Dark (a Cody Simpson fan fiction)

He thought she was just another girl. She thought he was her worst nightmare. But what they didn't know was that soon, they wouldn't be able to go on without each other. Follow Cody and Ella as their journey unfolds. Will she be able to change him? Will their love be enough to save him? What happens when innocence meets darkness?


5. Chapter 5

Ella’s POV

I stood, leaning against the wall, as the nurse finished filling out Cody’s incident report. Luckily, there wasn’t much harm. The doctor said he only had a few bruises that wouldn’t take long to heal. And as of for the car, it was brought in a repair shop the next morning. Cody was going to be released in just a matter of minutes.

“I’ll go put this in the file and the doctor will come back to tell you when you can go,” the nurse smiled. Cody thanked her and then she left. 
“Are you feeling okay?” I asked. 
“Yeah…” he winced as his body shifted. “A bit sore, but I’m alright.” 
“I was so scared when I saw the car spinning and heading right into that pole.” Just the thought of it brought shivers up my spine. “What happened anyway?” 
“I don’t know… It was almost like I blacked out for a second, and I didn’t know where I was.” 
“Do you think maybe it was because you were still a bit high?” I questioned. 
“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “I’m sorry.” 
“Why are you sorry?” I asked, confused. “You’re the one who could have seriously injured yourself, you don’t have to apologize.” 
“If you would have been in that car,” he explained, “I could have killed you…” 
“But you didn’t,” I tried to comfort him with a smile. It didn’t seem to be working though as he looked down to the floor, his face washed with remorse. “Even if I would have been in the car,” I added. “You didn’t get hurt, so I wouldn’t have either.” 
“Yeah, I guess…” I hated seeing Cody so beat up. I walked over to the hospital bed, sat on the edge and wrapped my arms around him as I rested my head on his shoulder. 
“Ouch…” he recoiled. 
“Sorry!” I quickly got off of him. “I totally forgot!” 
“It’s fine,” he chuckled, which made me laugh as well.

A few minutes later, the doctor came back in to let us know that Cody could leave. My mum dropped him off at his place, and we then arrived home.

I slumped on my bed right after stepping into my room. I closed my eyes, succumbing to the heaviness of my eyelids. It had been a long day and I really needed some sleep.

A few seconds later, I heard my phone ringing by my side. I reluctantly sat up before getting a hold of the device. I saw Rita’s name on the screen and pressed on the green button. 
“Ella, are you okay?!” 
“Yeah,” I laughed. “I’m fine, why wouldn’t I be?” 
“I called over here earlier to know if you had gotten home safely and your mum told me you’d just called her from the hospital, something about a car accident??” 
“Yeah, Cody ran into a pole, but I wasn’t inside the car.” 
“Oh, thank God,” she sighed. 
“Aren’t you going to ask if he’s okay?” 
“I don’t really care to be honest.” I rolled my eyes. 
“You know, I get that you don’t like him. I’m not telling you that you should, but at least show some respect. If we’re going to be dating, you can’t keep on treating him like that.” 
“Yeah, if you’re going to be dating, which you are not. And sorry to break it to you, again, but it’s not going to happen.” 
“Whatever,” I said. “I don’t want to argue over this right now.” 
“He was drunk, wasn’t he?” 
“When the car accident happened.” 
“No, he wasn’t! I wouldn’t have let him drive if he was. Gosh, have some faith in me!” 
“Then what caused the accident?” 
“The road was just slippery, okay?” Rita didn’t need to know about the bong; it would only make things worse.

There was a short moment of silence. I could hear Rita taking a deep breath on the other end of the line. 
“Is he okay?” she finally asked. 
“Yeah, he’s fine,” I calmed down too. “He just has a couple of bruises.” 
“Oh, okay.” 
“Thanks for asking.”

I exchanged a few more words with Rita and then hung up. I could tell she still wasn’t happy about me and Cody hanging out, but at least she was starting to make an effort, and that was all I was asking for.


THE NEXT FEW DAYS WENT BY AND NOTHING TOO CRAZY happened. I felt like Cody and I were becoming a lot closer, spending more time together, and the thought of it really made me smile.

It was now Saturday again and I was chilling at Cody’s apartment as we were working on our project. Or at least, trying to… We hadn’t gotten much work done since the last time and it seemed to be harder for him to focus.

“I don’t wanna do this…” he whined. 
“I don’t either, but we have to,” I said. 
“I work better at the last minute.” 
“But I don’t.” 
“What’s the point of doing this thing anyway?” 
“To get a good grade?” 
“Grades are not important.” 
“They are if you want to get into a good university.” 
“Who cares though?” 
“I do. Don’t you want to go to college?” Cody shook his head. “Why not?” 
“I’m just planning on getting my high school diploma. That’s all I need.” 
“What? Are you going to work at the gas station your whole life, is that it?” 
“You see, I choose to live in the moment. Besides, guys like me don’t belong in university anyway.” It really pained me to know that Cody didn’t have any plans for the future. The most frustrating part about this was that I was convinced he could get into a good college if he really wanted to. 
“Well, you need to have a good grade on this project if you want your diploma at the end of the year, so…” 
“Let’s go for a ride,” he offered out of the blue.

He got up off the couch and headed for the front door before I could even react. 
“Are you coming?” he asked from the corridor. I blinked a few more times before grabbing my bag and joining him outside.

“Why is it that I always end up in your car whenever we try to work on this project?” I questioned. 
“Just admit it,” he grinned. “You simply cannot resist my charm.” He had no idea how much truth that sentence held. 
“I’m guessing you’re not going to tell me where we’re going?” 
“We’re going wherever the streets take us.” 
“You’re serious?” I asked. 
“Never been more serious,” he said. 
“Okay then,” I relaxed. “Wherever the streets take us…”

I grabbed the crank handle on the door and twisted it around as the car window slid down. I stuck my hand out and let it sway to the rhythm of the wind. I felt free. It felt good to let things take their own course, to let fate decide. I had always wanted to just pick up and leave somewhere – anywhere – but I knew my parents would never let me. And that was when the thought occurred to me again. Cody didn’t live with his parents. He didn’t have to follow anyone’s orders. He truly was free. 
“Do you even have parents?” I asked. 

“Of course,” he laughed. “How else would I have been born? Haven’t your parents had the talk with you yet?” 
“I’m serious,” I said and the amusement in his face was gone. “You’ve never talked about them or mentioned them.” 
“They live in Auburn. It’s about fifteen minutes away from here.” 
“Do you have any siblings?” 
“Yeah, I have a little brother and a little sister.” 
“Do you talk to them?” 
“I, uh… No, I don’t.” Sadness filled his eyes and I instantly felt bad for asking all those questions, but I wanted to know. I was convinced that the issue behind his living situation was the key to understanding him better. 
“Why don’t you live with them?” 
“Crap,” Cody cussed, his eyes still on the road. I turned my head back to the front to see smoke coming out of the hood. The car quickly dropped in speed and as Cody steered the wheel to the side of the road, the vehicle stopped completely. He got out of the car and I did the same.

He walked up to the front and lifted the hood up, swatting the smoke away with his hand. He touched up some pieces inside the car and I simply stood there, helpless in the situation. He pulled his cell phone out and dialled a number. 
“Hey, Trent. It’s me. Yeah. I don’t know! Smoke started coming out of the hood and then it stopped working. Yeah? Um, on Badgally Rd. Yeah, not too far from the train station. Just get here, will you? We’re not even that far! Yeah, I’m with… a girl.” My heart skipped a beat when I realized he was referring to me. “Shut up, Trent! If you say one more thing, I will beat your fucking ass up. Okay, cool. Bye.” He hung up the phone and put it back in his pocket. 
“Who was that?” I asked. 
“My cousin, Trent. He owns an auto body shop, he’ll come pick us up with his tow truck.” 
“Oh, okay.” I watched as Cody slammed the hood shut and him and I sat on it. “So, um… You never gave me an answer.” 
“To what?” 
“Why don’t you live with your family?” 
“Look,” he turned to me with a severe face. “That’s not something I like talking about, okay? I don’t mean to be rude, but you just need to mind your own business.” Although he said he didn’t mean to, his words still came out harsh. That definitely wasn’t the reaction I was expecting from him and I felt horrible for being so nosy. 
“Okay.” My voice was small. “I’m sorry.” My gaze hurriedly broke away from his. I had already managed to screw things up. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes, but I tried my hardest to restrain them. I couldn’t cry in front of him. He would think I was such a baby for not being able to handle a little bitterness. 
“It’s fine,” Cody responded, startling me a little. “It’s just… It’s probably better if you don’t know.” That last statement had only made me want to know even more, but I chose to end the conversation here. I didn’t want to upset Cody any more than I already had.

A few minutes later, a blue tow truck pulled over in front of us and a tall guy with messy dirty blond hair jumped out of the vehicle. I assumed he was Cody’s cousin as he greeted him right away. 
“There’s the lovely lady,” he grinned at me. They both had that same signature smirk. 
“Hi, I’m Ella,” I smiled. 
“My name’s Trenton, but everyone calls me Trent,” he said. 
“It’s nice to meet you.” 
“Okay, enough with the jabber,” Cody became impatient. “Can we go now?” 
“Yeah, yeah. Calm down, little cuz.” Trent walked over to his truck and hooked it to the car.

As we were on our way to the auto body shop, Cody and Trent held a conversation about stuff going on in Trent’s life while I remained quiet, crammed in the back. Thankfully, we made it to our destination less than ten minutes later.

Trent and Cody were hunched over the front of the car, trying to figure out the problem, while I sat on a stool a few meters away. I could tell this was going to take a while, so I decided to pull out my phone and text Macy.

Me: Hey Mace :) 
Macy: Hey! Where r u? 
Me: I’m at Cody’s cousin’s auto body shop. His car broke down :/ 
Macy: Oh that sucks :/ where were you guys going? 
Me: idk actually lol 
Macy: lol ok? Haha 
Me: where are you? 
Macy: Oh, I’m just at Josh’s house, he’s playing with his little brother 
Me: You’re with Josh?? I thought you two were done? 
Macy: yeah, about that… 
Me: what happened? 
Macy: well, long story short, the day after I saw him with that girl at the party, he came by my house and he had this huge bouquet of flowers, it was so cute! He said he was sorry and that the girl was all over him. I can’t blame her, I mean HAVE YOU SEEN HIM?? 
Me: yeah, I have… I just think Cody’s hotter ;)

Macy and I exchanged a couple more text messages, gossiping about the popular kids at school, until she had to leave to go take a walk with Josh. My attention then diverted back to Cody and Trent. 
“Go get me a sump in the back,” Trent said. 
“Why would I?” Cody protested. “You’re the mechanic.” 
“’Cause while you do that, I’ll be changing the valves. For fuck’s sake, Cody, this is your car. You’re lucky I’m not charging you for this.” Cody simply huffed, stumping over to the back of the shop, and Trenton shook his head.

“So, you and Cody, huh?” Trent asked me, making my heart jump. 
“Oh, no,” I shook my head. “We’re just friends.” 
“Really?” he asked me dubiously. “Cody has never had a friend who was a girl before.” 
“Well, there’s a first to everything, right?” 
“Do you like him?” he asked, ignoring my denials. 
“What?” my voice was high, totally blowing my cover. “No, I… I don’t… We’re friends,” I finally said. 
“Well, just be careful, alright?” he warned. “You seem like a nice girl and while you think you might know Cody, I’ve known him his whole life. He can be very unpredictable.” 
“What do you mean?” I furrowed my eyebrows. Trent parted his lips as he was about to answer, but stopped himself as Cody came back. 
“Here,” he said, handing him the machinery piece. 
“Thanks.” Trent quickly glanced at me and then focused back on the car.

About thirty minutes later, the car was finally ready to go. 
“Thanks, Trent,” Cody thanked his cousin. 
“Anytime,” he replied, wiping the oil off his hands with a dirty cloth. Cody hopped in the car and I opened the passenger door, but stopped in my tracks to look at Trent. 
“Bye,” I smiled at him. 
“Bye, Ella,” he smiled back, his eyes reminding me about the warning he had given earlier. What was so turbulent about Cody’s past that I wasn’t allowed to know about? I simply shook my head and sat inside the car, pushing my doubts to the back of my head. I didn’t want to think about that right now.

We were now back on the road. The sky was dark and I still didn’t know where we were going. 
“Still going ‘wherever the streets take us’?” I quoted him. 
“Where do you wanna go?” he asked. 
“I don’t know… I feel like going to a party.” 
“Know any going on right now?” 
“We could go to a club…” I grinned impishly. 
“Like you’re old enough,” Cody laughed. I pulled my wallet out of my purse and extracted a yellow plastic card. 
“Fake ID,” I explained, waving the forged drivers licence around. A ghost of a smile traced upon his face as he looked over to me and snatched the card out of my hands. 
“Mrs Margaret Jones…” he read. “I gotta say…” he handed me back the ID card, “I’m impressed.” 
“How so?” I asked. 
“You’re not as… innocent as I thought you were.” I couldn’t stop my lips from stretching out. If I had wrecked our chance at a relationship earlier, I had definitely gained it back now.

Cody dropped me off at my house before heading back to his place so we could get ready. My parents weren’t home tonight, so I didn’t have to worry about them asking me questions. I walked in my ensuite bathroom and closed the door behind me before slipping out of my clothes while I let the water run. I then stepped foot inside the cabin, letting the warm steam embrace my naked body. I pulled onto the stem and the sizzling water was now dripping down on me from the shower head. I grabbed the shampoo bottle that sat in the corner, poured the green liquid in the palm of my hand and rubbed both my hands together before running my fingers through the roots, my long wet hair cascading down my back. I then repeated the same process with the conditioner before soaping up my whole body.

Once I was finished, I turned the water off, stepped out of the cabin and wrapped a towel around me. I walked in front of the mirror and pulled my hair dryer out of a drawer. I plugged it in inside the outlet and put it to use until my hair was no longer drizzly. I then combed it, taming my many frizzes, before opening the door. I had only made a few steps forward before stopping in my tracks, jumping to the sight of a silhouette sitting on my bed. As my heart struggled to pick up its regular pace, my eyes intently studied the figure before me, finally recognizing Cody. 
“What are you doing here?!” I asked out of breath. 
“You left your front door unlocked,” he stated. “You need to be more careful; anyone could have come in…” 
“Clearly,” I whispered to myself, still catching my breath. “Well, can you wait for me downstairs? I need to get dressed.” 
“Oh, you can go ahead,” he smirked. “I don’t mind…” Lust was clear in his eyes, just like that time he had seen me dance at Oliver’s party. I looked down, realizing there was only a thin layer of fabric separating his eyes from my nude skin. 
“Well, I do mind,” I finally said. “So, um…” 
“Fine,” he resigned, getting up, “I’ll be in the living room. Just, don’t take too long.” 
“I won’t,” I assured as he walked out, closing the door behind him.

I rummaged through my closet to finally pull out a white sequin dress I had been dying to wear ever since I’d seen it in that shop window. I hurriedly slipped into it before walking back to the bathroom to do my makeup. I settled for a simple look, applying my regular foundation routine, black eye shadow and liner, and coral lipstick. I decided to let my hair loose, pumping it up a bit to add volume. I then walked back to my closet to slip my feet into hot pink high heel shoes. I grabbed my purse, which sat on my bed, and exited the room.

As I slowly walked down the staircase, my eyes fell on Cody who looked at me seemingly in awe. 
“What do you think?” I asked shyly as I could feel my cheeks heat up. 
“You’re smokin’” he complimented, shock obvious in his tone. 
“Thanks,” I blushed. “You’re not too bad yourself.” Cody wore a black V-neck, a nice pair of dark, fitted jeans and matching Supras. 
“Thanks,” was all he said. “Um… Let’s go then.”

We drove for about twenty minutes until we finally made it to downtown Liverpool. After parking the car, Cody and I showed the doorman our IDs and we got in without any trouble. We stepped into the club and immediately took in the atmosphere. My eyes intently scanned the crowd intoxicating themselves as they danced to the booming sound filling the room. Although I possessed a fake ID, I had never used it, so this was my first time going to a club and the sensation that came along with it was exhilarating.

We struggled to make our way to the bar, squeezing ourselves through the mound of sweaty bodies. 
“That’s a lot of people!” I noted once we finally reached our destination. 
“Yeah!” Cody agreed. There were so many people in here that I could already feel beads of sweat dripping down my face. 
“Hey there,” a voice spoke to my left. I turned my head to its direction and found myself facing a brown haired guy grinning at me. His hair was casually messy and he had very thick eyebrows, which actually suited his face. “What’s your name?” 
“Ella,” I smiled politely at him. 
“I’m Dave,” he said. 
“And I’m Cody,” his taut voice spoke from behind me as he wrapped an arm protectively around my shoulder. I couldn’t help but smile at his gesture. “Either you leave now or I’ll rip your fucking head off. Your choice.” 
“Whoa, calm down, mate!” Dave put his hands up in defence. “I was just trying to be friendly, that’s all.” 
“Yeah, well if you want to make friends, I can show you my fist. But I’m warning you, it won’t be very friendly.” I observed Cody’s face and his features were hard. He almost looked as if he were about to explode with anger. I turned back to face Dave, who seemed terrified. 
“Cody,” I placed a hand on his chest for him to back up a bit, “it’s fine.” He looked down to my hand on his shirt and I felt his muscles slightly relax underneath the fabric. 
“Just leave,” he threatened through gritted teeth. Dave didn’t waste time and walked away immediately. It was scary seeing Cody get so angry over this guy who really hadn’t done anything wrong, but I liked that he was being jealous and felt protective over me. That was definitely a step in the right direction.

“What got into you?” I asked as I took a sip of one of the cocktail drinks Cody had ordered for us. 
“There’s just something about that guy I don’t like,” he simply said in a tight voice. I just smiled. He was obviously jealous that I was getting attention from other guys, but I needed to assure him that I was all into him. 
“Come on,” I said, setting my drink down and pulling him towards the dance floor.

I stopped to a spot in the middle of the club and Cody moved up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist. He was holding me tightly, almost pushing me into him. It felt as if the temperature in the room had suddenly gone up a hundred degrees. The heat, coupled with the multicolour strobe lights, made me feel a little dizzy, so I chose to close my eyes and I leaned the back of my head against his shoulder. He grabbed my hands and pulled them up and around his neck. His hands then ran down my arms and down my ribs, finally returning to my hips. He roughly glided them up and down, dragging me with him to follow his movements. Our hips were in perfect synchronization, swaying from one side to the other.

I suddenly felt his right hand leave my waist as it reached my shoulder to move my hair out of the way, exposing my neck to the thick, humid air. My eyes remained closed when I felt soft lips pressing against my skin, leaving small kisses on it. I then felt his tongue slowly slipping out of his mouth as he licked my drenched skin. He then slowly began to suck, his teeth nibbling at the skin in the crook of my neck. I winced at the sensation, squeezing my eyes tighter. No guy had ever done this to me before, but I was surprisingly enjoying it. He kept on sucking and his bites grew harder. I couldn’t suppress the moans that were escaping my lips as I felt my bum grinding against his crotch. My senses were overwhelmed and I felt like I was going to pass out any second. Thankfully, he stopped there, licking off the now injured skin, before leaning in closer to my ear. I could feel his hot breath fanning over my lobe, and the sensation was inebriating. 
“I like how you taste,” he murmured, sending chills throughout my entire body. I opened my eyes and we were both breathing heavily.

I slowly turned around while his hands remained clasped around my hips so I was now facing him. He rested his forehead on mine and we stared into each other’s eyes. Our lips were almost touching and all I wanted to do was taste the inside of his mouth. I slightly leaned in, finally closing the space between us. This kiss was entirely different from the first one we’d had. There was nothing innocent about this one. His lips worked determinately against mine. I slipped my tongue out, begging for access, which he immediately allowed, slightly gaping. I thrust it inside, exploring his opening, and our tongues intensely caressed each other’s. It felt so good to finally taste him properly. I couldn’t get enough. I wanted more; I wanted him.

My hands went up the back of his shirt and my nails scrapped his skin as the kiss gained in intensity. I was fighting the urge not to rip his shirt off, right there, in the middle of the dance floor. Just as I felt I couldn’t hold it in any longer, Cody pulled away, leaving us both gasping for air. We observed each other for a moment, before my sight diverted to the people around us. I guessed they all had witnessed Cody and I’s steamy make out session as they all looked at us. Some were cheering us on, others simply grinned at us. 
“You know, by the way you just danced,” Cody said in a breathy voice, “I would have never guessed you were a virgin…” 
I looked down to my feet, feeling slightly embarrassed by our public display of affection. I was never a fan of PDA. But whenever I was with Cody, I forgot the rest of the world existed. It was like nothing else mattered. As long as I was with him, everything else seemed secondary to me. And that was what scared me.




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