Dark (a Cody Simpson fan fiction)

He thought she was just another girl. She thought he was her worst nightmare. But what they didn't know was that soon, they wouldn't be able to go on without each other. Follow Cody and Ella as their journey unfolds. Will she be able to change him? Will their love be enough to save him? What happens when innocence meets darkness?


9. Chapter 9

Cody’s POV

“To freedom!” I shouted before swallowing down my second tequila shot as I sat at the bar with Eddy, Tyler and Ashton. 
“I can’t believe all you got was a suspension!” Tyler admitted. I simply shrugged. 
“Never underestimate the power of the Great Simpson,” I replied. “I told you it was worth it.” 
“You are my hero!” Ashton put a hand on my shoulder to steady himself as he drank what must have been his sixth or seventh drink. 
“Whoa there, mate,” Eddy warned. “Go easy, yeah?” 
“Enough sitting around,” I announced. “Let’s go find ourselves some pussy action!” 
“YEAH!” the guys expressed their enthusiasm.

We finished our drinks and then made our way to the dance floor. As I bobbed my head up and down to the rhythm of the music, my eyes landed on a hot blond who seemed to have noticed me as well.

“Hey,” she shouted in my ear. “I’m Alicia.” She showed off her brightest smile. 
“I’m Cody,” I told her.

Alicia and I danced for a couple of hours together. The only aspects I focused on were the music and the curves on that sexy body of hers. She wore a tight-fitting, low cut strapless purple dress that fell right under her bum. All I wanted was to rip that cheap piece of fabric off of her. 
“Wanna go back to my place?” I said in her ear. She simply nodded and we were on our way to my apartment.

When we had made it to the hall, her tongue was already half way down my throat as I fumbled with my key. Once I finally found the whole, I slipped it in, twisted the knob and pushed the door open as we stumbled inside.

I pressed her back against the door, slamming it shut, and I started unzipping her dress. We lurched to the middle of the living area and she pushed me onto the couch before climbing on top of me.

We continued kissing for a little while, her hands slowly going up my back. She quickly pulled away from the kiss and yanked my t-shirt over my head. I suddenly had a weird feeling of déjà vu, a flashback of Ella replicating the exact same action popping inside my head.

I lay there, my body motionless, as Alicia left a trail of wet kisses down my neck. I suddenly wasn’t feeling it anymore. I gently pushed her away, forcing her to lean back. 
“Not tonight,” I said. 
“What?” she asked, playing dumb. “Don’t be silly,” she laughed before leaning back in and leaving more lipstick stains on my torso. 
“I said,” I insisted, pushing her back again, “not tonight.” She looked down at me, confused. “Get out!” I yelled. She reluctantly got off of me, zipped her dress back up and adjusted it before putting her shoes back on, and she finally left.

I sat up on my couch, burying my face inside my palms. What was wrong with me? I had never turned a woman down before – ever – and the simple thought of Ella caused me to be completely turned off by Alicia.

The rest of my two weeks off went by quickly, but thoughts of Ella persisted through my brain. Every time I tried to bang a girl, I found myself shutting her out. It was like I could no longer enjoy being in the company of a woman without the memory of Ella and me together.

Soon, it was Friday again and I sat alone at the bar of a different club. Sometimes, I wished to be drunk with things like joy and happiness instead of the constant sorrow and sadness that I felt.

I drank down my fourth bottle of beer as I watched the people dancing in front of me. Some were young adults, others were some forty-year-olds trying to live like they were eighteen again. I also spotted a few sixteen-year-olds who wore makeup caking up their faces in order to be mistaken for college girls. They weren’t fooling me, that was for sure.

“Hi there,” a woman who was probably twice my age approached me by the bar. 
“Fuck off,” I spat. I was definitely not in the mood tonight. Insulted, she turned and started flirting with the bartender.

My eyes remained focused on the crowd before me, and they landed on a couple that danced facing each other and looked like they were in love. You could see the passion glowing inside the girl’s eyes and the guy looked as if he would give her the whole world if he could. It kinda reminded me of what Ella and I had. 
“What the fuck am I doing here?” I asked to myself, looking down to the now empty bottle in my hand. What was I doing in a club at two in the morning, sitting alone at the bar, drinking down my pain? I wasn’t happy. I didn’t know if I had ever been truly happy, but being with Ella was the closest thing I felt to happiness. I had to tell her that. And I had to do it now.

I slammed the bottle on the countertop and directly jumped off my seat. I hung onto the border of the bar, steadying myself as I waited for the dizziness to subdue. I then walked to my car, and drove straight to Ella’s home.

Surprisingly, I made it to her house without causing any accident. After parking the car, I walked out and into her backyard. I looked up and once I spotted Ella’s bedroom window, I started climbing up the side.

When I reached her window, I let go of the grip of my right hand and knocked on the glass. 
“Ella!” I desperately needed to talk to her. “Ella!”

I continued knocking until she finally came into view and smiled. It was the first time she looked at me in three weeks. I missed seeing her eyes locked with mine.

“Cody?!” she whisper-yelled as she opened her window. “What are you doing here?” I held out my hand to her and she helped inside her bedroom as I felt I could no longer hold on to the pipe.

“Ella, I need to… I need to tell you something,” I slurred, still feeling a little lightheaded from the insane amount of alcohol that was currently flowing through my veins. 
“Shh! You’re going to wake my parents up.” She turned around towards her door and directed her attention back to me again. I couldn’t stop smiling at her. It was ridiculous how gorgeous she looked in her black loose t-shirt and her woven pink shorts with sheep on them. 
“You look hot,” I laughed. 
“Are you drunk?” she asked. 
“Maybe a little,” I chuckled, struggling to stand still.

In the process, I accidentally bumped into her nightstand, causing her lamp to fall to the side, the crystal smashing onto the floor. 
“Oops,” I laughed. Ella looked at me, exasperated. “I’ll buy you a new one,” I assured her.

“Ella, what’s going on–” her mum entered the room, followed by her dad. 
“Who are you?” he asked defensively. 
“Hi, sir, I’m Cody,” I walked up to him and held out my hand for him to shake, but he just stared at me. 
That’s Cody?” he asked Ella. 
“What is he doing here?” her mum asked, seemingly pissed. 
“I…” Ella didn’t know what to answer. 
“It’s my fault,” I said. 
“I don’t want another word from you,” her dad pointed his finger at me. I brought my hand up and pretended to zip up my lips.

Suddenly, a warm putrid feeling rose up my throat and I felt an acidy bitter taste leave my mouth as I vomited all over the floor. That was the last I remembered from that night.


“YOU THREW UP ON HIS SHOES?!” TRENT QUESTIONED, SURPRISED, AS I explained to him what had happened at Ella’s house the previous night. 
“Yeah,” I nodded, feeling a little embarrassed. Trent was the only person I felt like I could turn to in this world. He was one of the very few people I trusted.

Trenton and I were very similar. He might have seemed like a young, well put-together man, but he wasn’t always like this. When he was about my age, he also was up to no good, dealing with drugs and some other stuff he refused to tell me about. At some point, things became really tough for him and he realized that he needed to get his shit together. He still refused to let me know the details to this day, but he sorted out everything that needed to be and with all the money he had saved up, he bought this auto body shop.

I really admired him because he started from nothing and he finally got to a clean slate. But that was something I was never going let him know.

I owed him a lot though. He was the only one who didn’t turn his back on me after my parents kicked me out of the house. Some kids like to play with crayons, action figures and soccer balls. Me? I liked to play with knives, fire and my parents’ emotions. They weren’t able to handle me, so Trent accepted me in his home. He was nineteen at the time, so we both lived together, up until a few months ago. When I turned eighteen, I decided to get my own place, to have more freedom. If Trenton hadn’t been there for me, I don’t know where I would have ended up. I was very thankful for him.

“Okay, I think we need to talk,” Trent disrupted my train of thoughts. 
“Uh-oh…” I said. “What did I do?” 
“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to,” he said. “The school called me the other day and they’ve been telling me what’s happening.” 
“So?” I asked. 
“What gives? Graffiti on the front of the school? Really?” 
“You should have seen it, though,” I said to him. “I’m seriously starting to consider becoming a graffiti artist.” 
“I’m serious, Cody.” Trent was rarely serious, so I decided to stop the cockiness. “Have you been taking your meds lately?” he interrogated. 
“What does it matter?” I asked. 
“Codes,” he sighed, shaking his head. 
“What?” I acted like it was no big deal. 
“Since when did you stop?” he asked seriously. 
“I don’t know… Maybe about three weeks ago.” He shook his head again. “I don’t feel right when I’m on them,” I explained. “I don’t need them. I feel perfectly fine.” 
“You know that’s not true. Maybe the doctor prescribed them to you because you should be taking them, you know,” he reasoned. I hated to admit it, but he was right. “What caused you to stop taking them?” 
“Ella…” I led on, knowing I didn’t have to explain any further for him to understand. “I just don’t know what to do.” 
“You really love her, don’t you?” he asked. 
“You have no idea…” 
“Why the hell did you let her go then? I still can’t understand that.” 
“I had no choice!” 
“You always have a choice.” 
“I’m not good for her,” I explained. “I was starting to change her.” 
“How?” he asked incredulously. 
“She drinks more when she’s around me, she breaks the rules more, she started smoking weed because of me and she even started caring less about her school work.” 
“Did you make her do all that?” Trent asked. 
“No, but… I also took her virginity,” I confessed. “She said she was waiting to give it to someone special.” 
“Maybe that someone special was you,” Trent enlightened. 
“I don’t deserve her.” 
“Let me tell you something, alright? I’ve known you since you were born and honestly, I have never seen you happier than when you were with Ella.” 
“Okay,” I admitted. “She did make me happy. What’s your point?” 
“My point is that everyone deserves to be with somebody who makes them happy. If you want her back, fight for it.” 
“She hates me,” I told him. 
“No,” he shook his head. “She doesn’t hate you. The only reason you think that is because you’ve been pushing her away, just like you’ve been pushing everyone else out of your life. You think you’re protecting them by doing so, and I can’t blame you for it. But I think you’re doing more harm than good because you’re hurting them too.” Everything Trenton was saying was true. My intention was never to hurt anyone, but it was almost like everyone expected me to act this way. So I ended up being the arsehole they perceived me as.

I had spent my entire life acting like nothing could affect me. I had learned that it was better not to give a shit about anything because that way, I couldn’t get hurt. But then, Ella happened. She made me feel things I never knew possible. I had been so strong all these years and she had become my weakness. And that was why I thought I had to get rid of her.

“Talk to her,” Trent advised, pulling me out of my thoughts. “Let her know how you really feel. She’ll understand. And if she really loves you, she’ll forgive you.” 
“Thanks, Trent,” I said honestly. 
“No problem, mate,” he gave me a sympathetic smile and went back to working on some old sports car.

I spent the rest of the weekend thinking through what I would say to Ella to get her to forgive me. I couldn’t go to her house again – not after throwing up on her dad – so I had to wait until I got back to school on Monday.

No matter how much time I had to prepare myself, it seemed as if nothing I had come up with was good enough. I thought that maybe it was better to wing it. I would just tell her how I felt and hope that would be enough.

I arrived to school on Monday feeling an eerie sensation inside my stomach. Before going to find Ella, I first stopped by the reception office. 
“Hello, Ms Keebler,” I greeted the school secretary. 
“Cody,” she sighed. “What did you do now?” 
“Nothing,” I furrowed my eyebrows. “I just came by to drop the cheque to Mr Westford. You know, to cover the cost of the new paint.” 
“Oh,” she looked surprised. “He’s in the middle of a meeting right now, but you can give it to me, I’ll make sure he gets it.” I handed her the rectangular piece of paper, smiled and walked away. Normally, I don’t think I would have done that, but I was trying to change. It wasn’t much, but it was something. I had to try and become a better person, for Ella.

I tried looking for her all morning, but couldn’t seem to find her anywhere. Finally, I decided I’d wait until English class after lunch. It would buy me more time to brace myself.

Once I got there, I saw her sitting at her desk, looking out the window. I don’t think I had ever been this nervous to talk to a girl before. You can do it, Codes, I mentally prepped myself. I took a deep breath and walked over to her desk.

“Hey, Ella,” I spoke softly, but her eyes remained glued on the outside. “Look, I know you’re mad at me but–” 
“Get a sheet out everyone,” I heard Mrs Peterson say. 
“I just wanna say,” I continued, “I–” 
“Cody?” Mrs Peterson questioned, causing me to turn around to face her. “Mind going back to your seat?” 
“Just a second,” I told her. “I really need to talk to Ella.” 
“Well that can wait until after my class.” 
“But this is important!” 
“So is the pop quiz I am about to give,” she spoke sternly. “So either you go back to your seat, or you get out of my class.”

I looked back to Ella, who still wasn’t looking at me, sighed and walked to my desk. Even though I had missed school the past two weeks, I still managed to easily answer the questions and I impatiently waited for the two hours of class to be over.

When the bell finally rang, I shoved my books inside my school bag and ran after Ella, who had already walked out of the classroom.

“Ella!” I called after her, but she just kept walking faster. “Ella!” I persisted.

I continued to call her name until I finally caught up to her.

“Ella! For fuck’s sake, Ella! Stop!” I grabbed her wrist, forcing her to stop. 
“What?!” she finally turned around to face me. 
“I’m sorry, okay?!” I just said. 
“What exactly are you sorry for, Cody?” she asked in a wobbly voice. “Because I can I think of a lot of things you should be apologizing for!” 
“I’m sorry about everything! I’m sorry I left you right after we had sex. I’m sorry I had to humiliate you in front of everyone, telling you things I really didn’t mean. I’m sorry I threw up on your dad’s shoes. I’m sorry for messing up your life. Fuck, I’m sorry I’m such a fuck-up, okay?! I lied to you that day. I really do care about you and everything we shared. I haven’t stopped thinking about you ever since the day we met. I don’t know what it is. I just know that this entire time, I was slowly falling in love with you. I kept denying it because I have never felt that before and, to be honest, it scared the shit out of me! It still does! That’s why I acted the way I did. I didn’t know how else to handle all of the things I was feeling. I truly believed that I didn’t deserve to have you in my life. And I still don’t believe that I do, but… I’m willing to try. I’m willing to change for you. I’ll do anything to be worthy of you. So I’m asking you – and I know I don’t deserve it, you can say no if you want, but… Can you please give me another chance? I wanna start over. I want to make things right.”

Ella blankly stared back at me as I grew more anxious with every second passing by.

“Now would be a good time to say something,” I added nervously. 
“I… I have a date on Friday,” she finally said and I simply stood there, struggling to process her words. 
“What?” I asked. 
“Um… You know Ben, right?” she asked warily. 
“Yeah,” I answered, balling my hands into fists. 
“Well, he asked me out on Friday.” 
“Oh,” I tried to mask my anger and disappointment. “Ben’s a nice guy.” 
“Yeah, he is.” This was so fucking embarrassing. 
“Have fun on your date,” I said, not sure if I really meant it or not. 


Before this could get any more awkward, I moved aside and walked away in the opposite direction she was facing. She had found someone better than me, I knew it. As much as I tried to be happy for her, I couldn’t help but feel horribly hurt by her rejection. I’d lost the best thing to ever happen to me to that stupid Ben kid. And I absolutely deserved it.



A/N: Okay, first, I want to apologize for Cody's choice of words in the beginning of the chapter. I don't know about you, but every time I read that part, I felt a little uncomfortable because I know Cody would never speak like that, but I guess that's how Dark Cody would speak... haha Anyway, there is something else I want to tell you guys. Please don't be mad, but I won't be updating for a little while, not sure how long yet. It's just that I keep changing my mind on the events that are going to happen next and I came up with a new idea literally last night and it starts in the next chapter, so I just want to make sure it works out before I start publishing and then change my mind again in the middle of it. Also, I just started school again and I might get pretty busy since it's my first year of college (which is not university btw, it's two years of school before going to university. I think it's like in the UK) But anyways, I'll try to write the following chapters as quickly as I can and once I get far enough into the story, I'll start publishing again!

BUT what did you think of this chapter?? Let me know in the comments because that's how I know if you enjoy reading this story! There's a lot more coming, I promise! xx

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