Taken some songs and read between the lines


5. If you could see me now

I still look for your face in the crowd... If your not there my heart will drop, I couldn't live another day without that one person that in the darkest day's brightened up, with the seductive glow, surrounding the natural beauty.   oh if you could see me now.... so one day you didn't turn up, I was crushed. you turned your back on me in the time that I needed you most, but I powered through it and (If you could see me now), turns out I didn't need your hand, I just needed your light to point me in the right direction.   would you stand in disgrace or take a bow.... I powered thought without you, and now your just a person that abandoned me standing in the crowd, now make the choice would you be mean or think hey you've done alright without me.   oh if you could see me now.....       ( all rights go to the owners of the songs - all the bits in bold belong to them )

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