Taken some songs and read between the lines


1. Heart attack

You make me glow...
But every time I glow you ignore me, but now I've found feet and no one can knock me down.

But I cover up,won't let it show.....
You don't wanna treat me right, ill cover up, only so that the light inside my soul will plummet into you, and that you can't ignore. But for now I'm 

Putting my defenses up... 
He can't hurt me anymore,my wall will be up so high, he can't hurt me, I will never trust a guy fully again because if I do ill give into the lies and,

cause I don't want to fall in love
Because if I ever did that I think I'd have a heart attack..... 
And if that happened ill die, and to some people i'll be there angel but to you,I'll be your hell!!! 

Suggest any other songs for me to do x

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