Dark (a Cody Simpson fan fiction)

He thought she was just another girl. She thought he was her worst nightmare. But what they didn't know was that soon, they wouldn't be able to go on without each other. Follow Cody and Ella as their journey unfolds. Will she be able to change him? Will their love be enough to save him? What happens when innocence meets darkness?


8. Chapter 8

Cody’s POV

I stood in front of the house when I heard the sound of a car coming up behind me. I turned around and immediately recognized Eddy’s old blue Mustang.

I watched him as he got out of the car with two other guys. 
“Hey, man,” I greeted as I pounded their fists. 
“So, this is the house we’re sacking tonight?” Tyler asked, unsure. 
“Yeah,” I answered. “Trust me. I know who lives here. His wife owns a ridiculous amount of gold and pearl jewellery. And we’re going to take it – all of it.” 
“Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about!” Ashton exclaimed from behind me. 
“Shh,” I turned around to shut him up. “Do you want the whole neighbourhood to know we’re here?!” I whisper-yelled at him. He quickly shut his mouth and we were inside the house in less than a minute, thanks to a fool proof method I had learned over the years.

I walked up the stairs, leading the way to the master bedroom. 
“Cody,” Eddy called. I stopped and turned around. “Whose house are we in?” he asked, intrigued, looking at a bunch of photos hung on the wall. “Isn’t that your boss?” he pointed at a picture of him and his wife on their wedding day. 
“Yeah,” I answered. 
“We’re robbing your boss’ house?” his question came out as more of a statement. “Man,” he shook his head, continuing his way to the bedroom.

I pushed the door open and searched for the desired jewellery box.

“Found it,” Ashton beamed as he held in his hands a small silver box. 
“Jackpot,” I whispered to myself.

I snatched the box away from him, placed it on the bed and opened the lid. The rest of my mates gathered around me to take a look at the stash of gold and pearl necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

Without wasting one more second, Eddy and I grabbed the jewels while Tyler and Ashton held out a black plastic bag open for us to drop the jewelleries in. Once the box was empty, I quickly put it back onto the dressing table, and we cleared off the place.

I drove down to the centre of Sydney with Eddy’s car following close behind me before finally pulling over in front of an old building. I looked down at the bag that sat on the passenger seat and couldn’t help but think about Ella and how many times she had sat on it as well. Man, I don’t think I had ever missed someone as much as I missed her. But I looked back to the building to my right and remembered all the reasons I had come up with why things were better this way. I shook my head, pushing my doubts away, and grabbed the black bag before getting out of the car.

I walked into the familiar building towards the set of stairs. I went up the three first stairways, turned left, then right, and finally, I knocked on the third door down the hall.

A few seconds later, the door shrieked open. 
“Aye there, mate,” Sonny greeted, giving me a bro shake. 
“Hey, man,” I replied and he let me in. I sat on the big, brown leather chair in front of his desk. 
“So, what do ya got for me today?” he asked. I placed the bag onto his counter desk. 
“There’s about 10 grand worth of jewellery in there,” I informed him. He slightly opened the bag and peaked inside of it before nodding his head in satisfaction.

A minute later, I was out of there, carrying seven thousand dollars cash in my pocket. I walked to Eddy’s car and signalled for him to lower the window. I handed them each their share of the profit and we drove back home.

I put the banknotes I had gained in a small box I kept hidden underneath my bed before undressing and going to sleep. I had just robbed my boss’ house. This was the path I had dug for myself. Things were finally going to be the way they were supposed to.


THE FOLLOWING DAY, WHEN I ARRIVED TO SCHOOL, I NOTICED two police cars parked in the front. Everyone seemed wary and looked at me with terrified expressions. I simply walked tall, proud that I was living up to my reputation.

By the second period of the day, as I sat in Mrs Peterson’s English class, the tone of the school’s speakers rang throughout the entire classroom before we heard the principal clearing his throat. 
“Tyler Kraut, Ashton Flanagan, Eddy Walford and Cody Simpson are demanded in the principal’s office immediately,” he spoke in a stern voice. As expected, I gathered my things and got up my seat. The students remained silent as they watched me walk right out of the classroom.

When I arrived to the reception office, one of the police officers instructed me to take a seat next to Ashton and Eddy while I assumed Tyler was being interrogated.

I watched Tyler come out, then Ashton, then Eddy, and it was finally my turn to go in. I stepped inside the room and sat on the chair facing Mr Westford. In the room with us was also another police officer, an investigator and none other than my dear friend Henry. 
“Well, well,” I said, looking straight at my boss. “What brings you to my school today, Henry?” 
“Now is not the time, Cody,” Mr Westford spoke to me as Henry glared at me, anger fuming inside of him. 
“Let’s not waste any time here,” the investigator said as he stepped closer to me. “We know you were involved in the burglary that went down at Mr Verrall’s house last night. In fact, we know it was you, the leader of the operation. Your friends sold you out, mate. We know everything. Might as well confess now. It’ll make things easier for all of us.” I simply laughed in his face. 
“Do you really think I’m that stupid?” I chuckled. I had heard the same allegation so many times I had lost count. They only use that trick, thinking it will scare you and get the truth out of your mouth. But it ain’t working with me. 
“Listen,” Henry started to speak, “I’m willing to drop the charges if you and your friends just give me back my wife’s jewellery.” 
“I don’t have it,” I responded. After all, it was true. I really didn’t have it anymore. 
“Drop the act, kiddo,” the principal intervened. “We know you were involved in this case. We’re just trying to help you out here. You’re lucky your boss isn’t looking to sue you. You’re only doing yourself a disservice by insisting you didn’t do it. Do you really want to go back to jail, Cody? Is that what you want?” I took a moment to think about the answer. As much as I loved being a badass, the thought of going back to prison was haunting me. Spending just one night there was one of the worst experiences of my entire life. I didn’t want to go back. 
“I don’t have the jewellery… anymore,” I added. “I sold it.” 
“Who did you sell it to?” the investigator asked me. 
“I can’t tell you that,” I said. If I ratted out Sonny, I might as well have signed my death sentence right there.

Henry let out a long, exasperated sigh before he spoke again. 
“Have the total amount of money you made handed to me by tomorrow morning and I will dismiss the case,” he offered. I hated having to give back the money I had made, but I would be the biggest idiot on the planet if I didn’t take his offer. 
“Fine,” I finally told him. “Can I go now?” 
“Yes,” the principal sighed and I got up immediately. 
“In case it wasn’t clear,” I heard Henry’s voice speak up from behind, “you’re fired.” 
“Don’t worry. I had already gotten the message,” I patronized him before exiting the room.


Ella’s POV

After the last bell of the day rang, I ran out of class and curled up in a corner in front of the school, behind a bush. I buried my face inside my knees, tightening my legs closely against my chest. I let my tears escape my eyes as I kept them squeezed together. I needed a moment alone before I took the bus ride home. I tried so hard to stay strong for my own sake, but I just couldn’t do it without breaking. It hurt me not talking to Cody anymore because I missed him so much, or more so the person I thought he was. Though, a part of me persisted in believing that the side of him he had allowed me to see wasn’t an act.

It also pained me to see him getting in so much trouble again while he seemed to be steering clear from that when we were together. Well, we were never together, but… Ugh, I know what I mean.

“Hey,” I heard a voice say in front of me. I warily looked up, my eyes landing on Ben. We shared the same math and history classes. 
“Oh, hey, Ben,” I smiled faintly at him. 
“Is everything alright?” he asked. 
“To be honest,” I slightly laughed, “not really, no.” He stood there, looking at me with sympathetic eyes, before sitting down by my side. “Do you want to talk about it?” I shook my head. My feelings were way too complicated for me to explain at the moment. “It’s about Cody, isn’t it?” he questioned. 
“Yeah,” I simply nodded. 
“Well, if you need anything, I’m here,” he smiled. 
“I… I could use a hug right now,” I spoke honestly. I looked up at him with pleading eyes and he scooted closer to me, wrapping his arms around me. I rested my head against his chest and closed my eyes, listening to the comforting sound of his heartbeat.

We stayed in the same position for a little while. It felt reassuring. 
“I wish I could stay like this forever,” I murmured. 
“Well,” Ben chuckled, “actually, I just saw my mum’s car pull over so…” 
“Oh,” I flinched instantly. “Sorry,” I apologized for taking up so much of his time. 
“Nah, don’t worry about it,” he said before he got up, dusting off his pants. “Are you better now?” he asked before leaving. 
I hesitated, “I’m okay.” But I don’t think even all the world’s oceans could fill the emptiness that I felt.

I waited a few more minutes, glanced down at my watch, and jumped up swiftly. The second bus was about to arrive any second now as I hurried my way down the bus stop.

Once I finally made it home, I noticed my parents’ car was in the driveway. As horrible as that sounded, I wished they hadn’t come back so soon because I really just wanted to be alone right now.

I slipped in my key and twisted the nob to push the door open and subtly made my way to my room, hoping I wouldn’t run into my mum or dad. When I finally made it without being seen, I collapsed onto my bed and shed a few more tears before I heard knocking on my door. 
“Ella?” I heard my mother from the other side. I quickly wiped away my tears before sitting up. 
“Yeah?” I answered. The door slowly opened and my mum walked right in. 
“Hey, sweetheart,” she walked over and hugged me. “Didn’t you notice we were home? We wanted to surprise you, but we thought you’d make it here before us.” 
“Where’s dad?” I asked. I then cleared my throat, seeing as my voice had come out shaky. 
“Oh, he’s taking a nap.” I felt as if I was going to break down any second and although I had said I wanted to be left alone, I thought I could use a mother for a change. 
“Mum, can I tell you something?” I asked, my voice breaking at the end. 
“Sweetie, what’s wrong?” she asked. I sniffed in before answering her. 
“I lied to you on the phone the other day. I’m not okay…” I choked up and tears began to stream down.

My mum took me in her arms and held me tightly against her as if it was her duty to protect me. 
“What happened?” she questioned. I took multiple breaths before pulling away from her embrace. 
“You promise not to judge me?” I asked, scared of what her reaction would be. 
“I promise,” she spoke sincerely.

I spent the next few hours talking my mum through everything that had happened between Cody and me. It felt good to say those things out loud, but it hurt also because it made everything seem so real. Surprisingly enough though, my mum turned out to be very understanding. Maybe I had underestimated her. Maybe she knew how to deal with this sort of thing. I think she was always willing to be there for me, but I had been detaching myself from her without even realizing it. I was convinced I had made the right decision by finally coming to her.


Cody’s POV

I drew back my right arm and pounded my fist into the punching bag as hard as I could. I thought that coming to the gym and throw some punches would help me relax, but it wasn’t working at all; I only seemed to be getting angrier.

I punched the bag again, multiple times, picturing the face of Ben Shepherd on it. I had seen him hugging Ella after school today and all I wanted was to rip both of his arms out so he would never be able to do that again. I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I had never felt this jealous before and I never thought I’d be jealous of a guy like him.

I threw some more punches in the bag, but gave up a few minutes later. I grabbed a towel out of a rack in the locker room and wiped the sweat off my face and upper body before heading out.

I wasn’t really sure why, but I drove back to the school. I looked up at the building in front of me and suddenly remembered that the art club kept spray paint cans on the side of the structure. I immediately phoned up the guys to come down here.

Minutes later, they had arrived. 
“Why the hell did you ask us to meet you here?” Eddy asked. I turned around and showed him the cans that I held in my hands. “You want to graffiti the school?” Eddy laughed. 
“Yeah,” I nodded. 
“No way,” Ashton laughed, shaking his head. 
“You’re crazy, mate,” Tyler stated. 
“Since when are you two such pussies?” I asked, annoyed. 
“I don’t think it’s a good idea either,” Eddy shook his head. “Do you really wanna do that after getting caught today? Mate, they’ll know it’s us!” 
“Yeah and I’m still on probation,” Ashton said. “I can’t take the risk if we’re not going to get anything out of it.” 
“Think about the look on Westford’s face when he gets here tomorrow and sees a bunch of drawings on the brick wall,” I said. “Isn’t that rewarding enough?” 
“Sorry, mate,” Ashton shook his head. “It’s just not worth it.” 
“Yeah, Simpson,” Eddy added. “Even I think it’s crazy, and you know I’m always up for anything.” 
“Sorry,” Tyler shrugged and the three losers walked away. I didn’t need them anyway. This was a great plan and I was going to go through with it.

I placed the few cans on the ground and picked up a green one as I stepped closer to the front of the school and pushed onto the top. A green mist was propelled out of the bottle and sprayed across the wall.

About an hour later, I took a step back and admired my masterpiece.  Green, blue, yellow and red lines traced upon the front of the high school. That was definitely going to piss some people off in the morning.

The next day at school, I noticed a police car was parked in the same spot as yesterday. I thought maybe they should just get this spot reserved because they’d be coming here a lot more often now.

This time, before I could even get to class, Mr Westford instructed me to follow him into his office and I executed the task. Just like yesterday, a police officer stood by the door, but this time, there was no investigator.

“I don’t know what to do with you anymore, Cody,” Mr Westford shook his head. 
“I like what you did with the front of the school,” I smirked. “It really brings out the beige colour of the wall. I’m sure everyone loves it.” 
“I know it was you, Cody,” the principal sounded exhausted. 
“What? I didn’t do it,” I shook my head, holding back a laugh. Man, his face was hilarious. 
“Don’t play innocent with me, Simpson. The game is over.” His features suddenly softened and his frown broke into a laugh. “You know, you think you’re so smart…” 
“That’s because I am,” I answered defensively. 
“Oh, really? Well, if you’re as smart as you claim to be, you know that I’ve got evidence it was you, right?” I furrowed my eyebrows. What was he getting at? 
“See,” he leaned in closer, “I’ve got surveillance cameras all around this school.” His hand moved around in the air as I could feel my face fall. “Needless to say that we’ve got your face on all the tapes from last night.” Shit. Why didn’t I think of that?!

“Could you leave the room for a moment,” he said to the police officer behind me. “I’d like to speak to Cody in private.” I heard the door open and shut, and Westford started speaking again.

“Defacing school propriety is a serious matter. You’re going to have to pay for the damage you’ve caused.” I stayed silent. “I’m also going to have to suspend you for two weeks.” 
“Really?” I laughed. “That’s your punishment? I get two weeks off?” 
“This isn’t a holiday.” 
“Sounds like it to me,” I continued to laugh.

Mr Westford looked at me and sighed. 
“I thought you were making some progress, you know. When I saw you with that girl… Ella.” The amusement in my face was gone as soon as he pronounced her name. 
“That’s history,” I told him. Why the hell did he have to bring Ella up just when I was finally starting to forget about her? 
“That’s too bad,” he shook his head. “Because I’m sure she could guide you in the right direction.” 
“Are you done?” I scowled. 
“Yeah,” he said. “You can go now.”


I got up off my seat and walked to the door. 
“Wait,” Mr Westford said as my hand encompassed the knob. I turned around to face him. “I know you’ve got that tough guy attitude going on, but I know that deep down, you don’t want this. I am convinced that somewhere under all that roughness is a cry for help,” he paused for a moment. “But remember that you’re the only one who can save yourself.”



A/N: I'm sorry the end kinda sucks, I wasn't really sure how to end it, but I hope you liked this chapter, even though there wasn't a lot going on. I promise you that something will happen in next week's chapter. Favorite, like and comment! Xx

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