Catch Me

Lydia Scott is the girl who had only been at Jackson High for a year but everyone only saw her as the outcast and the girl people would bully behind her back because no one had the guts to say it to her face.

Garrett Parker is the new guy. And also becomes insanely popular almost instantly because of his amazing good looks and charming personality. Garrett runs into a startled looking Lydia one day, literally, and things change from there.

The question is, for better or for worse?


2. Chapter 1

Years have passed since that day, but every night, the same thing repeats. The only difference? we moved last year. Jack has become even more of a drunk, if that's even possible, and my mother becomes weaker by the day. And me? Well I just feel like my smile gets faker every second. 

Today was the first day of school, aka the day you either make it or break it. I know that's like a tv show or something but this is literal. If the kids at school don't like you, you're dead meat, or worse. I throw one foot over by hard-as-a-rock bed. I immediately hear hissing and feel a sharp pain in my foot.

"God-dammit!" I yell. I look down to see my foot firmly planted on my cats tail. That damn cat was evil as hell, he had a milky eye an one of his ears was missing, but hey, Jack liked him, so we kept him. That's just how it worked around here. 

I lift up my foot, releasing the cat to run hissing out of my room. I examine my foot, which had a firm bite mark on the top and bottom of my foot, meaning that cat's mouth fit from top to bottom of my foot. I got lost in thought before I heard glass shatter downstairs. I get up and run to the bathroom, taking a quick shower, and looking in the mirror at my poor excuse of a human being. I see fresh cuts on my wrist. Even though it was 90 degrees outside, I had to wear long sleeves. 

I head to my closet, picking out the softest hoody I had. I pick out jeans that aren't skinny, I didn't want people to see the fat obviously on my legs. I brush my teeth, adding make-up to my right eye, covering a fading black eye from a few days back. Then I put on mascara, covering my eyelashes. I pick my 4-year-old back pack off the floor, heading towards the door. I slowly and quietly open it, heading towards the front soundlessly. I grab my keys off the counter, heading as fast and quietly as I could to avoid an encounter with Jack. I see my mother on the ground cleaning the glass. She looks up for a second and I wave and mouth, "Goodbye." She nods in return as I head out the door. 

I walk towards the vehicle in which I was about to drive. I stand there, shifting my weight for a moment, just staring at it. After a bit, I put on the helmet and hop on the bike. I roar up to school, causing a lot of attention I didn't need. My hair was tucked into the helmet, so I was sure most girls were hoping for a hot biker guy, but they would have to deal with me.

I take off my helmet, shaking my hair. It sounds super cliche and it probably looked it too, but it was necessary unless I wanted a big ball instead of my hair. I look around to see girls staring and guys gaping. I had no idea what the were all looking at. I shrug and walk towards the school. I cover my sleeves over my hands. I turn to look over my shoulder as I see someone pull up next to my bike. They step off, taking off their helmet. I gasp as I see a dazzling face. He had brown hair that seemed to be in a perfect quiff even though he just had a helmet on. His green eyes shone all the way to where I was standing. He was wearing a tight shirt that hugged his torso revealing abs like a god.

I felt my mouth go dry and my hands get clammy, but before I could embarrass myself, I turned around and started heading towards my locker. 

Well there's there hot biker guy they were expecting, I think to myself. I head to my first class after slamming my locker and realizing I didn't have any books in it. Force of habit, I guess.

I stuff my hands in my pockets, walking with my leather scuffed up boots echoing down the corridor as people stepped aside to let me past. People assumed I was some bad ass just because I had a bike. They were so far from wrong they didn't even know. I was weak. Worthless. None of them could see my scars. 

I sit down in my first class, immediately tuning out the teacher. Well this started early. This is gonna be a long year.

I start to head to lunch, hoping to get to the front so I can get my food and go. Apparently God has different plans for me.

I had my hood on and I was walking quickly, head down. I feel myself slam into a wall, no, not a wall, someone. I land straight on my butt.

"Son of a-" I look up to see the heavenly biker guy. I gulp "biscuit." I try to pull myself up but he offers me his hand. I take it hesitantly. He pulls me up and I feel my sleeve go down. In the middle of my ascent, I wrench my hand out of his grip, pulling the jacket sleeve over my hand again before landing on my butt. He looks at me with a confused expression.

"Oh, um sorry, I'm a clutz. You know us clutz's. We are," I look around. "Something. I mean unless you are too, then I don't mean it in an offensive way at all no no no. Well um I better-" I start sprinting towards the cafeteria.

Wow, that was embarrassing. I get my food and head outside to the statue that was placed outside of the cafeteria doors. I sit at the base of the statue, eating my food silently.

Lets hope I never run into him again.

But let's hope, most importantly, he didn't see my scars.


Sorry not a lot of Gydia (you know Garrett+Lydia)action yet, but there will be more soon! Thanks for reading! 

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