make them itch everywhere. There are very few gifts that can actually help humans. Every gifted has the power to put an idea in someone’s head which could be used to help but just as easily to hinder. Luckily this is usually considered a secondary gift and isn’t used that much.  I use it quite a bit though, to protect myself. I might be a bit over cautious but it doesn’t do any harm so I may as well. If someone starts to get the idea that I’m different then I use it to make him or her think that I’m not. The down side is that I can’t use it on gifteds because they can sense if someone is using a power on them. So I just keep away from them. This is possible because a gifted can tell if someone is gifted or not as soon as they meet him or her. But because of my power I am perfectly disguised as a human. How would they know what to look for? Each gift looks different. It’s a pattern in the mind. Humans don’t have patterns; they just have a big mess. I’m guessing that that’s what I have. My mind doesn’t have time to organize itself into a pattern; it’s always working on overdrive to keep up with me. It needs to. I’m impossible. Every time I die, I’m reborn. I’ve seen everything that’s ever happened and I’ll see everything that’s yet to happen. It’s a curse. One that no one will ever be able to understand, because I’m impossible. Impossible Jade. 

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