I was left with the state, foster home after foster home, school after school. But this one’s different, this family they live in a different country. They want me; they said I was unique and beautiful. I’m seventeen now and I’m being adopted by a family in England.


5. Chapter four- Take me drunk, I’m home


I hopped off of Louis’ back and onto the concrete sidewalk that led up to Maz’s friend’s house. I took a deep breath and threw an overly confident smile onto my face. I started walking up the walkway all eyes turned to me making me a bit nervous. I felt the heat rise in my cheeks and I suddenly wanted to disappear, honestly I was only here to party like everyone else. I just really want to be normal, but everywhere I go I get stares from the guys like they’ll melt and all the girls just stand there staring at me. Like dude’s can you keep your eyes to yourself?! Suddenly I feel an arm on my shoulder causing my body to turn. I see Niall standing there giving me a warm smile he pulls me in for a hug.

“You’ll do fine. Just relax, it’s a party enjoy it.” He pulled away walking inside, I saw harry and I just really suddenly needed a hug from him. I run to him shaking.

“Hazz, I don’t think I’ve ever been this nervous.” I whisper in his ear. He tightens his hug.

“It’s just a party, calm down.” He laughs, and I instantly relax pulling away from the hug I turn around and walk into the house. Again all eyes fell on me, dude! I just give an awkward smile and walk over to the drink table; I see a stack of red cups and pull one from the top filling it with beer. I normally don’t drink, but for some reason I felt as though I needed a drink. I turn around and see everyone had gone back to doing what they were doing before I had walked in and interrupted them. I see a figure coming towards me and I instantly recognize it as Maz. I grin drinking the last of the beer from my cup and walk over to him.

“I didn’t think you’d come!” he grinned pulling me in for a hug. I laugh at him and shake my head.

“Well I’ve actually never been to a party before, so I thought ‘hey, why not?’.”

“Good idea.” He laughed, “You need to have some fun. Everyone needs to just let loose and let the bad girl in them take over every once in a while.” He said matter-of-factly. I walked over to the ice chest and pulled out another beer snapping it open. I take a drink letting the taste consume me leaving me wanting more and more. I guess this is why they say the Irish can drink and drink and drink, it tasted so heavenly and before I knew it I was a bit dizzy. I walked to the dance floor moving my hips and body to the beat that emit through the air. I felt hands on my wait, normally I would have totally freaked out throwing the guy to the ground but I felt the alcohol take over my thoughts. I let the hands stay there and I started grinding on the guy. I felt him moan in pleasure; I grinned and turned to see zayn with a sloppy grin on his face. We were drunk out of our mind. I loved the way his hands felt, how they glided with ease over my skin. How they touched me period, I loved the way he had that effect over me even though I had only met him five days ago. I put my hands on his face pulling him closer I kissed him. You could say it was a drunken kiss but it didn’t feel like we were drunk, I felt alive. Loved. Needed. He grinned when he finally pulled away, my vision blurred.

“take me drunk, I’m home.” I slurred looking up at zayn he nodded his head, maybe he wasn’t drunk. I was suddenly feeling hot so I took off my leather jacket handing it to zayn I walked over to harry.

“Hey. Take me,” I stopped clutching my stomach. “take me drunk, I’m home. Please.” I asked gripping onto his shirt I felt him pick me up and carry me outside walking home.

“Harry,” I moaned.

“Yeah babe?”

“zayn, he- he broke up with Perrie.” I whispered.

“I know babe.” He said back.

“But he,” I paused taking a dramatic deep breath. “He said he loves me.” I finished, I felt his grip on me tighten.

“He what?”

“He told me he loves me!” I quietly exclaimed throwing my arms around his neck.

“but I mean I don’t think I can love anyone back,” I started to tear up.

“Why is that?”

“Because everyone who I love and loves me back dies.” I cried hugging him.

“Aw babe that’s not true.” He said comfortingly.

“But it is! My mom died because she loved me, my dad died because she loves me, my grandma died because she loved me,” I slurred still crying.

“But my grandpa, he got what he deserved.” I said.

“What do you mean he got what he deserved?” he questioned.


***Harry’s P.O.V.***


“What do you mean he got what he deserved?” I asked her, she clenched her jaw tears falling down her cheeks.

“He raped me Hazza,” she sighed as if it was no big deal. I just about dropped her, she was raped? I felt my throat go dry, my eyes started stinging.

“He raped me Hazz, not even two weeks later he and my grandma were murdered right in front of me. I guess he deserved it.” She shuddered. Damn right he deserved it how cold somebody do that to an innocent child?!

“But it was my fault he raped me in the first place,” she paused. “He said I was too pretty, too innocent to be left alone. That I needed to be taught lesson.” She said groggily. Good thing Lucy and Dave were out of town for work with uncle Si or she would be in big trouble right now. I walked up to her house taking the key Lucy had given me the other day from my back pocket and stuck it into the hole opening the door.

I walked her up the stairs; I loved the feeling of holding her. I loved how when she first see’s one of the boys she runs up to them, turns their shoulders and jumps on their back. I love how she doesn’t think she’s perfect even though she clearly is; I love how her red hair sticks out easily in a crowded room. I love her bright green eyes; I love how she absolutely refuses to take off her bass guitar string bracelet. Dude I think I like her, but Zayn called dibs. He had a girlfriend but right after we met her he yelled out dibs, and then broke up with his girlfriend just for her. He made my blood boil. I carefully laid her down on her bed, taking off her heels I covered her up. I looked at her, she was honestly gorgeous. I was about to walk away when I heard her moan.

“Please stay, I don’t want to be alone.” I heard her say soon after a yawn following. I smiled and turned around removing my shoes, I joined her in bed. I got under the covers, she turned to me her eyes open with a smile on her face.

“I love you Hazza,” she sighed in content; her words sent shivers through my body. Does she really love me? I looked at her she closed her eyes sighing again.

“thank you for staying, you are my first best friend.” She smiled with her eyes closed, she yawned again.

“You guys saved me, before you found me I was a lonely, scared. Broken, scarred, mess.” She yawned again her eyes were still closed, I’m guessing she fell asleep. I sighed studying her features, suddenly her eyes flashed open and she smiled again.

“I guess you could say you guys fixed me.” She grinned yawning yet again, she closed her eyes yet again. But this time she actually fell asleep. I couldn’t get anything she had said out of my head.

Had we really fixed her?

Or was she just saying that?

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