I was left with the state, foster home after foster home, school after school. But this one’s different, this family they live in a different country. They want me; they said I was unique and beautiful. I’m seventeen now and I’m being adopted by a family in England.


2. Chapter one- Trips to foreign places



I have natural bright red hair with bright green eyes. I’m half Irish and half Indian. I have an Indian card that isn’t ever used; I have pale white skin but tan easily. But when I do tan I not only get darker skin but freckles accumulate on my skin patching up together, which is exactly why I don’t tan. My grandma said my mom was going to be a model, that she had red hair like me with crystal blue eyes; while my dad had jet black hair with beautiful caramel-honey colored eyes. That my mom was tall maybe even taller than my dad, that my mom was a firecracker just like me. Her hair matching her personality, just like me, that she loved music and art, that she would have loved to meet me. My dad like my mom had loved art- particularly pottery –while he also loved music that he could name any band that came on the radio with in the first beat. That he was funny and had tattooed me and my mom’s name on his arm in Chinese. That we would have been a real family if they were here, I have pictures of them. Some of just my mom, then just my dad, then some with all of us, with some with just my mom and I, the same with my dad, But I wish I could remember their voices. I have one tape from when I was a baby where they were trying to feed me fries, which I willingly spit up all over them receiving a melodic laugh from them.

I live in foster care, I have been raped, beaten, bullied, hated, loved, stalked, and I honestly just want to get away from this state. I wish I could live somewhere exotic, somewhere where nobody knows me, where I might have an actual chance at friends and a real life, somewhere my past doesn’t matter, somewhere I can be normal.

“Pack up,” gem said leaning against my door frame one hand in her pocket while the other fiddled with her handcuffs that were currently clipped to her brown leather belt.

“A family called for you. You’re moving to,” she paused taking a clipboard from under her arm, bringing it to her face she searched the paper clipped to it.

“You’re moving to some place called London.” She stated walking away, great London Oklahoma again I groaned pulling out my suitcase I packed what little I had. Which included some colored pencils, expensive paper, and a bracelet made from a base string that my mom had intended to give to me. I never took it off and it meant the world to me, I kissed my bracelet then zipping up my small bag I laid it on the bed sitting next to it waiting for them to come cuff me and take off to my horrid new ‘home’.

“Let’s go.” Sean one of the transportation guards said standing me up and cuffing me. See I saw my grandparents being killed so the state thought I was unstable and put me in a mental institution-foster care facility. I was actually glad my grandpa had a brutal death, which is probably why I’m here, but I mean I didn’t actually tell them that. I guess when they saw that I wasn’t showing any emotion that I was unstable, so here I am. Sean gently sedated me so I would be calm and out of my senses so that they could transport me easier. When we pulled up to the airport I gave Sean a questioning look, clearly still dizzy and sedated.

“I thought I was moving to London, Oklahoma?” I questioned as he opened the door walking behind me as we entered the building.

“No all the info we have is your moving to London, no state. Guess it’s a surprise.” He laughed bitterly checking us in. yeah great I was being flown with to make sure I don’t ‘escape’. Yippee.




Turns out it was London, England. I clenched my eyes shut trying to stay awake so I wouldn’t be carried to my new ‘family’.

“Oh my gosh! Your just a beautiful as in your picture!” I heard a voice gush causing my eyes to jerk open at the sound of her accent. It was so melodic and…. proper. I studied the woman who was slightly shorter than me and the man who was slightly taller. The woman had dark brown hair with chocolate orbs to match, she looked nice. The man also had dark hair with a dull brown color to his eyes, he looked nice too. They looked like good people, not like the people who had adopted me in the states. I stared at them until the woman stuck her hand out with a smile on her red lips.

“I’m Lucy and this is Dave my husband.” She said smiling; I cautiously took her hand lightly shaking it with a small smile.

“Err- I’m” I started but stopped to clear my throat so I could talk properly. “I’m Lillian Ouray. But you can call me Lilly, Ouray, or Ray.” I said shaking Dave’s hand, pulling away they smiled. We walked outside towards a big car and I immediately recoiled. I didn’t want to get in the car, I didn’t want to die. Did I mention I have a fear of cars, motorcycles, and semi’s? I mean wouldn’t any normal person who had, had both parents killed by them!? Sean nudged on my back urging me to get in, I shook my head violently.

“What’s wrong?” Dave asked looking over at us. Tears started falling from my eyes as I cried; refusing to get it I dug my feet into the ground trying to plant myself in the ground.

“She has a fear of cars, motorcycles, and semi’s.” Sean answered still trying to nudge my back towards the car. I was now fully crying, but then felt that familiar prick on my skin knocking me out so we could drive to the house.




“Yes Sir I’ll be there in twenty minutes. Ok, yes sir. Bye.” I heard Lucy’s voice from the other side of the wooden white door. I slowly sat up not wanting to get dizzy, the door creaked open revealing Lucy with a tray consisting of a cup of tea, pain pills and a bowl of soup.

“Hey I brought you some stuff to make you feel better.” She smiled sitting on the edge of my bed placing the tray on my lap carefully.

“Thank you,” I smiled trailing off.

“Well my boss wants me to come in quickly to check on the preparations for a meeting, I was wondering if you’d like to come?” she smiled patting my leg softly. “Then afterwards we can go shopping for some good clothes.”

“I would love to go but I don’t want to be a burden.” I frowned taking a spoonful of soup.

“You won’t be all I have to do is stop by the office check that the room is set up properly and then leave. Come on it’ll be fun!” she laughed nudging my leg a little harder.

“Do I have to ride in a car to go to either?”

“Nope it’s walking distance.” She grinned.

“Fine.” I said and she handed me an Aztec sweater and a pair of white skinny jeans. I smiled thanking her and saying they were cute, she said they were hers but now mine now. She left to get both of us shoes while I dressed, when she came back with UGG boots I gladly took the brown pair pulling them onto my feet. We walked out the door, down the front steps and towards her work. When we reached the building I looked up at the towering black overly windowed building. She smiled pulling me in with her. We made our way up the stairs and into a meeting room where someone was seated with another person their chairs turned the other way away from us.

“Hey boys, I didn’t realize you were here!” Lucy said laughing. The chairs turned around revealing a boy with curly hair and one with blonde hair. The smiled at Lucy but their eyes lingered on me probably wondering who I am.

“Ahh!” Lucy laughed. “This is the girl I was talking about, she got in this morning. This is Lillian Ouray.”

“Ha-Hi..” the curly headed boy stuttered I looked away from him embarrassed I couldn’t find my voice all of a sudden. I turned my head back and gave a small wave followed by a warm smile.

“Fan?” Blondie asked standing from his chair. I gave him a confused look finding my voice.

“Fan of some random person I just met?” I laughed giving him a weird look as I backed away my back hitting the door. Suddenly the door opened and three more boys came through pushing me from the door. I backed away a bit overwhelmed I took a deep breath.

“Wait you don’t know who we are?” curls asked me, I shook my head no.

“I uh- just moved here from, uh-” I trailed off. “Err who are you guys, your al kind of scaring me can you like back up?” I questioned trying to calm my breathing so I didn’t pass out.

“We’re One Direction!” one of the newer boys yelled throwing his hands in the air. My heartbeat quickened, I was scared.

“Please don’t yell at me.” I cowered back a tear falling down my pail cheek. They gave me a questioning look and turned their heads to Lucy. Lucy looked back at me and glared at the boys.

“Guys! This is Lillian Ouray! You know the one who Dave and I adopted from America!” she said and suddenly the boys gave me sympathetic looks. I turned my head crying, I took deep breaths trying to calm myself.

“Oh I’m sorry, forgive Louis for yelling.” A black haired boy laughed understanding. I looked up my bright green eyes meeting his and gave a soft smile; he looked like he was about to melt and that kind of scared me. Was he ok?

“I’m just not used to boys and yelling is used when people are mad so I thought tha-” I couldn’t finish my sentence as I busted out crying. I felt arms wrap around me and I climbed into their lap crying on his shoulder. Suddenly I missed my mom and dad, which only made me cry harder.

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