I was left with the state, foster home after foster home, school after school. But this one’s different, this family they live in a different country. They want me; they said I was unique and beautiful. I’m seventeen now and I’m being adopted by a family in England.


4. Chapter three- Art class makes friends


My head rose from its position on the ground as I remembered his words. He is in love with me and I just met him. I had almost choked on my own spit, is he serious?

“Miss. Fisher!” my art teacher yelled from the front of the room. I jerked my head to face her eyes wide, she honestly looked fucking pissed.

“Yeah?” I asked blinking my eyes trying to focus on her face.

“Who is the artist of this painting?” she pointed to an unfamiliar picture of a painting. I squinted my eyes studying the strokes.

“Don’t know?” she sneered.

“No,” I paused, “I’m debating whether it’s one of Monet’s earlier works or if it’s one of Da Vinci’s later pieces. I mean their earlier and later pieces are really quite similar, but what really gets me is the strokes.” I said getting up and walking up closer to the painting. I started motioning to the strokes.

“You see Da Vinci had these thinner strokes in his earlier pieces which added more detail. But in Monet’s his were thicker because he started getting lazier with his work. But this one has a mix, which they both did in-between the middle of their earlier and later periods. So over all in conclusion it could in all honesty be by either in their mid-life stages.” I finished with an honest look on my face; I raised my head to face Mrs. Stilell. The light from the projector casting onto my face leaving shadows of my body casting over the smart board. She was stunned, her eyes big, mouths open forming an oval in awe. I blushed looking away.

“Your right, many people get them confused.” She paused. “They did have similar techniques in the middle of their lives. It’s by Monet.” She said obviously blown away by my knowledge of art.

“Would you like to do another?” she asked probably trying to decide whether or not I truly knew or if I had just been listening to her. I nodded my head adding in a why not. She touched the little arrow on the screen turning to the next painting. I studied it a smile came across my face, this one was easy.

“Oh, this is way easy. It’s clearly from the sixteenth century Dutch artist Maarten Van Heemskerck.” I laughed a huge smile grew across her face and she grabbed my shoulders turning me to face the class.

“She was right!” she exclaimed excitedly, I on the other hand was a bit terrified at the moment. Everyone’s eyes bulged while their mouths unhinged themselves.

“Can I uh- you know sit down now?” I asked.

“Go ahead, do whatever you’d like. You’re honestly already an art expert.” She beamed motioning me to sit. I sat down in my seat everyone turning to face me. I blushed bowing my head, dude stop looking at me.


When class was dismissed people crowded around me asking how I knew all of that, asking if I had somehow cheated. Hell some even went as far as asking if I was a god of some sort. I laughed looking up at them.

“I just like art.” I answered simply as if it was obvious. I grabbed my bag a lot of people asking for my number and other things. I just kind of ignored them walking to the front of the building to meet harry. I felt someone tug on my hand, I don’t like when people I don’t know touch me. I get scared and feel weak and helpless. I whipped around to meet the person, it was a boy. The same black one that had offered me a ride yesterday. I smiled softly at him, he handed me my guitar string bracelet. I looked down at my hand seeing it wasn’t there. I looked back at him stunned, had it fallen off?! I softly reached out taking my bracelet back slipping it back onto my left wrist.

“Thank you so much.” I sobbed pulling him in for a hug, I whispered into his ear. “You don’t even know how much this bracelet means to me.” I pulled away smiling I pulled out my phone handing it to him.

“Give me your number and I’ll call you sometime.” He smiled taking the phone from my grasp he pulled out his handing it to me, we switched numbers. I smiled taking back my phone looking at his contact name.

‘Mazzi Maz guy with the white chin:)” I laughed.

“Thanks Mazzi Maz guy with the white chin.” I laughed, he smiled.

“You’re welcome, Wilson?” he laughed questioningly at the nick-name Louis had given me.

“My friend Louis gave me the name.” I laughed walking away backwards I waved. Bumping into someone I turned around seeing Harry.

“Hazza!” I yelled turning him I jumped on his back laughing.

“Bye Mazzi Maz guy with the white chin!” I yelled turning my head to face the crowd. Did I mention Maz is the most popular boy in school along with his friend, uh- Mandy I think that’s his name? He laughed waving goodbye.




‘Hey Wilson my friend is havin a party.

 Wnt 2 cum? U can bring ur friends!’

I studied the text; I can’t believe Maz is inviting me to a party! I mentally screamed skypeing Nialler. When he answered I had a big grin on my face, I probably looked drunk.

“He- Wilson are you ok?” Niall laughed.

“I am way more than ok!” I screamed excitedly.

“Ok what’s up?” he laughed again.

“I just got invited to a party! Oh my god Niall I’ve never been to a party what the hell do I wear. Niall will you guys come with me!” I rushed out nervously, making Niall laugh for the third time now.

“Of course we’ll go! Anything for Wilson and you have to dress up. Like wear a dress or maybe a nice shirt and a skirt.” He grinned ruffling his hair.

“OK! Come her at six and we can walk together.” I grinned slamming my laptop shut, I finally felt like a normal teenager.

I got up from my bed running to my closet I pulled out a strapless bodice hugging top that went mid stomach. I was really pretty with light colored Aztec prints covering it. I searched for shorts eventually ending up with nice high-waisted black pair. I curled my bright red hair, adding mascara and some pink lemonade baby lips. He mascara and pink tint to my lips made my eyes look ten times brighter; I pulled on a pair of nude heels which only made my legs look longer. Lastly I sprayed on some tattooed perfume, looking over to the clock it read five fifty. I pulled on my crème colored leather jacket that zayn had bought me and walked downstairs.

I made my way into the kitchen grabbing an apple from the hanging fruit basket. The doorbell rang making me jump I turned off the faucet taking a bite of the apple I walked to the door, taking another bit of my apple. When I opened the door I saw the boy’s smiling but then they looked at me and they had the same look when I had met them for the first time, like they were going to melt.

I pulled the apple from my lips, was something wrong? Was the jacket too much? I liked my lips riding them from apple juice; I watch as the boys all bit their lips. I knew it, it was the jacket.

“I knew the jacket was too much!” I said pulling the jacket off, the boys’ eyes widened.

“No- I – I think the jacket brought it all together.” Zayn stuttered, I blushed pulling it back on.

“Niall is this what people wear to party’s?” I asked nervously, he slowly nodded his head still biting his lip. I smiled a bit, I was starting to get a bit creped out by their stares.

“Cool- now uh- can ya’ll not stare at me like that?” I paused, “it makes me think something’s wrong.” I whimpered, I walked up to Louis turning his around I jumped on his back putting my hands on his shoulders.

“Let’s go Lou-Lou!” I grinned as he made his way down the street. Towards the party.

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