Dark (a Cody Simpson fan fiction)

He thought she was just another girl. She thought he was her worst nightmare. But what they didn't know was that soon, they wouldn't be able to go on without each other. Follow Cody and Ella as their journey unfolds. Will she be able to change him? Will their love be enough to save him? What happens when innocence meets darkness?


6. Chapter 6

Ella’s POV

I stood in front of the full-length mirror in my bedroom and examined the redness on my neck. My head was pounding. Cody and I had had a couple more drinks at the club last night. This was my second time being hungover and I hated it just as much as the first time. My fingers slowly traced the injury and I shuddered slightly as a burning sensation sizzled under my skin. It was odd to have had someone mark me this way, but I wasn’t completely repulsed by the idea. It was almost as if Cody had claimed me his and I kinda liked the thought of that.

“Ella?” I heard my mother call from the doorway. I flinched, quickly bringing my hair to my front, covering the hickey on my neck. 
“Yeah?” I turned around, trying to act casual. I noticed my dad stood right by her side. 
“Your grandmother just called… She had a stroke last night.” 
“Oh my Gosh, is she okay?” I asked. 
“Yeah, she’s better now, but your father and I want to go over there and make sure she’s alright, you know, living on her own.” 
“So you’re going to Canberra?” 
“We’ll be staying there for a few days,” my father specified. “We’re not too sure for how long yet.” 
“Do you think you’ll be fine on your own here?” my mother questioned. 
“Yeah,” I smiled. “I’ll be fine. Tell Nana I said hi.” They both smiled back at me and then left. My parents were never really home anyway. They were always off doing their own thing and I was off doing mine. I guess it wasn’t the most ideal situation, but I had grown accustomed to it.

After saying goodbye to my parents, I sat in the living room and chose to call Macy. I had to tell her about what had happened with Cody at the club the previous night, considering she was easier to talk to than Rita.

“I seriously can’t stop smiling!” I confessed. “Wait, I’ll try right now.” I gathered all of my strength to try and subdue the smile that was now plastered on my face, but my actions proved to be unsuccessful. “Nope, I can’t!” 
“Oh my Gosh, Ella!” Macy exclaimed. “You are so hung up on this guy! What has he done to you?” 
“I don’t know…” My thoughts wandered to the boy who had stolen my heart. I wasn’t sure what had caused me to fall so hard for him. It wasn’t anything he’d said or anything he’d done. I guess it was just… the feeling that came along with it. 
“Ella?” Macy’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts. “Are you still there?”
“Yeah,” I shook my head. “Sorry.” 
“OMG! You two have to come with me and Josh to the movies later!”
“You mean, like a double date?” I asked, hesitant. I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. Ever since our first kiss, I hadn’t seen Cody flirt with any other girl, not even once. I felt like we had made such good progress, I didn’t want to relapse. 
“W-well, it doesn’t have to be a double date. See it as… a few friends hanging out.” I was feeling really sceptical about the idea, mainly because Macy had referred to her and Josh as Cody’s friends. I knew Macy and Josh weren’t Cody’s kind of people, but lately I had realized that it was better to live life taking risks. Besides, I really wanted to see Cody again.  
“What the heck,” I gave in. “Sure!” 
“Yay!” Macy’s high-pitched squeals pierced through my eardrum. “We’re gonna have so much fun!” I simply laughed at my best friend’s overflowing enthusiasm.

After talking a few more hours with Macy, I finally managed to put a term to the conversation. I absolutely loved her, but the girl could never shut up – especially when she went on a rant about her and her new beau. I dialled Cody’s number and surprisingly enough, he agreed to go to the movies with us. Thrilled, I jumped off the couch and walked upstairs to go shower.

After getting dressed into my white pair of lace shorts and a blue cotton collared shirt, I came back downstairs and ate breakfast, even though it was almost one in the afternoon. As I took a bite out of my French toast, my phone rang, dancing around on the countertop. I glanced at it and saw Rita’s goofy face on the screen. I extended my arm and grabbed it, swallowing down the piece of bread before answering. 
“Hey, Rit,” I said. 
“Ugh, don’t call me that,” she snarled. 
“Haha, sorry,” I simply giggled. 
“Hey, do you wanna hang out today?” she asked. 
“Oh, uh…” I instantly felt guilty Macy and I had made plans without her. “I can’t today…” 
“What do you have planned?” she questioned. 
“I, uh…” I felt as if it was better if she didn’t know about the double date (that wasn’t really a date).

Just as I was probably about to blurt out some lame excuse, the ear-splitting sound of the doorbell echoed throughout the entire house. It must be Cody, I thought. 
“I have to go,” I spoke rather too quickly. “I’ll talk to you later, alright?” I hung up the phone before she could even reply, worried she would ask any further questions.

I shoved the remaining piece of toast inside my mouth before grabbing my phone and purse, and I slipped into my sandals before hurrying out the door.

A few minutes later, Cody and I made it to the movie theatre. Macy and Josh were supposed to join us there, so we both looked around, searching for them. 
“Do you see them?” I asked, standing on the tip of my toes, scanning the mass of people before me. The place was unexpectedly busy for a Sunday afternoon. 
“Nope,” Cody answered casually. 
“I’ll text her,” I said, pulling out my phone. 
“Ella!” a familiar shrill voice almost bellowed in my ears as I had just unlocked my phone. I looked up to see Macy and Josh approaching us. 
“Hey,” I smiled. Macy rushed over to me and hugged me as if she hadn’t seen me in ten years. It took me a moment to catch on, taken aback by the sudden gesture, until I finally hugged her back. She then finally withdrew, causing me to realize the sudden awkwardness that was filling the space between the four of us. 
“Oh,” Macy turned to Josh. “This is Josh. Josh, this is Ella and her boy– I mean, her friend, Cody,” she quickly stopped in her tracks and corrected herself. 
“Hi,” Josh smiled shyly. I greeted him back, but Cody didn’t say anything. I could feel his body tensing up next to me and I simply couldn’t stand the awkwardness we were in. 
“So,” I attempted to lighten up the mood, “what movie should we see?” 
“I really wanna see Safe Haven!” Macy exclaimed. 
“Let me guess,” Cody deadpanned. “A chick flick?” 
“Yeah,” Macy nodded all smiles. 
“Hell no,” Cody immediately rejected her suggestion. 
“I really wanna see it,” Macy pouted, but I knew it would have no effect on Cody. 
“Yeah, I don’t mind, baby,” Josh smiled at her, causing Macy to give him a sweet peck on the lips. Exasperated, Cody turned to me. Great, I had to have the final say. 
“Uh… It could be good?” I shrugged, afraid of what Cody’s reaction might be. Macy squealed in delight and Cody simply rolled his eyes. I could tell he was in a pissy mood today. He hadn’t said a single word the entire ride from my house to here. Not even one playful remark.

Macy and Josh walked to the counter to pay for their tickets. I slowly followed behind them and watched from the corner of my eyes as Cody walked slowly next to me. At least he was staying. That was a good sign, right?

After purchasing our tickets, we waited in line in order to get our food. Macy and Josh were standing in front of us. Macy snuggled up in his arms as they whispered sweet words to each other, causing them to giggle every five seconds. As I observed the couple, I couldn’t help but feel slightly envious. I wished I could cuddle up next to Cody like that. I turned around to look at him and realized it was hopeless. His jaw was tensed and his muscles were flexed as he stared off into space, seemingly lost in thought. 
“Is everything okay?” I finally asked. I could tell I had startled him as his eyes diverted to me. 
“Yeah, I’m fine.” He then looked away, not saying anything more. His voice was toneless. It was obvious he didn’t want to talk about it, so I simply turned back around and waited for Josh and Macy to order.

After buying ourselves a large bowl of popcorn, Cody and I followed Josh and Macy into the theatre.

I turned to my left to see Macy and Josh cuddling in their seat and then looked to my right to see Cody who seemed infuriated. I ruefully looked down, shoved my hand in the bowl of popcorn and threw the dozen of pieces into my mouth all at once. I then looked back up to the screen. The main characters were in some sort of diner, I think. To be honest, I hadn’t really been paying much attention to the movie. Josh Duhamel’s character extended his hand to Julianne Hough’s character and the two started slow dancing to an old song that was playing.

After a few seconds had passed, I heard Cody huff something next to me before he abruptly got up and exited the theatre. I remained sat in my seat, mouth agape, completely baffled. Had Cody really just got up and left? I looked to Macy as my brain tried to process what had just occurred. She simply shrugged, just as clueless as I was. I quickly got up, omitting the bowl of popcorn that sat on my lap. I could hear it tip over and fall all over the floor, but I really could not have cared less. All I cared about was finding Cody.

I pushed onto the doors of the theatre room and searched for the boy who had me confused way too often. My eyes finally spotted him just in time as he was about to exit the cinema. 
“Cody!” I shouted, causing his body to rotate towards me. “Where are you going?” I asked as I walked up to him. Worry was obvious in my tone, more than I had intended it to be. “Are you leaving?” 
“I shouldn’t have come here,” he admitted in a tight voice, making me gulp. I knew this wasn’t a good idea. Thoughts rushed through my head, desperately searching for things to say in order to make him stay, but no words were coming out. 
“Are you mad at me?” I asked finally, afraid I had done something to upset him. His features softened when he noticed the worry distorting my features. 
“No, I’m not mad at you.” 
“What is it then?” I interrogated. Cody parted his lips, but I quickly added, “And don’t tell me it’s nothing because I can tell something’s definitely bothering you.” He closed his mouth and I intently studied his eyes. They looked like they were debating on whether or not he should tell me the truth.

Cody took a deep breath before opening his mouth again, but only found himself shut out when he looked to a spot behind me, just above my shoulder. 
“Hey!” I turned around to see Macy and Josh rushing over to us. Great, I thought. They really couldn’t have chosen a better timing. “What are you guys doing?? You’re missing the whole movie!” 
“Yeah, that’s kind of the point,” Cody explained, annoyance clear in his tone. The joy in Macy’s face quickly faded away to be replaced with disenchantment. 
“Don’t talk to her like that, alright?” Josh stepped in with his sudden self-assurance. 
“Imma talk to her however the hell I wanna talk to her,” Cody snapped, causing Josh’s newfound confidence to vanish instantly. Macy and I both exchanged terrified expressions. Cody then looked down at me before calming down a bit. 
“I think I should go,” he said. 
“No!” I hastily replied, sounding way too desperate for my liking. “Ahem, I mean… the movies were obviously a bad idea, so let’s just do something else instead.” 
“Like what?” Josh scowled at me. 
“Um…” Think, Ella, think. “How about go karting?” I finally suggested.

Shockingly enough, they all agreed to go karting. The racing track was only ten minutes away from the movies, so we made it there quickly and the atmosphere swiftly eased up. We all raced our go-karts the fastest we could, which I guess helped Cody let off some steam, as he finished first, with Josh in second place, me in third and Macy last.

After a few more rounds, we played at the arcade and then sat to eat dinner. Cody remained oddly quiet throughout the entire meal as Macy and Josh carried most of the conversation. But I guess that was better than another altercation.

About an hour later, Cody was driving me back home. Maybe he just didn’t feel comfortable around my friends because he was always fun and outgoing whenever we were alone.

“Do you… want to come in?” I asked once he pulled over in front of my house. 
“I don’t think so…” he shook his head. 
“Please?” I begged. “My parents aren’t home and I’m a little scared…” I wasn’t really scared, but I was determined to try anything in order to make him stay with me. I watched as Cody was making up his mind and it literally seemed like it took forever. 
“Fine,” he sighed. 
“Yay!” I smiled, hoping to cheer him up a bit.

“So, what do you wanna do?” he asked once we stepped in the living room. I placed my index finger over my chin as if in deep thought. Then, a cheeky smile slowly creeped onto my face. 
“Wanna play Twister?” I asked.

After running downstairs to the basement, I quickly ran back up and placed the mat on the floor. Cody and I both stood opposite sides of the mat, one foot on a blue circle and the other on a yellow one. I picked up the Twister spinner and span the arrow around. 
“Right foot, blue,” I said. Cody moved his right foot to a blue circle and I handed him the spinner. 
“Left foot, green,” he said and I followed the order.

As the game progressed, it was becoming more and more difficult for us to spin the bolt around. I had my left hand and foot each on a green circle, my right hand on a blue one and my right foot on a red dot. Looking up, Cody was struggling to stay still on top of me as his right foot was on a yellow circle and his left was on the blue one next to it. His right hand was on the green circle just above my left and his left hand was on a yellow dot just between my legs. 
“Ella, I don’t think I can hold on any longer,” Cody breathed over me as I struggled to get a hold of the spinner.

As I had almost reached it, I felt Cody’s left hand slip behind and he fell on top of me, causing my body to collapse as well. We both looked at each other before bursting into a laugh. 
“I don’t think you’re supposed to play this game with only two players,” Cody chuckled. I just laughed, happily noticing the spark that had been missing in his eyes. It was good seeing him happy again and I simply couldn’t get over how beautiful he looked.

My eyes darted from his eyes to his lips and our laughter suddenly ceased. I looked back into his eyes and observed as they closed. Cody slowly leaned in, pressing his lips to mine. My hands travelled up his back as the kiss grew more passionate. I felt him smile against my lips and if I could, I would take that smile and inject it directly into my blood stream. My parents had warned me about drugs in baggies sold on the street, but never about the ones with teeth and a heartbeat. My hands pushed onto his back, pressing his body to mine. I wanted him as close to me as possible, but it seemed like it was never enough. I needed him inside of me. I had feared this moment my entire life, but I had no doubt in my mind that I was finally ready, and Cody was the one. 
“Do you have a condom?” I puffed out, pulling away from the kiss. Cody looked down at me, puzzled, as his eyebrows knotted into a frown. 
“It’s okay,” I said, searching through my memory. “I think I have one in my room.” Cody stared at me for a moment, surprised by my words.

He slowly got off of me and I jumped up, running up the stairs. I barged into my room and rummaged through my drawers. I then finally got my hands onto the desired little plastic patch the school nurse had given us in health class. I turned around to face the doorway, where Cody was currently leaning against. 
“Are you sure you want to do this?” he questioned. 
“Yeah,” I nodded. He strolled slowly towards me and grabbed the collar of my shirt, slowly unbuttoning it. My blood was pumping and my throat felt dry. It was happening. I was going to have sex with Cody.

I looked down as he finished with the last button, exposing my chest and my belly. He leaned in slightly and pressed his lips to the corner of my mouth. He slowly lowered his head, leaving a trail of kisses down my jaw and neck. I simply stood there, too scared to do anything. What if I did something wrong? I figured I’d let him do his thing since he had so much more experience than I did. His hands rested on my shoulders, slowly uncovering them, as he peeled the clothing off my body.

Seconds later, my blue shirt was on the floor as I stood there, in my bra and shorts. His right hand suddenly left my body. His fingers rounded the nape of my neck and winded my ponytail around his wrist. He then grabbed my hair tie and pulled it free, causing my long hair to cascade down around my shoulders. 
“Oh, Ella,” he gasped, staring deep into my blue eyes. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted you?” My breath itched in my throat. Cody wanted me just as much as I wanted him and I could only hope I wouldn’t disappoint him. “You’re so beautiful,” he continued. “I can’t wait to be inside of you.” I could feel my cheeks heat up to the sound of his words. I looked down, biting my lower lip. “Hey,” he whispered, his finger caressing my chin, pushing upwards, forcing me to look up at him. “Don’t be shy with me. Okay?” I simply nodded. “Put your arms around my neck,” he purred in my ear and I followed his order. Next thing I knew, he promptly pushed me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried me to my bed.

He pushed me against the mattress, crashing his lips onto mine. The kiss was demanding, his tongue and lips coaxing mine. I let out a moan and my tongue tentatively met his, as I kept my arms locked around his neck. I clutched the condom packet in my right hand as the warmth of his lips travelled all the way to my toes. I could feel Cody back away until he was on his knees and I rose with him, keeping our mouths melded together, too afraid to let go. My hands went down the back hem of his shirt. I hesitantly pulled it up and finally yanked it over his head once he broke away from the kiss.

I observed his toned chest and abs as he reached down for his belt. He quickly unbuckled it, pulling his pants down and then tossed them to the floor. He looked around the bed and grabbed the covers, pulling them over our bodies as a shield. His hands then reached my hips and he slowly pulled down my shorts and undies. My breath caught in my throat. My heart was thumping so hard against my chest I was afraid he could hear it.

He then cradled my face in his hands and forced me to look into his dark, scorching hazel eyes. 
“Are you scared?” he asked, intently observing my features. 
“A little bit,” my voice came out unsteady, “but I trust you.” I think I caught a glimpse of worry in his eyes. 
“You shouldn’t trust me,” he said. 
“I already do,” I assured him. He gently caressed my cheek with his thumb. 
“I’ll go slowly, okay? I’m going to make love to you, Ella.” 
“I thought you didn’t make love,” my soft and shaky voice spoke. “I thought you only fucked hard.” His lips curled up to the side. 
“Well,” he slightly chuckled, “for you, I can always make an exception.” His face turned serious. “I really want to make love to you, Ella. I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you in class. You deserve the best things in life and I’ll try my best to give that to you.” I swallowed, sensing the sincerity in his eyes and voice. I was going to lose my virginity to the only boy I truly loved.

His left hand rested on my hips while his right travelled up my back. In one swift movement, he unclasped my bra. He then slid each straps down until they fell loosely on my arms and he slid the silky fabric down as it joined his washed-out jeans to the floor. I was completely bare and handing my body over to him. I went still as his hands touched the sides of my waist and slid up until his thumbs reached the curve of my breast. Nothing could have prepared me for the wave of emotions I was feeling in that moment.

We slowly leaned back onto the bed and his mouth returned to mine as his hand slid up the inside of my thigh. I let out a long, flattering breath when his fingers wandered where no man had ever touched me before. 
“Cody,” I breathed against his lips as I dug my fingers into his flesh. “Stop teasing me,” my faint voice spoke. My knees arched and twitched with every movement of his hand. I just wanted him in already. I wanted to show him what intimacy with real emotion could feel like.

He finally withdrew his finger and I nestled into him while he stroked my hair, both of us content to stay in our private little world. I reached up with shaking hands and grabbed his upper arms, feeling his strong, muscular biceps. Tentatively, I moved my hands up to his face and into his hair. It was soft and smooth, just like I always imagined it would be. I tugged gently and he let out a small groan. My fingers gradually went down his toned chest and I could feel his heart beating fast against my palms. The sweet sound of our lips parting and coming together again was melting my insides.

My hands then finally inched over to the band of his trunks. I slowly slipped my thumbs inside of each side, but hesitated. I suddenly felt Cody’s hands cover up mine and he gently guided me as I pulled his underwear down. I silently gasped as I felt his hard member press against my thigh. Cody’s eyes then met mine. I handed him the small object that I had been holding onto this whole time and looked away as he grabbed it from me. I could hear the crackling sound of the package in his fingertips and after a moment, I found myself holding my breath as I felt him between my thighs. I squeezed my eyes shut, biting my lower lip to restrain any complaints, as he slowly thrust inside of me. 
“Ella,” he groaned. “Look at me.” I peered up at him and his eyes were intent and soft at the same time. He tilted his head and leaned down to kiss me tenderly. I then felt his body tensing as he pulled back and pushed himself in again, in a small, slow movement. I clenched my eyes once more, restraining any wailing sounds. I could feel my thighs tighten as I wrapped my legs around him. “Look at me,” his hot breath blew over my lips.

When I opened my eyes, he rocked into me again and I cried out with the wonderful burning it caused. My breathing was ragged as I tried to urge my body to calm down. Once I finally relaxed, the motion of his body against mine was more rhythmic. I wasn’t as nervous anymore, and I think Cody noticed it too. I pulled him into me and he grabbed at my flesh as we both moaned simultaneously.

He grabbed my thigh with one hand and propped himself up with his elbow, mere inches above me. A thin layer of sweat began to sheet over our skin, and I arched my back as his lips traced my jaw and then followed a single line down my neck. 
“Cody,” I sighed. When I said his name, he pressed inside me again one last time and the noises from his throat grew louder. His teeth bit the skin in the crook of my neck harder than they ever had, him groaning and quivering above me. I let out a long, satisfied sigh before his body relaxed and his breathing slowed down.

“That was amazing,” I breathed with a tired, content expression. Cody simply smiled before he gently pulled out. He then collapsed next to me on his back and we gazed into each other’s eyes. All I wanted was to pause this moment and frame it, but I slowly gave in as I felt my eyelids getting heavier with every second passing by. This moment would have been picture perfect.


Cody’s POV

I lay awake as I observed the beauty that was asleep before my eyes. She looked so peaceful, lying there. So… innocent, an innocence I was slowly ridding her of…

I leisurely lifted the blanket off of me and subtly got out of bed, careful not to wake her up. I searched for my trunks under the covers and swiftly pulled them up my legs. I walked around the bedroom and observed the pictures that were pinned up her wall. Some were of just her and others of her and her friends or family. One photo in particular caught my eye. I picked up the frame that sat on her desk and observed intently the people in the photograph; it was a family portrait. Ella stood, smiling, between both her parents who had their arms wrapped around her. Together, they looked like a beautiful, happy family. Looking down at the photograph, I realized how much our lives were different. She lived in this lovely house with her two loving parents, while I stayed by myself in a crappy little apartment. I hadn’t talked to my parents and siblings in nearly five years and the only family member I was in contact with was my cousin. In that moment, I thought of what Ella’s parents would think of me. I was slowly changing their daughter into someone like… me. My dad was right about me; I was a bad influence. Ella deserved so much better than me. She had a bright future ahead of her and all I had was shit. I was no good for her. My number one rule was to never get emotionally involved with a girl. Yet, there I was, making love to her. Whatever happened to fooling around only with girls who wanted nothing more than a good time? I was not boyfriend material. If she wanted love and commitment from me, she wasn’t going to get it. I had to get out before I was in too deep because if she was falling for me, I wasn’t going to be the one to catch her.


I had a tough life, a life that taught me that there are things we don’t want to happen but have to accept, things we don’t want to know but have to learn, and people we can’t live without but have to let go.



A/N: OMG guys, this scene was so awkward for me to write, especially picturing Cody doing all that! This was my first time writing something like this and even though I had some help thanks to some books I read, I'm sorry if it sucks and I'm sorry if it made you feel uncomfortable! 

With that said, what do you guys think?! What are your thoughts on what Cody said? Let me know in the comment section down below, and like and favorite if you haven't yet! xx

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