The story about Chi and Chi's rose.

1. Chi

The harmless rose, bit me in the end

The harmless rose, who I thought were my friend

The harmless rose, standing tall every day

The harmless rose, might always stay

But I wont stand, and stay to figure out

'Cause the thorns they bit me, so I'm filled with doubt

Did the rose really love me? Or was it just the scent

Would the rose really protect me? Were the rose ever my friend?

Rose and Thorns are connected, and the Thorns cut my hands bare

And it makes me think in sadness: Did the rose ever care?

When I close my eyes I see it, The red color of the rose

And it gives me path's of happiness, but my Heart it just can't chose

I'll reach for it and grab it, and never let it go

Even if it tells me to stop it, My ancer will be no

I wont walk the path's it gives me, I'll be stubborn just like a kid

I'll do what it takes to make it see, I wont live on without it

I might need to rip of some petals, to make it understand

That it has to stay here always, but I let the petals go from my hand

And I told it so many sweet Words, 'till my throat got sour

But I realized something that always Hurts, The rose aren't blooming anymore

I finally let go of the rose, and it falls to the ground almost dead

And all my thoughts are hurting, I can't have them in my head

And now my tears are driping, the ones I stole from it

Is it regret I'm feeling? Or was it the guilt that hit?

I loved the rose so dearly, So much that I never feared

But now I seem to realize, this love has dissapeared

But there is no returning, for the rose and the petals that I tore

So I'll continue hurting

My rose forever more



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