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:) Thanks! - Amaya & India


6. Abused then Adopted By: <3 Hazzaler19


Makayla, your story can use a little help. Punctuation. I think one ! is enough, and when writing numbers, write then like one two tree up to eleven, then its all 13 14, etc etc etc. Another thing, it isn't very realistic, a three year old that cuts!? - India

Um... Yes I agree with India about your punctuation. Well it is fan fiction but most are a lottle realistic or if it's a thriller it's not but it's good to have your own writing style. This is just our opinion. :) - Amaya


Advise: Use Less Exclamations and/or question marks. -India & Amaya

Agree! -Amaya.


Feedback: The story was okay, it needed more excitement. -India.

People might get bored reading the story. I HAVE to read exciting books. -Amaya


Rating: 3 -India. 2 or 3 -Amaya


-India & Amaya




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