Taken some songs and read between the lines


4. wings

mama told me not to waste my life... If some says something mean,ignore em.If someone hits you, hit em back. Don't take people's crap,just because they have nothing better to do. Don't sit home crying,get out in the world and do something about it.go shopping, invent a new bag, just do something else than drowning in your sorrows.

she said spread your wings my little butterfly... go out by a neon dress,say 'YOLO', stand on a bench and scream as loud as you want as long as your happy and it's not something illegal DO IT.

Don't let what they say,keep you up at night... please dont give em the time.

and they can detain you... if they do something and you hide away they've won, but NO! from now on you run your life and if anyone try's to stop you PTF!

cause wings are made to fly... some people have there wing's tucked under there hoodies, but from now on they are out and ready to bat away the bad comment's, and bring in the party :).

so after this you should now all be standing on a bench and singing the rest of this chorus

And we don't let nobody bring us down

No matter what you say – it won't hurt me
Don't matter if I fall from the sky
These wings are made to fly



(All of the bits in bold belong to the original owners of the song- all rights to them)

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