Catch Me

Lydia Scott is the girl who had only been at Jackson High for a year but everyone only saw her as the outcast and the girl people would bully behind her back because no one had the guts to say it to her face.

Garrett Parker is the new guy. And also becomes insanely popular almost instantly because of his amazing good looks and charming personality. Garrett runs into a startled looking Lydia one day, literally, and things change from there.

The question is, for better or for worse?


1. Prologue

4:02 a.m.

My insomnia takes over and I lye in bed staring at the ceiling. The intricate designs of the paint made it seem like the night sky. With dark blue painting and little yellow specks here and there, I almost thought it was.

I hear my front door slam and I slowly shut my eyes, knowing I wasn't trying to sleep, but to hear.

My step-fathers footsteps are jagged, out of place, meaning he was drunk. I pull the bed sheet over my head but still listen. The silence throughout the house had never been more loud. "Sherry!" He screams, and I hear the sloshing of the alcohol in his glass bottle. I hear my mother's dainty footsteps come into the room. "Yes, Jack?" She asks so innocently, it makes me want to cry.

His breathing is off, and he is obviously trying to catch his breath. "You," he inhales sharply, then exhales soon after. "You owe me an apology." I can hear as he takes another swig of his alcohol, vodka, probably. 

I can hear my mother's sharp breathing that probably Jack can't even hear. 

My mother shifts her weight, the floorboards proving it as they creak under her petite form. "For-For what?" She stutters.

He takes a step closer, and I imagine him right in her face. "You didn't clean the damn kitchen while I was gone like I asked you!" He screams. The vodka sloshes in his bottle so I imagine him gesturing to the spotless kitchen.

She takes a deep breath. "Jack, honey, I did clean the kitchen. See? All clean." She says bravely, although I knew what came next, and so did she. 

I hear the bottle shatter against what I hoped was the ground. He whips his hand so hard against her face I can hear the slap echo through the house. It soon follows by a bang as her body hits the ground. I gasp and let the tears fall silently. "Don't you dare talk to me like that, you hear me?" He screams. "Look what you made me do!"

I hear more banging and I start to silently walk out of my room and watch what was going on from the landing. He kicks her repeatedly and I cry so hard but so silently, that I finally let out a whimper, alerting Jack of where I was. "Lydia?" He calls. "Why don't you come down here and join me and you mother's little," he looks down at her. "Talk."

"Leave her out of this!" My mother shouts. He whips around so fast I could've sworn I heard the wind whip. He kicks her dead in the head, making her eyes roll back in her head.

"Mom?" I say. "Mom!" I sprint down the stairs, avoiding the fifth step to the bottom, because it has a hole. I run towards her but immediately as I fall to my knees and slide towards her, he kicks his boot to my face and I immediately taste blood. I roll over, clutching my face. "What did you do to her?" I scream.

He smirks. He picks me up by my tangled hair, and brings me towards the stove. "Nothing. Now shut up you fat, stupid, ugly, hmmm what other names do kids use on those who deserve it?" I just hold my face and cry. "Hmm, oh well, you're all of them, and you deserve everything that you get."

I nod, knowing it was true. He turns the stove on all the way, to where the blue flames were coming out of the sides of the metal 'cage' it had them trapped in. "Lift up your sleeve." He demands. I just continue crying, hoping all of it would just go away. "Lift up your sleeve!" He shouts. I do as I'm told. He presses my bare arm against the flaming metal. 
I let out a blood curling scream right before he slaps me, signaling for me to shut up as he still holds my arm to the stove. "You stupid, worthless kid." He mumbles over and over. After what felt like ages, he takes my arm off the stove. He pushes me to the ground. "Never speak of this. If you do, you will get that every night, and so will your mother." I nod and scramble towards the stairs. 

I make it up to my bedroom and close the door. Then I go further and go into my bathroom and shut the door. I pull out my hidden metal objects out of a locked drawer. I let the tears fall down on my right wrist before slowly cutting into it, over and over again.



Sorry not much in this chapter just trying to sum it up! I'm excited about this!


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