My Little Helper

Rylie Karol a.k.a MyLittleHelper405 is an internet sensation. For doing what? You ask. She makes people happy that's why. She makes them laugh, helps them through relationships, gives advice, and stops haters. But what happens when Rylie needs somebody. Who will come to her aid?


3. Introduction 'Mallory' "This Is Me"

Hi! I'm Mallory! Part of MyLittleHelper405. Making people laugh since 2012.        

I have blonde hair and green eyes. Rylie has brown hair and green eyes. We both have dimples and freckles. I've known my best friend (and now sister) Rylie since first grade. When I was in first grade I was at Rylie's house and her parents ran into tue room. They picked me up. "There's something we have to tell you, dear." My (present) mom said. "Your parents... They died in a car crash." I didn't cry. Even though I wanted to. I didn't want people to feel bad for me. I didn't want them to waste their time....

Rylie and I hate seeing people sad. So we made a blog in 6th grade called. "My Little Helper." We got it from Hailey cuz she always calls us "my little helpers". We got lots and lots of comments on our blog saying things like. "You guys should make videos. You guys are super helpful" and "thank you for the great advice." Sooo we began posting videos. We git so many comments and views. So we started making them more and more funny. We even put draw my life videos.  

My nickname is umbrella. People who have been bullied say 'she's my umbrella! She blocks me from the storm'. The storm is the bully. Sometimes people call me "Brella, Mally, and Rory" 

I have to go! My mom is having a baby and Rylie and I will record a video of us with the baby.  


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