My Little Helper

Rylie Karol a.k.a MyLittleHelper405 is an internet sensation. For doing what? You ask. She makes people happy that's why. She makes them laugh, helps them through relationships, gives advice, and stops haters. But what happens when Rylie needs somebody. Who will come to her aid?


1. Introduction 'Rylie' "This Is Me"

Hello I'm Rylie Karol. Internet sensation known as "MyLittleHelper405" Making people laugh since 2012.                                                                                                                                               Ya wanna know all about me? Take a seat, this may take a while...

Every since I was a baby I hated to see people anything close to crying. It affected me so much, that I had to go up to them and make them laugh. (I still do that now) Nowadays, I take a video of me making a fool of myself and put a funny caption. I help people get through rough times, give them advice, and I do fasion tips. My family, friends, and even trachers call me 'My little helper." My nickname is Four. But that story is for another time. 

My family is fun and crazy. But a good crazy. I live with my mom, dad, two brothers Mark and Mikky, my two sisters Mack jr. and Mazie, my dogs Minnie and Mimi, and my best friend Mallory. Mallory's name was just a coincidence but my siblings were not. My parents like the letter M. I have no clue why. I also don't know why they named me Rylie. They're weird. 

My mom is Maley. She has blue eyes and blonde hair. My dad is Mack sr. He has black hair and green eyes. They work a lot so we have a full time nanny. Her name is Hailey and she's from texas so she talks with an accent. Mom is pregnant so we've been decorating the new babbies room. We're all super excited and I've been posting pictures on my blog. 

My sisters Mack jr. and Mazie are twins. They are both preppy, sporty, and shopoholic. The only way to tell them apart is how Mack jr. has a scar on the bottom of her foot. My brother Mickey has dark blonde hair. He surfs, flirts, and produces music. He is a very successful producer. Yet he still lives with us. I think it's becsuse Haily told him if he stays she'll do his laundry. Mark is an introvert. He is handsome with green eyes and brown gelled up hair. My dogs are.... Well dogs. And Mallory is amazing. We were is elementary school together. We were best friends. (Still are) Our parents were best friends to. One day Mallorys parents deid. When we were just in the first grade. My parents were her god parents and they didn't want her to go to an orphanage so now we are her family. Mallory is crazy and awsome. She has dirty blonde hair and green eyes. She looks like us. 

My school life is fun. I have friends and they're anazing. The popular kids tried to become my friend so they could be in my videos. I saw right through them. and guess who was behind them? My current bestfriends. I love them. Well.. I'm running out of stories, so I might as well tell why people call me four. People call me four because I have Four scars. I like the nickname. The scars aren't serious. I don't do self harm. I would never. I got the scars helping a victim of bullying. A girl was getting bullied. One day they went to far and they threw her things into tye creek next to our school. It was behing and old gate that was very prickly and dangerous. I climed the fence and got two scratches. I got her things from the creek. Climed back ober the fence dropped them to the other side then climed up. While I was climbing I got stuck. The wire mesh was stuck on my wrists. They cut me deeply and I fell the ground. The girl thanked me and rushed me to the nurse. The nurse told me jokes while she wrapped my arm. When I was leaving she said "The scratches are in the shape of a four!" I proudly announced this to my clas And I became Four. Thanks! Rylie


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