My Little Helper

Rylie Karol a.k.a MyLittleHelper405 is an internet sensation. For doing what? You ask. She makes people happy that's why. She makes them laugh, helps them through relationships, gives advice, and stops haters. But what happens when Rylie needs somebody. Who will come to her aid?


4. Chapter 2 'Rylie' "The Baby Video"

"Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom! I can't feel my hand." Mom loosened her grip on my hand. "I'm sorry honey. It's just I'm so worried." I nodded my head. They wheeled mom into the delivery room and dad headed in with her. We all sat down on a couch outside. We took up two couches. "My Grandchildren!!!!" Grandma said, running into the room. She began going around giving us presents. "Ok Mallory. You are going to love your present! It belonged to One Direction but then Simon. You know. My Finance." Grandma loved telling people she was marrying Simon. "He gave it to me, to give to you." Mallory hugged Grandma. "Mack jr. and Mazie I got you two kittens! But they're at your house." The twins squealed and hugged grandma. "And Mark I told Rihanna that you produce music and she said she will call you. And she told her friends!" Mark hugged grandma and whispered something in her ear. "And last but not least Mickey! I got you the dirt bike you wanted me to get you." Mickey hugged her. Grandma is super rich. She is also a very young grandma. She has blonde long hair with some white hair. She leaves her hair in a cute side braid. She usually wears a dress and high heels. She also has gray piercing eyes.   

We gathered around Grandma and she began talking. "So Mallory. Your voice recital was amazing! You should come sing for One Direction!" Mallory blushed. "I would be too scared Grandma..." We talked some more and then dad came out. He looked excited. "Come in! Come in!" We came in to see mom holding three babies. She was snoring silently. I pulled out my phone and began recording. "Hey guys!" I said silently. Mallory smiled and began talking. "Here is mom with the baby. Or should I say babies." We took the video and then asked. "What are their names?" Dad pointed to the first baby. "That's Mikey, that's Miley, and that's Milly."              I smiled and sighed happily. Grandma came up to me, smiling. "Don't think that I forgot about your present. I'll show you when we get home." This was gonna be a fun year. 


Heyyyy how do you guys like it?

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