Dark (Liam Payne Fanfic)

Becca Morris is an eighteen year old girl. She miss goody two shoes. She makes good grades, always follows the rules, and has a perfect life. But that might change. Liam Payne marked her. She couldn't see anybody but her friends and Liam. But why happens is she breaks all the rules? And also get on Liam's soft side.


12. Chapter Twelve

Dark: Chapter Twelve 


The new house was amazing. They had at least 7 room and 5 bathrooms. They had a pool in the backyard an do just wanted to jump in it. I smiled to myself. I went upstairs to mine and Liam's room. We have the biggest room in the entire house. 

I grabbed my pink white and stripped bikini and put it on. Ran downstairs and jumped straight into the pool. Liam saw me and he laughed. I looked at him and smiled. 

"C'mon bad boy, jump in the pool or you're scared?" I said.

He took of just shirt and I gasped. I just wanted to lick his abs like in Teen Wolf. When Kate Argent licked Derek's abs. He jumped in and I squealed. I swam away from him and he was chasing me in the pool. 

Liam was hot on my tail and I swam faster. He grabbed my waist and I screamed. He started tickling me and  I was laughing. Then, he stopped tickling me an kissed my lips. 

"I got you." He said. 

He was leaving trails of kisses on my neck. I moaned and he smiled against my neck. I turned around and I kissed his lips. His tongue slipped into my mouth and we were fighting for dominance. I moaned into the kiss and I felt him smile against my lips. 

"Let'a take this upstairs." He said in my ear. 

I smiled and nodded. We swam to the ladder and we got out. Liam picked me up bridal style and brought me upstairs. He opened the door and slammed it closed with his foot. He dropped me on the bed and he started kissing me. 

He was about to take off my top but the door bell ranged. I groaned and Liam laughed. I put on a shirt and some blue jean shorts. We both went downstairs and Liam opened the door. 

Kelsey was standing there with tears streaming down her face. I pulled her in our house and she let out a sob. 

"Kelsey. What's wrong?"

"I....I...." She said crying. 

"Kelsey what happened?" Liam asked. 

"I walked in on Harry having sex with another girl. He told me it wasn't his fault. He was on top of the girl. I packed my bags and left. He keeps calling me but I'm not talking to him anymore."

I hugged her and she cried in my chest. I looked at Liam and he looked pissed off. I shook my head. 

"Don't even think about it." I mouthed.


"Let her stay her. She has no where else to go."

"Fine. Kelsey you can stay here I you want."

"Okay. Thank you Liam."

He nodded and went into the kitchen. I brought her upstairs to her room. 

"Are you ready for graduation?" She asked. 

"Yeah. I just want to get it over with."

Kelsey was putting her clothes in the drawers and I was helping her. We started to hear shouting downstairs. 

"Stay here."

She nodded. I went in the living and saw Harry and Liam. They were shouting at each other. I went in the middle and pushed then away. 

"What the fuck is going on?!?"

"Harry here wants Kelsey back. I said no."

"Well it's not your choice." Harry said. 

"It's not Liam's either. It's hers." I said. "Harry. I don't think she doesn't want to go back out with you. Especially for what you did."

"It was a mistake. I was drunk and she was all over me. I tried to leave but she wouldn't let me. She drugged me and everything was black. I woke up in my bed and she was there too. I told her to leave but she didn't listen. She came on top of me and I flipped us over. Then that's when Kelsey came in." He said crying?

"Harry. Do you love her?"

He looked at me and nodded. 

"Yeah. I guess I do."

"Is it true." Kelsey said. 

"Yeah. It's true. I would never do that to you. By the way she was the ugliest girl I have ever seen in my life." Harry said. 

Kelsey giggled. Harry wrapped his arms around her waist an he wrapped hers around his neck. Their foreheads our touching the mumbled 'I love yous" to each other and kissed. 

I awed Liam was smiling. We both felt like parents. Harry and Kelsey went upstairs to the guest room and got all of her clothes. They left and Liam and I were finally alone. 




Liam and I invited everybody to our house go a movie night. Niall didn't come because he didn't have his princess yet but he's still looking. Poor little leprechaun. Louis, Harry, Layla, Kelsey, Zayn, and Perrie were all here. Were are watching Mean Girls. Louis suggested. 

"Regina George reminds me of Britney. Bitchy, slut, skank, tramp." I said. 

Everybody was laughing at me. I chuckled to myself. Mean Girls was over and we put on Paranormal Activity 3. I wanted to die. I hate this fucking movie. When a scary part came up I put my head in Liam's chest. 

After the movie, everybody went home. Liam started to kiss my neck and I giggled. He picked me up bridal style and took into our bedroom. He threw me down on the bed and I giggled. He jumped on the bed and started to kiss me. 

"Now, where were we." Liam said. 

We were in our underwear but somebody knocked on the door. 

"Now who the hell is that." Liam said. 

We both put our clothes back on and went downstairs. I went up to the door and Niall was standing there with some girl. 

"Can I come in."

"Uhh.. Yeah sure."

I moved out the way and let Niall and the mystery girl came in. They went into the living room and Liam and Niall did there bro hug. The girl sat in the couch and we all sat down.

"So, Niall, who's this?"

"I finally found my princess."

"Hi my name is..........."



Okay guys. I'm having a contest. One I you lucky girls are going to be Niall's Princess. If you want to be his princess. All you have to do is tell me your name, age (well I'm going to use like an 18 year old.) description, and why should you be Niall's princess. 

Btw sorry if its short. Schools around the corner and I've been shopping. So yeah. But anyway here you guys go. Contest ends on Friday. 




Thanks loves,


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