Dancing In The Rain

Jade has been dancing for as long as she can remember, so getting accepted into London's most exclusive performaning arts academy was like a dream come true. When she thinks things couldn't get any better, she meet 5 boys who change her life forever.


1. The Acceptance Letter

As soon as I wake up, I hear the sound of the postman delivering our mail. I run down stairs and across the lawn towards the mail box. Today I was meant to be recieving the letter from Vermont Academy. Probably one of the most exclusive performing arts academies in this side of the hemisphere. Opening the mail box, I pull out the stack of envelopes and search through them. Electricity bill, Over-due notice... Vermont Academy! Slowly peeling open the envelope, I look inside to reveal a personally handwritten letter.

Miss Jade Ridding,

I am pleased to welcome you to our prestigious academy of performing arts. You were one of the few students to be selected into our elite dancing program. Congratulations.

Mrs Janette Kirkman

This letter ws accomponied with the rest of the information regarding my enrolment and any important payments. I let out a little shriek. I has dreamt of dancing at Vermont ever since I could walk! This was like a dream come true.


Soon, splotches of water begin landing on the letter I had began to continuously read over in excitement and it begins to rain. Running back inside, I carefully place my acceptance letter in front of my mother as she is slowly eating her breakfast. She skims over it and a giant smile spreads across her face. "You got in!" she jumps up, engulfing me in one of her 'mom hugs'. I grin and my father and two younger sisters clap excitedly. They all knew how much I've wanted this. Taking a seat with the rest of my family, we discuss the details. I would have to get packing, since I left for London in a week. My mother wasn't to keen on me being away, so we went over a skyping routine where we take turns in calling eachother, just to check up on how things were going. I didn't know anyone who attended the academy so I was glad to have the much-needed support of my family.


After brushing over the details, my parents send me upstairs to begin packing and I smile as I pull my suitcase from the back of my closet. This was going to be great! Sure, I'd miss my family and my friends but dancing at Vermont Academy?! That... was something to die for. A once in a lifetime oppurtunity and it was calling my name.

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