Dark (Liam Payne Fanfic)

Becca Morris is an eighteen year old girl. She miss goody two shoes. She makes good grades, always follows the rules, and has a perfect life. But that might change. Liam Payne marked her. She couldn't see anybody but her friends and Liam. But why happens is she breaks all the rules? And also get on Liam's soft side.


6. Chapter Six

Dark: Chapter Six



I woke up the next day, and got ready for school. Layla texted asking all these questions and stuff. I hurried and got ready. I went downstairs and grabbed an apple and went to my car. When I parked, I saw Layla and Kelsey running to my car.

"So who's single?" Layla asked.

I took out my phone and showed them pictures if Louis and Harry. Their mouths were dropped to the floor. I started to laugh at them.

"I think Harry is hot!" Kelsey said.

"Louis is amazing. He has really pretty eyes." Layla said.

"Okay. I guess I'll tell them that."

We all went into the school and headed to class. God, who the fuck invented school?i sat in class lost in thought and I looked out the window. I saw Liam leaning on his car. I saw him and smiled. He smiled back.

The bell rung and I went outside. I ran up to Liam and pecked his lips. He smiled and I smiled back.

"I wanna take you somewhere."


"It's a surprise."

"I can't ditch school."

"Yes you can. I told them after first period that you are getting checked out."

I smiled and nodded. We both got into his car and drive off. I was staring out of the window. All I see is woods.

"Are you gonna put me in a cabin and torture me?" I asked curiously.

He laughed. "No. I would never do that to you."


He kept driving for at least another thirty minutes. We parked and he looked at me. He had a blindfold in his hand. He put it on and he got out the car. My door opened and he picked me up bridal style.

"Liam!" I squealed.

We kept walking and then he put me down on my feet. He took of the blindfold and I gasped. We were by a waterfall and a river. He took my hand in his.

"Wow! This is beautiful."

"Just like you."

I blushed. God! He so cheeky. We walked a little bit and we were standing in front of the waterfall.

"I haven't asked you this yet." Liam said.

"Ask me what?"

He looked into my eyes and he kissed my lips.

"Becca, be my girlfriend?"

I smiled. "I would love, too."

He picked me and spun me around I giggled and he kissed my lips. I kissed him back. He deepened the kiss and I smiled. We let go and look at each other.

"I love you." I said.

"I love you, too."

He pecked my lips again an we started to head back to the school. When we got there no one was there. I got my bag and my keys.

"I had fun today. Thank you, Liam."

"No problem." He kissed my lips and I kissed back. We pulled away and I got out the car. I waved and he waved back.




I went to Layla's house and saw Kelsey there too. I knocked on the door and they dragged me in there. They smiled at me.

"So, where did you and Liam go?" Kelsey asked.

"We went to this waterfall. It was pretty and he asked me to be his girlfriend."

"Omg! What do you say?" They said.

"I said yes. I like him a lot. Well, I love him. He loves me back."

The awed and we went into the living room. We were watching spongebob and I was bored.

"Let's watch Teen Wolf." I said.

"Okay!" They said.

We watched the first seven episodes in season three. Tyler Hoechlin is fucking hot. Ugh! The things I'll do to him. My phone started ringing and it was my mom.


"Come home now."




I told the girls goodbye than I headed to my house. My mum was with a man. A man I never wanted to see again.

"Hi Becca."


He looked better. He was wearing a suit and he has a ring on his finger. He smiled at me. It was a happy smile. Not that evil grin. My mum was smiling, too.

"Becca, your dad and I are still married. I never divorced him. Even if he was in jail. I still love him."

I gasped. I can't believe my mum lied to me my whole life.

"Mum. I thought you divorced him. After what he did to me you still love him?!?"

My mum looked hurt yet sad. I ran up to my room and packed all my clothes. I'm not living with that monster again. After I packed I called Liam.


"Hey Liam it's me. Look can I stay at your place for a while?"

"Sure. Why?"

"I'll tell you when I get there."

"Okay babe. Bye."


I hung up and went downstairs. I ran out the door and went to my car. I drove off to Liam's. I parked and grabbed my bag. I went inside and I hugged him. He kissed my lips and I kissed back.

"Tell me what happened."

I started to tell him everything.






"Wait, he's out of jail?" Liam said.

"Yeah. And him and my mum are still married. I can't believe she still loves somebody after he raped me. I think she's messed up in her fucking brain. She was also abused, but no she still loves him. I would never forgive my father for what he did. He thinks he can crawl back into my life and start fresh."

I sat on the couch and started to cry. Liam wrapped his arms around me. I cried harder. I just can't believe all of this is happening.

"Let's go to bed. By the way you're not going to school tomorrow."

"Okay. I didn't want to go anyway."

He smiled and picked me up bridal style. He put me on his bed and he came next to me. I got up and changed into one of Liam's t-shirts. They're so comfortable. I crawled back into the bed and snuggled into Liam's chest. He pecked my lips and we cuddled.

I love his touch and warmth. He makes me feel more loved than anything in the world. He makes me smile and happy. I'm surprise we never argued yet. But I got to know his life, so, I know he can trust me. I trust him.

"Good night Becca. I love you."

"Night Liam. I love you, too."

I pecked his lips again and went to sleep.





The next morning, I wake up around noon. Liam was still asleep too. I smiled. He looked so cute when he was asleep. I just laid there for another ten minutes and went back to sleep.

I started to hear shouting downstairs. I walked down the step and I see my father. He saw me and smiled. It was a twisted one. He was always a devil.

"Becca, I know you're mad, but I don't love your mum. I love my daughter."

"You love me?!? If you love me,you wouldn't do what you did to me! You deserved to go there! I don't want you back in my life! You think since you're nicer I would forgive you?!? No I wouldn't! You hurt me all of my life! I don't even know why you came back here! You should just leave me alone! I font care about mum anymore! But I'm not living with you! You bastard!" I yelled.

He looked shocked and so did Liam. I'm glad I said all of that. He deserved it.

"Becca, I know you wouldn't forgive me right away. I wasn't there for your mum. I was there for you. She just pissed you off. I'm not married to her. I'm married to Jessica."

"I have a step mum?"

"Yeah. And you have two step siblings. I've been out of jail for a while. I met Jessica and we got married. She made me happy. Then I realized I was missing something. I was missing my own daughter. I know I made a huge mistake. I'm sorry for that. I'm sorry for what I did to you. The reason why your mother was always coming in late was because she was cheating on me."

I gasped. I didn't know that.

"Dad, I didn't know. But why did rape me?"

"I was drunk. I was mad at your mum and I was drunk. I came home and......"

He started to cry. I felt bad for him. I hugged him. He hugged me back.

"I'm sorry Becca. I'm so so sorry."

I was tearing up too. "I forgive you."

"You do?"

"Yeah. You seem happier. I don't want mum to ruin it. But I do want to meet your new family."

"Okay. You can. How about tomorrow?"

"Sure. I'll love too."

We exchanged number and I hugged him again. We both said goodbye and he left.

I was happy one again. Everything is going back to normal.




Finally finished this chapter!




Thanks loves,


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